Father, we declare that we love You, we declare our everlasting love for You. Father we declare that we love You, we declare our everlasting love for You.// You are the Lord, that is Your Name, You will never share Your glory with anyone, You will never share Your glory with anybody, Almighty God, that is Your Name.

Faithful Father, we thank You, we bless Your Holy Name. Thank You for loving and caring for us, who is like unto Thee? You are God and there is none like unto Thee. Glory be to You Father.

 Everlasting King of glory, we are here again at presence to worship and to honour You. Faithful are Lord!  We will see Your glory again as we pray to You today in Jesus Name.

Beloved, Great is our God! He is Reliable, Dependable, Omnipotent is His Name. He is El-Shaddia, Jehovah Nissia, He is the Beginning and the End, The Rock of Ages. In him is our Help.

Someone is going to be blessed today in Jesus Name. If you are person please shout a bigger Alleluia!!!!!!!!

Our help is in the Name of the Lord! Who made heaven and earth. Do you believe that? Let Thy hand help me O! Lord is another cry unto heaven by this great warrior of God. (Ps 124:2, Ps 119:173)

When we cry for help it means we are handling everything over to God. He alone can fight our battles and win for us.

God knows the beginning from the end. So He knows what to do at each point in time. When you run to the Lord you are safe and secure! Do you believe that!

Why do the psalmist make this pray? Can you open your bible to Ps 12 and read through.

We have all seen a situation such as this. When we are helpless and could only smile but with so much hurt inside of us. When the people we trust have betrayed us and are making mockery of us by the way of their actions.

The safest place to run to is God. Psalms 91 said it. Can you turn your bible to it?  What did verse 1 and 2 says? You can go all the way and see the powerful protection of the Only True God.

Arise dearly beloved, arise from your hurt and as God His Help. Remember that a sealed mouth is a sealed destiny. He will surely help you.

Enough of the assaults of Satan, we will arise and receive back our glory that Satan has battered. We must arise dearly beloved, we must arise and the time is now. Praise God!

Let get going:

“Help, Lord.” Psalm 12:1


The prayer itself is remarkable, for it is short, but seasonable, sententious, and suggestive. David mourned the fewness of faithful men, and therefore lifted up his heart in supplication—when the creature failed, he flew to the Creator. He evidently felt his own weakness, or he would not have cried for help; but at the same time he intended honestly to exert himself for the cause of truth, for the word “help” is inapplicable where we ourselves do nothing.

There is much of directness, clearness of perception, and distinctness of utterance in this petition of two words; much more, indeed, than in the long rambling outpourings of certain professors. The Psalmist runs straight-forward to his God, with a well-considered prayer; he knows what he is seeking, and where to seek it. Lord, teach us to pray in the same blessed manner.

The occasions for the use of this prayer are frequent. In providential afflictions how suitable it is for tried believers who find all helpers failing them.

Students, in doctrinal difficulties, may often obtain aid by lifting up this cry of “Help, Lord,” to the Holy Spirit, the great Teacher.

Spiritual warriors in inward conflicts may send to the throne for reinforcements, and this will be a model for their request.

Workers in heavenly labour may thus obtain grace in time of need.

Seeking sinners, in doubts and alarms, may offer up the same weighty supplication; in fact, in all these cases, times, and places, this will serve the turn of needy souls. “Help, Lord,” will suit us living and dying, suffering or labouring, rejoicing or sorrowing.

In Him our help is found, let us not be slack to cry to Him. The answer to the prayer is certain, if it be sincerely offered through Jesus. The Lord’s character assures us that He will not leave His people; His relationship as Father and Husband guarantee us His aid; His gift of Jesus is a pledge of every good thing; and His sure promise stands, “Fear not, I WILL HELP THEE.”

Wahoo! He will leave us or forsake us because our hope is in His Name. His promise to help will be accomplish if we put our hope in Him. Beloved, let us pray as never before. Let us lift our hands up and receive help from above.

We will sing a song as the Israelite sang at the well side. God will give us a song even our eyes cannot see the victory line. Let us learn to obey and trust God for His Word is Yea and Amen!   Beloved, we will sing a song and our heart will be glad! Let get going:

“Then Israel sang this song, Spring up, O well; sing ye unto it.” Numbers 21:17


Famous was the well of Beer in the wilderness, because it was the subject of a promise: “That is the well whereof the Lord spake unto Moses, Gather the people together, and I will give them water.” The people needed water, and it was promised by their gracious God.

We need fresh supplies of heavenly grace, and in the covenant the Lord has pledged Himself to give all we require. The well next became the cause of a song. Before the water gushed forth, cheerful faith prompted the people to sing; and as they saw the crystal fount bubbling up, the music grew yet more joyous.

In like manner, we who believe the promise of God should rejoice in the prospect of divine revivals in our souls, and as we experience them our holy joy should overflow. Are we thirsting? Let us not murmur, but sing.

Spiritual thirst is bitter to bear, but we need not bear it—the promise indicates a well; let us be of good heart, and look for it.

Moreover, the well was the centre of prayer. “Spring up, O well.” What God has engaged to give, we must enquire after, or we manifest that we have neither desire nor faith. This day let us ask that the Scripture we have read, and our devotional exercises, may not be an empty formality, but a channel of grace to our souls. O that God the Holy Spirit would work in us with all His mighty power, filling us with all the fulness of God.

Lastly, the well was the object of effort. “The nobles of the people digged it with their staves.” The Lord would have us active in obtaining grace. Our staves are ill adapted for digging in the sand, but we must use them to the utmost of our ability.

 Prayer must not be neglected; the assembling of ourselves together must not be forsaken; ordinances must not be slighted. The Lord will give us His peace most plenteously, but not in a way of idleness.

 Let us, then, bestir ourselves to seek Him in whom are all our fresh springs.

Let us pray. Our prayer altar must not be cover with ashes in Jesus Name. let us sharpen our battle axes again with prayers and when our answers come it will come with manifold blessings. Praise God!

Father, You are our help in hour of need. Look with pity upon us and let Your mercies rest upon us again in Jesus Name.

Beloved, let us pray and receive answers to our prayers in Jesus Name.

Remain ever blessed in Jesus Name.


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