February 25



Gracious God, what a wonderful day you made us to be part of. We are grateful unto You for all You have done for us. The free air, the good health, Your strength You made available to us. Glory be to Your Holy Name.

Beloved, we learnt yesterday that our father is able to do all things, whatsoever He said He will do; He will surely do it. His Divine Protection is guaranteed when we trust and obey Him. He said I will never leave thee nor forsake thee. I am excited at that priceless promises coming from the Creator Himself because He never fails, had He said a thing He will surely do it. So come along with me my dear to see more to this promises:

“He hath said.” Hebrews 13:5

If we can only grasp these words by faith, we have an all-conquering weapon in our hand. What doubt will not be slain by this two-edged sword? What fear is there which shall not fall smitten with a deadly wound before this arrow from the bow of God’s covenant? Will not the distresses of life and the pangs of death; will not the corruptions within, and the snares without; will not the trials from above, and the temptations from beneath, all seem but light afflictions, when we can hide ourselves beneath the bulwark of “He hath said”?

Yes; whether for delight in our quietude, or for strength in our conflict, “He hath said” must be our daily resort. And this may teach us the extreme value of searching the Scriptures. There may be a promise in the Word which would exactly fit your case, but you may not know of it, and therefore you miss its comfort. You are like prisoners in a dungeon, and there may be one key in the bunch which would unlock the door, and you might be free; but if you will not look for it, you may remain a prisoner still, though liberty is so near at hand.

There may be a potent medicine in the great pharmacopoeia of Scripture, and you may yet continue sick unless you will examine and search the Scriptures to discover what “He hath said.” Should you not, besides reading the Bible, store your memories richly with the promises of God? You can recollect the sayings of great men; you treasure up the verses of renowned poets; ought you not to be profound in your knowledge of the words of God, so that you may be able to quote them readily when you would solve a difficulty, or overthrow a doubt?

Since “He hath said” is the source of all wisdom, and the fountain of all comfort, let it dwell in you richly, as “A well of water, springing up unto everlasting life.” So shall you grow healthy, strong, and happy in the divine life.

The need for this we may not over emphasis here. Let’s consider this illustration, brother Joe wants to dash out to a supermarket to pick some items for the house and on his way he had a flat tyre, though he has a spare tyre but he had no spanner to lose the nuts on the tyre. Now, brother Joe cannot change the tyre until He get someone that can give him a spanner to lose the nuts on the punctuated tyre before he can change the punctured tyre since he doesn’t have any in his car. How long he will waits, he will not estimate.

Let come down to the events of life: This spanner represent the scripture and the tyre represent anything in life that can be punctured by the devil by his schemes at any time. How handy your scriptures are to you, represent how fast you get out your troubles, predicaments, and challenges in life dearly beloved. Does that make sense to you?

Okay, let’s look at another beautiful scriptural promise the Lord is bestowing upon us today:

 “I will cause the shower to come down in his season; there shall be showers of blessing.” Ezekiel 34:26

Here is sovereign mercy—”I will give them the shower in its season.” Is it not sovereign, divine mercy?—for who can say, “I will give them showers,” except God? There is only one voice which can speak to the clouds, and bid them beget the rain. Who sendeth down the rain upon the earth? Who scattereth the showers upon the green herb? Do not I, the Lord?

So grace is the gift of God, and is not to be created by man. It is also needed grace. What would the ground do without showers? You may break the clods, you may sow your seeds, but what can you do without the rain? As absolutely needful is the divine blessing. In vain you labour, until God the plenteous shower bestows, and sends salvation down.

Then, it is plenteous grace. “I will send them showers.” It does not say, “I will send them drops,” but “showers.” So it is with grace. If God gives a blessing, He usually gives it in such a measure that there is not room enough to receive it. Plenteous grace! Ah! we want plenteous grace to keep us humble, to make us prayerful, to make us holy; plenteous grace to make us zealous, to preserve us through this life, and at last to land us in heaven. We cannot do without saturating showers of grace.

Again, it is seasonable grace. “I will cause the shower to come down in his season.” What is thy season this day? Is it the season of drought? Then that is the season for showers. Is it a season of great heaviness and black clouds? Then that is the season for showers. “As thy days so shall thy strength be.”

And here is a varied blessing. “I will give thee showers of blessing.” The word is in the plural. All kinds of blessings God will send. All God’s blessings go together, like links in a golden chain. If He gives converting grace, He will also give comforting grace. He will send “showers of blessing.”

Look up today, O parched plant, and open thy leaves and flowers for a heavenly watering. Are you ready to abide in Him as Him abides in you? You and I will be soak with showers of blessings by His Divine Mercies. I prophesy into YOUR life; a new YOU is emerging very soon. Glory be to God for-ever and ever. Amen.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

Evang. Ifeoma Ohondu


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