Praising the Lord always…Praising the Lord always…Praising the Lord with all my heart…Praising the Lord with all my heart always …alleluia my Lord is good…alleluia my Lord is good…alleluia my Lord is good yes He is good to me…alleluia // I have seen the Lord goodness, His mercy and compassion…I have seen the Lord goodness alleluia Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!

Our Father we bless Your Holy Name, we adore and we magnify You Lord…we give you Praise, adoration and honour Father…thank You for another privilege to come and learn at Your feet Father…we are bless and we acknowledge Sour Supremacy Father, be Thou glorify in Jesus Name!!!

Our Father in heaven O Lord have your way again today as we come before the throne to obtain mercy in hour of need…grant us we pray Thee our requests and may Your Name alone be glorify in Jesus Name!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth, you are welcome in Jesus Name…Jesus loves you…Yes HE do!!! Shout alleluia!!!!!!!!!! He love me too

Let us sing this song together we use to sing it when I was in teenage age and it is still as real as it were years back….back in the days…(laugh).

Jesus loves me this I know and my Bible tells me so . little ones to Him belong..they are weak but He is strong… Yes Jesus loves me…Yes Jesus loves me…O Yes Jesus loves me and my Bible tells me so!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did your Bible tells you same? God love is unquenchable and cannot die…His love is undeniable and irresistible no matter who you are…color or race does not resist the love of God… are you tall or brief; He love us just as we are…because He made us in His own image.. and nothing is permitted to come between us …not even our sin…God cannot give us up…because has paid for it…in FULL…Praise the Lord.

Beloveth Jesus is calling you to a life of prayer… Can you tarry with Him a little longer? Jesus is calling on you don’t delay… come and go a little further with Him. The disciples missed it…will you also miss it? While don’t you ask for the grace to go farther with your Father and you will never regret that you did…may God help you and I to always pray and not faint…may we enjoy God’s company that we will return with glory as Moses did…as Enoch did, and  Jacob did and was blessed.

It is of important that we wrestle with the Lord in the place of prayer…Jacob did and his name was change form Jacob to Israel….who is that man/ woman who wants to lifted this month…beloveth pray like never before wrestle with God in the place of prayer don’t let Him go unless He blesses you… your lifting package has been signed and delivered but your persistence in the place of prayer will drop it at your palm… The Lord is not slacking concerning His promises but with long suffering will bring each to pass Praise the Lord! (Josh 21:45, 2 Sam 22:31, 1kins 8:56, 1 Cor.1:9, I Cor 10:13, 2 Cor 1:20, 7:1, Heb 6:12)

Beloveth if you ready to renew your prayer vows Jesus is waiting for you…the disciple missed it; will you also miss it… ask for the grace to stand firm in the Lord through constant prayer and meditation on the Word and the Lord will bring you to a place of irresistible knowledge and power of Him in Jesus Name…

Then He went a little farther, fell to the ground, and began to pray that if it were possible, the hour might pass from Him.—Mark 14:35

Some Christians are satisfied to have only a surface relationship with Christ. Others desire to share the holiest moments with Him. On the night Jesus spent in sacred prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, the people responded to Him in various ways. There were those who were so indifferent to Jesus that they were unaware He was even in the garden.

Then there was Judas, who knew where Jesus was but was too busy with his own schemes to join Him. The rest of the disciples joined Jesus in the garden, but they were distracted by sleep. Jesus told them the urgency of the hour, but they did not comprehend it. There was the inner circle of disciples, Peter, James, and John. They initially prayed with Jesus, yet even they could not grasp the significance of the moment.

Ultimately, Jesus prayed alone. He went farther than His disciples and prayed longer. At the greatest moment of intercession in human history, there was no one willing to go with Jesus and watch with Him.

Throughout history God has looked for those willing to yield everything to Him and His desire to redeem a world. At times God has marveled that no one was willing to go with Him (Isa. 63:5; 59:16). The prophets seemed to grasp more than the common people, for while society carried on as though nothing were wrong the prophets agonized and wept over what they knew God was preparing to do.

God is calling you to go deeper in your prayer life with Him. If you are willing to be the person Jesus can take with Him into the most sacred moments, you will experience things only the angels shared with Jesus in the garden that night.

Wow! Who is ready to share with Jesus what the angel shared with Him at the Garden of Gethsemane. I will strongly want to see your glory Lord in the place of prayer as Moses did…and as Jesus did in Gethsemane… do not forsake me Lord…I wait on you….

Beloved don’t miss this glorious moment with Jesus tarry along with Him and receive revelation to your lifting in Jesus Name…prayer defines Mysteries, release Revelations and Empowers you to become what God has ordain for you…just be strong and keep the fire on your altar glowing in Jesus Name.

Father, no one is strong enough to stand except that man/woman who You help…help us today Father as we pray…may our answers comes speedily in Jesus Name!!!

Beloveth let us pray!

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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