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All glory glory alleluia His banner over us is love… All glory glory Alleluia His banner over us love… All glory Glory Alleluia His banner over us is love…His banner over us is love….// Take glory Father, Take glory Son, Take glory Holy Ghost now and forever more… Alleluia…

Praise the Name of the Lord… All glory to our Father, He is our God… all glory belongs to Him… He is God… and He liveth forever… in Heaven He is God… on earth He remaineth the same… Who can be compared with Him…

You are Alpha and Omega….We worship You our God You are worthy to be Praise…. You are Alpha and Omega… We worship You our God You are worthy to be Praise… we give You honour and glory…we worship You our God You are worthy to be Praise….

Our Father, we bow down in worship and we magnify Your Holy Name be Thou exalted forever and ever in Jesus Name…. Thank You for the gift of a new week and all it blessings… Thank You miracles that You will do in our lives and situation… Thank You for provisions that You are sending our way…. Thank You Father for breakthroughs You will wrought in our midst… Father be Thou exalted both now and forever in Jesus Name…Come and have Your way again in our lives today and do that which no one can do… heal sick, forgive us our sins, multiply our desires of you… fill us with Your Spirit…. take us to overflowing levels and saturate us with Your love now and forever in Jesus Name… Amen…

Beloveth, good morning… How are you today? Praise the Name of the Lord… alleluia… Thank God for other beautiful morning He has made and said we should rejoice and be glad in it… Yeah…Praise the Living Jesus alleluia!!!!

We welcome you once again in God’s Presence, we thank God for safety over lives and beloved ones… Blessed be His Name forever and ever…

Beloveth is a brand new week and God is here to do something remarkable in our lives… to reveal to us ‘The Secret to a Miserable Life.’ Again today we will use a story to drive home our teaching, ride on with us…

Growing up, I was never allowed to go trick-or treating on halloween. I wasn’t even allowed to go to those church-y trunk-or- treat hallelujah parties. My parents told me that Halloween was a night where pets were being sacrificed to the devil. So while you were out enjoying your pillowcase full of Butterfingers, I was at home praying that your chihuahua would make it to see the light of the day. Regardless of how you choose to spend the 31st day of October each year, I have a theory about Halloween, one I think Halloween is the only day we a mask on the outside, we actually wear masks on the inside all year long.

At the root of the matter, the reason we wear masks is that we feel insecure and we buy into the lie that we aren’t good enough. So instead of dealing with the lie, we wear a mask as a defense mechanism to cover up the insecurity. But let me tell you this: living out of your insecurity in the secret to a miserable life.

Look at the life of Gideon and his journey from miserable insecurity to vulnerability and, finally, power. Gideon was haunted by a low opinion of himself and it made him uncomfortable with who God called him to be.

The story of Gideon comes in the book of judges at a time when a people called the Midianites has taken control over the Israelite, God’s people. There were super stressed out, as you can imagine, and they did something they hadn’t done even in their days of prosperity: they cried out to God. in response, God rises up what the Bible calls a “judge.” Gideon, 90 pounds soaking wet, was the deliverer God chose for His people. And what was he doing when he got called? He was threshing wheat in a winepress.

Perhaps you don’t live on a farm, so let me explain. Threshing wheat is an activity where you take a pitchfork, get a scoop of harvested wheat, and throw it up in the air. You did always do it in a windy place so the wind could come through and separate the chaff from the wheat. The chaff would be carried away and discarded. Because the kernel of the wheat is heavier, it would fall to the found and you could collect it and have it to eat. The problem is that Gideon was doing all of this indoors in a winepress.

Do you see any problems with this plan? Why didn’t he go out to a hill where they would normally do it outdoors? The next was clear: the reason was fear. It is in this cowardly moment that the angel of the Lord (Bible code word for Jesus) shows up and greets Gideon as a Mighty Warrior… the opposite of how he looked and felt. You would think that would be enough to convince him that he was the one for the Job, but it is at this point that Gideon’s insecurities pop up hardcore.

To make a long story short, Gideon accepts the challenge and raises up an army. God planned on stacking the deck against Gideon in such a way that it would be unmistakable as to who credit should go to when he was victorious.

There is a valuable lesson to be learned in Gideon’s story. One that took place in the threshing floor: Before the battle of the fist comes the battle of the mind. The cure for insecurity is understanding your true identity. That is to say that when you know who you are, it doesn’t matter who you are not. That is why God told Gideon he was a mighty warrior. Don’t focus on what you are not, focus on what you are!

You are loved by God. Hello! And the good news for us insecure mask-wearing phonies is that if we were the ones who put the mask on, we can just as easily take it off and being to walk in the power and the purpose set out before us.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What insecurities do I see in my life that I would be willing to address so I can begin to tackle them?
  2. What “mask” do I wear to cover my insecurities?
  3. What are three statements I can tell myself when I need to flip the script in my mind and remind myself of who God says I am?

Beloveth, you can see from the story above that God’s ways are not man’s way…the gap is way far too wide. God is the creator of the universe and He has the secret key to all things… when we encounter Him, His Spirit releases to us and we make it through… Praise the Living Jesus alleluia!!!!

Come along with us for more discovery:

He revealed His ways to Moses, His deeds to the people of Israel.—Psalm 103:7

Are you satisfied with merely knowing the acts of God, or do you also want to know His ways? There is a difference. This difference is illustrated in the lives of the children of Israel as compared to Moses. The Israelite witnessed the miracles God performed; they walked across the dry Red Sea just as Moses did. They ate the manna and quail from heaven even as Moses did. They were content to receive God’s provision without ever knowing God Himself. Yet Moses saw beyond the provision of God to the person of God.

Others, such as the Egyptian magicians, might perform miraculous acts, but no one else did things the way God did (Exod. 7:11–12). The way God acted provided a window into His nature. If Moses had been content with only God’s power, he could have accepted the presence of an angel and been victorious in his efforts (Exod. 33:15). But Moses wanted to experience more. He wanted to experience God Himself, not just God’s activity.

Some today, like the Israelite, are content to experience God’s activity without ever coming to know God. They are the recipients of answered prayer, yet they never come to know the Provider. They are blessed by God’s providential care over their families, their homes, and their jobs, yet they are satisfied not knowing the One from whom the blessings come. They benefit from God’s protection, yet they never become acquainted with the Protector.

Have you come to know God more personally as a result of your experiences with Him? As you observe the acts of God, look beyond them to the revelation of His character (Gen. 22:14; John 6:35).

Beloveth… how much of God do you know? Spend time in closet and discover truly Who is God and your life will experience a turn-around… we must encounter the God we call… is not enough to Him as our provider it is important to know truly His Nature and Character that will help us in the day of trouble and in the hour of temptation….

Ask God to speak your to mind and reveal Himself to you… Wonderful!!! We are walking in revelation this week and even beyond in Jesus Name….Praise the Lord…!!!

On this note dearly beloved we declare this week open and by God’s grace we will return at the end we greater testimonies in Jesus Name… Alleluia Amen!!!

Further Reading- Judges 6: 1-40. Ps 139:1-4, 1 Thess 5:16

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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