Great is your faithfulness, great is your faithfulness morning by morning new mercies I see all that I need Thy Hand has provided great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto the Thee. // You are the Lord that is Your Name. You will never share your glory with any man, You will never share glory with anybody, all Mighty God that is Your Name.

Faithful Father we bow before Your Throne to worship and to Praise Your Holy Name. Great are Your works among men. Thank You for guiding us all through the week, we are most grateful. We adore You we worship You forever in Jesus Name.

Beloved, how has it been through the week? I believe you are glad and all your prayers answered. Beloved, we must not be tried of loving and trusting in the Name of the Lord. the month is gradually coming to an end and todays ministration is coming to remind you that you have been wash with the blood of Jesus therefore you must not allow satan to put you in bondage again.

Every sin committed and confess the Lord promise He remembers no more. We must therefore walk in the liberty that Christ has won for us. (Gal 5:1). As the Lord has said it so it shall remain forever in Jesus Name.

Beloved, all these beautiful and powerful scriptures and promises are coming your way to make you stay liberated and the quickening Spirit to have full expression in your life. Christ was risen from death and so He brought gifts to men. And that among that gift is liberation from sin and bondage.

Satan will continually want to put you down by reminding you the things you did but remember that the word of God said “if you can confess your sins, He will forgive and for sake it.

Come let us enter into that promise and stay strong for the Lord.

Yesterday ministration we heard God saying to “Joshua I will be with you, I will not fail you nor forsake you.” that He did till the end.

Therefore if God is saying He will forgive your iniquities’ and remember your sins no more who is satan nor his agent that will constantly be reminding you otherwise. Therefore walk in newness of life and salvation God has won for you and you will not regret it all.

“For I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.” Jer. 31:34


When we know the Lord, we receive the forgiveness of sins. We know Him as the God of Grace, passing by our transgressions. What a joyful discovery is this!

But how divinely is this promise worded: the Lord promises no more to remember our sins! Can God forget? He says He will, and He means what He says. He will regard us as though we had never sinned. The great atonement so effectually removed all sin, that it is to the mind of God no more in existence. The believer is now in Christ Jesus, as accepted as Adam in his innocence; yea, more so, for he wears a divine righteousness, and that of Adam was but human.

The Great Lord will not remember our sins so as to punish them, or so as to love us one atom the less because of them. As a debt when paid ceases to be a debt, even so doth the Lord make a complete obliteration of the iniquity of His people.

When we are mourning over our transgressions and shortcomings, and this is our duty as long as we live, let us at the same time rejoice that they will never be mentioned against us. This makes us hate sin. God’s free pardon makes us anxious never again to grieve Him by disobedience.

Let us hate sin and do not meddle with any further. Our God is ever faithful and will not fail as He has promised. Do we have a wandering soul in the house this promise is for you? You have bent your head in shame due to past involvement the Lord is saying that today is the day that you will be delivered and you must promise that you will never go back to your vomit any longer and it shall be well be you.

Or you have someone dear to you that is yet to come to God. This should be your comfort, He will search him or her out and bring him/her home. Praise the Name of the Lord.

“For thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I, even I, will both search my sheep, and seek them out.” Exod. 34:11


This He does at the first when His elect are like wandering sheep that know not the Shepherd or the fold. How wonderfully doth the Lord find out His chosen! Jesus is great as a seeking Shepherd as well as a saving Shepherd.

Though many of those His Father gave Him have gone as near to hell-gate as they well can, yet the Lord by searching and seeking discovers them, and draws nigh to them in grace. He has sought out us: let us have good hope for those who are laid upon our hearts in prayer, for He will find them out also.

The Lord repeats this process when any of His flock stray from the pastures of truth and holiness. They may fall into gross error, sad sin, and grievous hardness; but yet the Lord, who has become a surety for them to His Father, will not suffer one of them to go so far as to perish.

He will by providence and grace pursue them into foreign lands, into abodes of poverty, into dens of obscurity, into deeps of despair; He will not lose one of all that the Father has given Him. It is a point of honor with Jesus to seek and to save all the flock, without a single exception. What a promise to plead, if at this hour I am compelled to cry, “I have gone astray like a lost sheep”!

Is that your cry this morning? Where ever you have stray the Lord will search you out and bring you home.

The Lord promises span to every other areas even if it not mentioned here. He searches the heart and He will bring it to past just keep on believing and fail not in trusting. He is faithful and will not fail us.

May this last PCL be a blessing to us as we meditate on all the promises of God and be blessed in Jesus Name. Keep satan where he belong – “hell”. Never engage in any form of discussion with Him because there is a big gulf between you and him, else he will keep you in bondage/ grave even when the quickening Spirit has raised you up.

Don’t foget that God is  An Expert Searcher and He Remembers No More 

See you next week by God’s grace. Have a rewarding weekend. Love you.

Remain ever blessed in the Lord.

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