The Name of the Lord is Beautiful, the Name of the Lord Excellent. The Name of the Lord is Precious; the Name of the Marvelous. The Name of the Powerful; the Name of the Lord is Wonderful.// Take glory Father, take glory Son, take glory Holy Ghost Now and forever more.

Heavenly Father, we Thank You for Who You are, Thank You for there is none like Thee. Your faithfulness endureth to all generations. Thank You because You are a strong tower, the righteous runneth into You and we are secured. Glorious God, Wonderful Redeemer, we worship You, we bless Your Holy Name now and forever.

Beloveth, the Name of the Lord is more than we can ever imagine. For all that have been written above He is and even more. Let us magnify Him always for in Him is our strength and refuge.

O bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me praise His Holy Name, for He has done great things for me. My mouth is filled with praise. Faithful is He that calleth, He will also blessed (2thess 3:3) 1 Cor 1:18;

We are considering God’s blessings in our faith clinic today. The blessings of Lord add no sorrow to the receiver. When God blesses a man, such an individual stands out from the crowd. His blessing is all encompassing. Everything about you receives God’s touch.

One man in the bible that received the blessings of God that is astounding is a man called Obededom the Gittite. This blessed child of God has his entire life turn around within three months.

This heavenly economy beat every renowned authors theories ever propounded in the world. It beats every economic wealth cycle ever known. (1 Cor 1:19-31)

The most interesting thing about this man is that he was not a king nor a prince but he is a righteous man from the family of Levite base on these qualification, David appointed him to keep the ark with him because he, David was sorely afraid by what happened to Uzzah. (1 Chr 13:9-13)

Beloved, within three months of allowing God’s ark in his home, his whole family became blessed. These blessings became so obvious that people who were expecting to dig his grave so after, began to spread goodnews instead on his behalf.

The kings got the news and quickly came to town to move the ark to the tabernacle with so much sacrifices, burnt offerings and peace offerings before the Lord. (2 Sam 6)

The blessings of the Lord did not stop there, is possible that Obededom though was from the tribe of the Levites but had never ministered in the temple for one reason or the other. But when God visited his house, the king appointed him and his sons, their sons and his brothers into the services of God. Sixty- two of them were offered a place in the house of the Lord to serve. What a generational blessings.

The blessing of one man blessed other members of his generation. Unfortunately that is not what we are seeing today. (this is not our focus for today).

Another man that enjoyed God’s blessings that transcended into a generational blessing was Joseph the son of Jacob. Everything prosper around him that all his masters put him in charge any where he is presence. The presence of God in his life made him to fear God and distaste sin, God in turn prospered him. The blessings of God in his life became a generational blessings years after is dead (Gen 39:2,-6; 21-23; 41:38-45, 55; 45:16-18).

In our last week PCL, the Presence of God was passionately spoken about, The Lord give me a rheme about His Presences and I come to the conclusion that the difference in every man’s live is the presence and absent of God.

However, is worthy to note that what commands the presence of God is Holy living (1Pet 1:15-16). For Obededom to have survived the presence of the Ark of God in his house suggested that he is a righteous man. More so Joseph blessings also was linked to the fear of God and forgiveness of his brethren (Gen 39:9; 50:19-21).

My prayer for you is that the Lord will bless you though the reading of Word daily and as read this devotional too.  Please ensure that your brethren are also part of it. Keep the conduit pipe through and through and His blessing will continue to be part of your lives in Jesus Name. (Hos 6:6).

Above all, make sure you are living a holy life, for God will not dwell in a dirty, filthy, and sinful life but He searches out the righteous to bless him and keep him:

“The Lord bless thee, and keep thee.” Num. 6:24

This first clause of the high-priest’s benediction is substantially a promise. That blessing which our great High Priest pronounces upon us is sure to come, for He speaks the mind of God.

What a joy to abide under the divine blessing! This puts a gracious flavor into all things. If we are blessed, then all our possessions and enjoyments are blessed; yea, our losses and crosses, and even our disappointments are blessed. God’s blessing is deep, emphatic, effectual. A man’s blessing may begin and end in words; but the blessing of the Lord makes rich and sanctifies. The best wish we can have for our dearest friend is not “May prosperity attend thee,” but “The Lord bless thee.”

It is equally a delightful thing to be kept of God; kept by Him, kept near Him, kept in Him. They are kept indeed whom God keeps; they are preserved from evil, they are reserved unto boundless happiness. God’s keeping goes with His blessing, to establish it and cause it to endure.

The author of this little book desires that the rich blessing and sure keeping here pronounced may come upon every reader who may at this moment be looking at these lines. Please breathe the text to God as a prayer for His servants.

Here is the goodness of God typified and enough confidence for us to run through the year:

“Thou crownest the year with Thy goodness.” Psalm 65:11


All the year round, every hour of every day, God is richly blessing us; both when we sleep and when we wake His mercy waits upon us. The sun may leave us a legacy of darkness, but our God never ceases to shine upon His children with beams of love.

Like a river, His lovingkindness is always flowing, with a fulness inexhaustible as His own nature. Like the atmosphere which constantly surrounds the earth, and is always ready to support the life of man, the benevolence of God surrounds all His creatures; in it, as in their element, they live, and move, and have their being.

Yet as the sun on summer days gladdens us with beams more warm and bright than at other times, and as rivers are at certain seasons swollen by the rain, and as the atmosphere itself is sometimes fraught with more fresh, more bracing, or more balmy influences than heretofore, so is it with the mercy of God; it hath its golden hours; its days of overflow, when the Lord magnifieth His grace before the sons of men.

Amongst the blessings of the nether springs, the joyous days of harvest are a special season of excessive favour. It is the glory of autumn that the ripe gifts of providence are then abundantly bestowed; it is the mellow season of realization, whereas all before was but hope and expectation.

Great is the joy of harvest. Happy are the reapers who fill their arms with the liberality of heaven. The Psalmist tells us that the harvest is the crowning of the year. Surely these crowning mercies call for crowning thanksgiving!

Let us render it by the inward emotions of gratitude. Let our hearts be warmed; let our spirits remember, meditate, and think upon this goodness of the Lord. Then let us praise Him with our lips, and laud and magnify His name from whose bounty all this goodness flows.

Let us glorify God by yielding our gifts to His cause. A practical proof of our gratitude is a special thank-offering to the Lord of the harvest.

I conclude with these words, Hear me, O Judah,(overcomers) and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem, believe in the Lord Your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophet, so shall ye prosper.

Go and prosper in Jesus Name, be wise enough to accept God’s blessings in your life today (Job 28:28) and bring in generational blessings to your home.

The Lord is faithful, who shall establish you, and guard you from the evil one. (2 Thess 3:3; Deut 28:9; 2 Cor 7:1).

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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