Glorious God, Beautiful King, Excellent God we bow before Thy Throne x2… We bow before the Throne, we worship at Your feet… we bow before the Throne You are glorious God x2… I am Thank You Lord for Who You are, what You have done in my life Lord… I am Thank You Lord for Who You are… what You have done… O Lord! Dan Sakari Baba…

Blessed Redeemer we thank You… We worship You… we give You Praise for You are alone are worthy… Thou Lamb of Calvary to receive praises and adoration… You are worthy O! Lord!!! Thou Lamb of Calvary to receive Praises now and forever more!!!

Beloveth, our God is good, who can be compared with our Messiah! In heaven He is God! on earth He remaineth the same… Wonderful Father, we exalt You! We magnify Father be Thou exalted O Lord! forever and ever in Jesus Name…

The God that answereth by fire! He will be my God… the Lord that answereth by fire He will be my God….

That God that answereth by fire… He remaineth our God…. Praise the living Jesus…. alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot be shaken having God at my right hand alleluia somebody!!! I cannot fail too because God is at my sides… alleluia… What a wonderful God that we serve beloveth… Our God is great… so Powerful and so Kind… His plans towards us is for good not for evil…to give us an expected end..which is in Christ Jesus … my heart is overflowing with the joy of the Lord… because God is ever Faithful.. He is Dependable brother/sister, our God is Reliable… Praise the Name of the Lord.

Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound: they shall walk, O Lord, In the light of Thy countenance. In Thy Name shall they rejoice all the day: in Thy righteousness shall they be exalted. For thou art the glory of their strength: and in Thy favour our horn shall be exalted. For the Lord is our defence; and the Holy One of Israel is our King (Ps 89:15-18 KJV).

You are worthy O Lord! Thou Lamb of Calvary to receive glory and adoration… You are worthy O Lord! Thou Lamb of Calvary to receive glory now and forever more….

Beloveth, our God is sovereign and to Him be all the glory! Have you ever been bothered or afraid about the happenings around you? Crisis here and there… Your faith is shaking and you are afraid whether God will keep His own end of the bargain? … Beloveth not worry because you will find succor in today’s teaching…

However, for double reassurance of what God is saying to you today… we will be sharing the Apostle’s experience when they were faced with storms and they panicked and what Jesus did…

Once Jesus was sailing on a boat along with His disciples and he was fast asleep on its deck. Then, there arose a great storm followed by furious waves beating against the boat. The disciples became scared for the boat was on the verge of sinking. But Jesus was sleeping knowing very well that His disciples would get disturbed. Then His disciples woke Him up and cried, “Teacher do You not care that we are perishing?” Jesus got up, and rebuked the wind and ordered the raging sea to calm down. Then He turned to His disciples and asked them, “Where is your faith?”

My friend, the raging storm did not wake up Jesus. But the cries of His disciples did wake Him up from sleep. Do you know why? He had told them earlier, “Come, let us go to the other side.” So Jesus knew for sure that they would reach the other side. Therefore, He slept peacefully…. But His disciples lost their peaces because they kept their eyes on the storm and forgot His word and cried out, “Oh, we are dying.”

Beloved are you also in such situation where you have forgotten God’s Word and crying? Stop crying; sleep with God’s promises in your mind. His Promises are like pillows, which will give great comfort to you. So, reach your destiny with this assurance. No problem will ever sink you…..

Because Jesus is at your right hand…. Nothing will shake you…

Come along for more:

I keep the Lord in mind always. Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.—Psalm 16:8

What does it mean to set the Lord always before you? It means that you choose to relate everything you encounter to your trust in God. What you choose to focus on becomes the dominant influence in your life. You may be a Christian, but if your focus is always on your problems, your problems will determine the direction of your life. If your focus is on people, then people will determine what you think and do.

In biblical times, the right hand was the most distinguished position, reserved for one’s chief adviser and supporter. When you choose to focus on Christ, you invite Him to take the most important position in your life as Counselor and Defender.

Every time you face a new experience, you should turn to Christ for His interpretation and strength. When people insult you and mistreat you, you should seek direction from your Counselor regarding the right response. When you face a crisis, you should receive strength from the One at your right hand. When you experience need, you should consult your Counselor before you react. When you face a fearful situation, you should take courage from the Advocate at your right hand. Everything you do is in the context of your relationship to Christ.

What an incredible act of God’s grace that Christ should stand beside you to guide you and counsel you and defend you! How could you ever become dismayed over your situation with Christ at your right hand? What confidence this should give you!

Beloveth… pray this prayer.. “Loving Father, I admit that I lack in faith and thought you have abandoned me. But you have promised to have mercy on me and bless me… Your eyes always watch over me. Give me the grace to grow in faith. I believe that I will reach my destiny through your promises. In Jesus Name I pray… Amen”

Beloveth, ‘God’s promises are like pillow; rest and destiny assured.’

Further Reading- Heb.11:6, Act 1:11, Mk 4:40, 2Cor. 4:8-18, Rom.1:16 Ps 89:15-18. Rom  12:11-12.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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