He Lowers to Raise


You are the reason why I lift my hands. Why I lift my voice. Why I sing to You. You are the reason I’m alive today. I am here to say, It’s all because of You. (Repeat).You are the reason, You are the reason,  You are the reason, You are the reason.// Father I love Thee,// Father, we adore You, Lay our lives before You, How we love You. Jesus, we adore You, Lay our lives before You, How we love You. Spirit, we adore You, Lay our lives before You, How we love You.

Heaven Father, thank You, great are You Lord. Thank You for Goodness and Mercies that endureth forever. Blessed Redeemer, Thank You another beautiful day, be thou exalted forever and ever.  Jesus You are here for us to do us good.

Beloved, our God is so Mighty and so Great to all who trust in Him. He faileth not. His Word standeth sure. Everlasting King of glory we adore Thee, open the flood gate of heaven and let it rain upon us and shower us with Your blessings from above.

“He lowers to rise,” the text says “the Lord maketh poor, and maketh rich, he bringeth low, and lifteth up. Beloved, do you know what lead to the above speech? It was a song of appreciation from a thankful heart. a heart full of gratitude to God for His blessings upon her.

Going by the topic of the day, this teaching might be difficult to teach because it is a very tough moment for anyone through it. If the Lord is behind it, it will eventually work out for your good but if otherwise you must pray until yoke is broken. No one will want to come from an exalted position to where you will eat from your hand to your mouth.

However, considering from Hannah’s song of thanksgiving,    it is for one who the Lord has lifted up.

Reading the text, how do you feel if you are poor? What is likely to be your reaction? Give up and stop trying to be rich or query God’s wisdom in making you poor? Let’s consider the next phrase, “… and He maketh rich.” What is your mind telling you?

It mean the same God who maketh poor can also make rich. So why don’t I discover what will lead to such blessings. Abraham was blessed by God until he became a blessing. David was lifted up from a being a shepherd boy to the Throne of Israelite as a king and God bestowed wealth on Him. Solomon his son inherited same blessing from God having pleased God when he ascended the Throne.

How did these ones received God’s favour? God instructed Abraham to live his Father’s house (Gen 12:1-3). He also told him to walk before him blameless (Gen 17:1). N all of these Abraham obeyed. David was in the bush taking care of sheep and when an occasion arose to defend the Name of God, He did it without considering if he loses his life in the process. He chose to honour God and God honoured him return. Solomon though God blessed his Father, did not take the God of Israelite for granted, he asked from Him wisdom to rule His people knowing that God has a plan and future for His children. God was pleased with his humility and decides to bless him more than any king that had lived before him and after him.

Beloved, often times God lowers His people to make sure that their hearts is right before Him before He will bless them.  God also chastises His beloved.

This is so difficult to understand but God does it, it is also written in His Word (Heb 12:6).

The Nature of God is incomprehensive but as walk with Him daily you will being to understand Him, you will being to know more of Him.

Beloved, God lowers to raise. Let’s read more from the message below:

“The Lord maketh poor, and maketh rich: he bringeth low, and lifteth up.” 1Sam 2:7


All my changes come from Him who never changes. If I had grown rich, I should have seen His hand in it, and I should have praised Him; let me equally see His hand if I am made poor, and let me as heartily praise Him. When we go down in the world, it is of the Lord, and so we may take it patiently: when we rise in the world, it is of the Lord, and we may accept it thankfully. In any case, the Lord hath done it, and it is well.

It seems that Jehovah’s way is to lower those whom He means to raise, and to strip those whom He intends to clothe. If it is His way, it is the wisest and best way. If I am now enduring the bringing low I may well rejoice, because I see in it the preface to the lifting up. The more we are humbled by grace, the more we shall be exalted in glory. That impoverishment which will be overruled for our enrichment is to be welcomed.

O Lord, thou has taken me down of late, and made me feel my insignificance and sin. It is not a pleasant experience, but I pray thee make it a profitable one to me. Oh, that thou wouldst thus fit me to bear a greater weight of delight and of usefulness; and when I am ready for it, then grant it to me, for Christ’s sake! Amen.

Beloved, the Word of God says that everything worketh out for good to them that believe. If you believe God all your challenges will become a stepping stone. Jesus went all the way to save us. he refuse to opt out even when situation presented itself to do so, He did not forget why He  came and  He obey His Father till the very end. Let us learn from Him:

“And they gave Him to drink wine mingled with myrrh: but He received it not.” Mark 15:23


A golden truth is couched in the fact that the Saviour put the myrrhed wine-cup from His lips. On the heights of heaven the Son of God stood of old, and as He looked down upon our globe He measured the long descent to the utmost depths of human misery; He cast up the m total of all the agonies which expiation would require, and abated not a jot.

He solemnly determined that to offer a sufficient atoning sacrifice He must go the whole way, from the highest to the lowest, from the throne of highest glory to the cross of deepest woe. This myrrhed cup, with its soporific influence, would have stayed Him within a little of the utmost limit of misery, therefore He refused it. He would not stop short of all He had undertaken to suffer for His people. Ah, how many of us have pined after reliefs to our grief which would have been injurious to us!

Reader, did you never pray for a discharge from hard service or suffering with a petulant and wilful eagerness? Providence has taken from you the desire of your eyes with a stroke. Say, Christian, if it had been said, “If you so desire it, that loved one of yours shall live, but God will be dishonoured,” could you have put away the temptation, and said, “Thy will be done”?

Oh, it is sweet to be able to say, “My Lord, if for other reasons I need not suffer, yet if I can honour Thee more by suffering, and if the loss of my earthly all will bring Thee glory, then so let it be. I refuse the comfort, if it comes in the way of Thine honour.”

O that we thus walked more in the footsteps of our Lord, cheerfully enduring trial for His sake, promptly and willingly putting away the thought of self and comfort when it would interfere with our finishing the work which He has given us to do. Great grace is needed, but great grace is provided.

Wahoo! Someone just breathe down. This one of the hard teachings of the bible. Let us ask for the grace to stand firm in this time of trials. To trust God that He will bring us to land broad enough as he promised.(Ps 40: 1- 2). To understand when God is bring out humility in us and wait till He is fully glorified in our life and situation.

As the Lord also maketh rich, He will leave us nor forsake us, He will hear our cry and bring us to the place of honour if it please Him and when it pleases Him

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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