Good morning Jesus Good morning Lord, I know you come from Heaven above, the Holy Spirit is on the Throne good morning Jesus good morn Lord.// Jesus Jesus you are the Lord of life. Jesus Jesus Jesus You are the Lord of life. O Jesus You are the Lord of my life, sweet Jesus You are the Lord of my life.

Our Father, we thank You, we praise Your Name, we bow before You we exalt You forever and ever. Eternal Rocks of Ages, we reverence You for goodness and love towards us, Your children. Thank You for the gift of life and vitality, glory be to your Name. Thank You for another new day, another new week, we are rejoicing because Your Word will be fulfilled in our lives again in Jesus Name.

Beloved, how was your weekend? Hope is fun filled. Were you able to make it church yesterday? In my area it rained in the morning but we still made it to service, what about you?

If you miss out yesterday service too bad. It has been observed that some people count Sunday as resting day. It is a rest day no doubt but not without going to church. Some also claim to partake in service from home either because they are watching a Christian program on line or television.

Beloved it never the same, except were you are hospitalized, or taking care of an invalid, ok it can be accepted, but if you are not in above category and on Sunday you sit at home and claim to have partake in service by watching a TV program even if is Christian program, is never same.

What am saying? Someone want to know more. Yes, there are three or four segments in worship, and most often those who watch online program or television program participate only in two segment while leaving out other important segment.  They participate only in Worship and Homily (Word) but  miss out on offering and communion.

These last two is more important though not in absolute term but it is most important because having been fed, you need to sow a seed for your harvest. And communion is a command to observe as instructed by our Lord Jesus. (Matt 26:26-28; Lk 22:17-20; Cor 11:23-26).

So if you are in these category, note that you are missing a lot in the body of Christ.

Ignorance is not an excuse in law, but how much can grace do for someone who chose to dwell in ignorance. So is important you know what you are doing or expected of you.

The most important reason why you and I must strive to know what the Word of God is saying is to stay off bondage or yoke of slavery by Satan and his cohorts.

Today’s topic is necessitate as a result of the promised made on Thursday to bring to our knowledge every material that will help our knowledge of God. And it is a known fact that what you don’t know; you don’t check or get.

Even the man at the pool knew not who His healer was; though he got healed same should not be said of us at this time and age “that we know not Jesus, our Saviour. You get to discover more as you read along.

So let’s get going:


“He that was healed wist not who it was.” John 5:13


Years are short to the happy and healthy; but thirty-eight years of disease must have dragged a very weary length along the life of the poor impotent man. When Jesus, therefore, healed him by a word, while he lay at the pool of Bethesda, he was delightfully sensible of a change. Even so the sinner who has for weeks and months been paralyzed with despair, and has wearily sighed for salvation, is very conscious of the change when the Lord Jesus speaks the word of power, and gives joy and peace in believing.

The evil removed is too great to be removed without our discerning it; the life imparted is too remarkable to be possessed and remain inoperative; and the change wrought is too marvellous not to be perceived. Yet the poor man was ignorant of the author of his cure; he knew not the sacredness of His person, the offices which he sustained, or the errand which brought Him among men.

 Much ignorance of Jesus may remain in hearts which yet feel the power of His blood. We must not hastily condemn men for lack of knowledge; but where we can see the faith which saves the soul, we must believe that salvation has been bestowed. The Holy Spirit makes men penitents long before He makes them divines; and he who believes what he knows, shall soon know more clearly what he believes.

Ignorance is, however, an evil; for this poor man was much tantalized by the Pharisees, and was quite unable to cope with them. It is good to be able to answer gainsayers; but we cannot do so if we know not the Lord Jesus clearly and with understanding.

The cure of his ignorance, however, soon followed the cure of his infirmity, for he was visited by the Lord in the temple; and after that gracious manifestation, he was found testifying that “it was Jesus who had made him whole.”

Lord, if Thou hast saved me, show me Thyself, that I may declare Thee to the sons of men.

Is someone making this prayer this moment? Ask God to enable you to be able to witness for Christ having been saved of Him. Don’t forget that “you owe a debt that you could not pay; He paid the debt He did not owe” may it not be in vain in Jesus Name. Amen!

Below is more reason why you must know who your creator is.  Let keep going:

“Acquaint now thyself with Him.” Job 22:21


If we would rightly “acquaint ourselves with God, and be at peace,” we must know Him as He has revealed Himself, not only in the unity of His essence and subsistence, but also in the plurality of His persons. God said, “Let us make man in our own image”—let not man be content until he knows something of the “us” from whom his being was derived.

Endeavour to know the Father; bury your head in His bosom in deep repentance, and confess that you are not worthy to be called His son; receive the kiss of His love; let the ring which is the token of His eternal faithfulness be on your finger; sit at His table and let your heart make merry in His grace.

Then press forward and seek to know much of the Son of God who is the brightness of His Father’s glory, and yet in unspeakable condescension of grace became man for our sakes; know Him in the singular complexity of His nature: eternal God, and yet suffering, finite man; follow Him as He walks the waters with the tread of deity, and as He sits upon the well in the weariness of humanity. Be not satisfied unless you know much of Jesus Christ as your Friend, your Brother, your Husband, your all.

Forget not the Holy Spirit; endeavour to obtain a clear view of His nature and character, His attributes, and His works. Behold that Spirit of the Lord, who first of all moved upon chaos, and brought forth order; who now visits the chaos of your soul, and creates the order of holiness. Behold Him as the Lord and giver of spiritual life, the Illuminator, the Instructor, the Comforter, and the Sanctifier.

Behold Him as, like holy unction, He descends upon the head of Jesus, and then afterwards rests upon you who are as the skirts of His garments.

Such an intelligent, scriptural, and experimental belief in the Trinity in Unity is yours if you truly know God; and such knowledge brings peace indeed.

Did you read that “such knowledge brings peace indeed.” Yes, when you know that God is your Refuge and fortress, you careless what is going on around you. For you are confident of What Your Father is able to do.

When you know that Jesus die for your sin, you will know never allow any thoughts or imagination to exalt itself above God rather you bring it under subjection of the Word of God.

When you are in the know of Who or what the Holy Spirit do, you can as well know that whatever you cannot do He will help you out. You are not left alone but you are in care of Him and He will remind you all you need to stay on top.

May God help us in Jesus Name. It well with our Spirit.

Beloved, this week is declared blessed in Jesus Name. Go and return with testimonies. I see you walking in high places. The Lord will bring out honey from the rock for you in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in Jesus Name


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