“He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good:…”


Good morning Jesus good morning Lord, I know You come from heaven above, the Holy Spirit is on the throne, good morning Jesus good morning Lord.// Great is Thy faithfulness, great is Thy faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies I see, all that I need Thy Hand has provided, great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto Thee.

Heavenly Father we thank You, we give you Praise for yet another day you have and said we should rejoice and be glad in it. Thank You Lord for being there for us, You are mighty Man in battle, El-Shaddia, You are greatly to be Praise forever in Jesus Name.

Forever You will be, the Lamb upon the throne, I gladly bow knees to worship You dear Lord! yes! Father I gladly bow knees and worship You. Thank You Might man in battle, glory be to Your Name on high. Thank You for answers to prayers, thank You Jesus for the Wonders You are doing in our lives and the life of our children, glory be to Your Name on high in Jesus Name.

I have see the Lord goodness, His mercies and compassion, I have seen the Lord goodness, alleluia Praise the Lord!

Beloved, Apostle James said “Now if any of you lack wisdom, he should ask God- who gives to all generously and ungrudgingly – and it will be given him (Jas 1:5). He went further to say in chapter 3:17- “But the wisdom which comes from on high is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, conciliatory, overflowing with mercy and good fruits, without partially and without insincerity.”

In proverbs chapter it was written “ by wisdom the Lord had foundation of the earth , by understanding He established the heavens…my son do not loose sight of these things, use priceless wisdom and foresight.

Beloveth, if there is a time to seek for wisdom, this is the time, if there is anytime to that we need wisdom to operate, this is the time. It is the principal thing, seek it and it will help you at such a time like this. Don’t be like a mule without understanding. If you lack wisdom please ask from God he is liberal with it, He will give you without unbraided not (Jas 1:5).

Folly must be far from a child of God who wants to make heaven (Eccl 2:12-13, Prov 17:24. 18:4). Eccl 10:10 says “… but wisdom is profitable to direct.” Wisdom will multiply your days and add years to your life, if you become wise, you will be the one to benefit, if you scorn wisdom, you will be the one to suffer (NLt2 Prov 9:11-12) wisdom is enshrined in an understanding heart: wisdom is not found among fools (Pro 14:33).

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom….” (Ps 111:10) Christ is our wisdom; in Him is our light (Ps 34:5). Wisdom beholds on us to trust God, keep trusting Him and we shall not be ashamed. Let get some more from the message below: 

“He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he.” Proverbs 16:20

Wisdom is man’s true strength; and, under its guidance, he best accomplishes the ends of his being. Wisely handling the matter of life gives to man the richest enjoyment, and presents the noblest occupation for his powers; hence by it he finds good in the fullest sense. Without wisdom, man is as the wild ass’s colt, running hither and thither, wasting strength which might be profitably employed.

Wisdom is the compass by which man is to steer across the trackless waste of life; without it he is a derelict vessel, the sport of winds and waves. A man must be prudent in such a world as this, or he will find no good, but be betrayed into unnumbered ills. The pilgrim will sorely wound his feet among the briers of the wood of life if he do not pick his steps with the utmost caution. He who is in a wilderness infested with robber bands must handle matters wisely if he would journey safely.

If, trained by the Great Teacher, we follow where He leads, we shall find good, even while in this dark abode; there are celestial fruits to be gathered this side of Eden’s bowers, and songs of paradise to be sung amid the groves of earth. But where shall this wisdom be found? Many have dreamed of it, but have not possessed it. Where shall we learn it? Let us listen to the voice of the Lord, for He hath declared the secret; He hath revealed to the sons of men wherein true wisdom lieth, and we have it in the text, “Whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he.” The true way to handle a matter wisely is to trust in the Lord.

This is the sure clue to the most intricate labyrinths of life, follow it and find eternal bliss. He who trusts in the Lord has a diploma for wisdom granted by inspiration: happy is he now, and happier shall he be above. Lord, in this sweet day walk with me in the garden, and teach me the wisdom of faith

When you walk in sin, you lack wisdom. For sin will only you to hell, everlasting damnation, but a man with wisdom pant after Christ as the deer pant after water.

Are wise, then seek Christ, the chief corner stone on who your hope lies. Don’t be deceived, Christ is our Wisdom; enshrine your life in His life.


Remain blessed in the Lord.