Help My Unbelief!   


Glory be to God alleluia! Glory be to God alleluia! x2 Glory be to the Lord in the highest alleluia!!! Glory be to the Lord in the highest alleluia!!! Everybody shout alleluia! Alleluia! alleluia! x2 Everybody shout all-eluia, shout alle-luia! shout alleluia!!!// You are the Lord that is Your Name…You will never share with anyone…You will share Your glory with anybody, all mighty God that is Your Name….

Our Father we worship and adore Your Holy Name…Thank You Father for Your faithfulness Lord glory be to You alone Who is worthy to be Praise…Father be Thou glorify O Lord in Jesus Name… who can be compared with Thee…who can we Praise above You…for I have search through all eternity Lord but You remaineth God… Is there anything too difficult to do for my God…there is one…no power under heaven, on earth or under earth that can topple what our God can do for us… we adore Father because one with God is majority…be Thou exalted Father in Jesus Name… Amen!!!

Beloveth are you Praising God with your whole heart? Yes we are enjoined to Praise God with all our heart because a merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones (Prov 17:22). So rejoice before your Marker and honour Him with your Praises alleluia!!! (Col 3:15-17).

Our God answers prayer if you pray…Jesus prayed so we must also pray- Mk 1:35. Make sure you pray and continue to pray in Jesus Name… do not allow weariness to over take your spirit because that is the target of the satan against every child of God… do not allow it to be…seek His face always in every situation nothing is to small or big for our God to do …put your hope in Him because in Him is your salvation and deliverance keep holding on His Promises..Words…Works…it must surely come to pass for thus said the Lord Amen!!!

In our text today, we saw a man who was not ashamed but cried out to Jesus to help his unbelief…yes he was not ashamed, he did not mind what those standing or passing by will say concerning him, he cared not rather he cried out to Jesus help my unbelief…because he knew that Jesus is more than able to grant  his request…He cried to Jesus … he did not look for help where there is no help nor where there is no power to deliver his son but He went to the source of power..He went the Healer, He went to solution provider and seek solution from Him…

Beloveth, where do your help comes from… are you are ashamed to tell Jesus to help you…because of your position in church or society…you think it is derogatory to ask help from the One Who can help you…Who can heal you, deliver you, restore you, and lift you up…our brother Paul said ‘I am ashamed of the gospel of our Lord Jesus’ (Rom  1:16).

The gospel of Jesus is that He is Life and Resurrection. I am the LORD that healeth Thee. (Jn 11:25, Exo 15:26) so are trusting God for that wonders, healing, deliverance and restoration you have been believing or desiring in your life, beloveth the Lord is able to do it but you must believe He is able (Ps 11:1)

Is possible you know that God can heal and restore but you are not sure it is possible with your case. Beloveth.… like the man in our text shout to Jesus; cry to Him and see your miracle coming to past… don’t keep quite…you have been quite for a long time…this is time to cry out…stop keeping quite… cry out and as you do the, Jesus will not pass you by… He will simple restore, heal, deliver and help you… open your mouth and cry out…come on for more:                                                                        

Immediately the father of the boy cried out, “I do believe! Help my unbelief.”—Mark 9:24

Faith does not come from ignorance. Faith is based on what we know.

Before we will trust others with something precious to us, we first try to find out if they are trustworthy. This father was asking that he might come to know God in such a dimension that he could trust Him to cure his son.

His son had been possessed by an evil spirit since early childhood. The father did not know Jesus well, but he had heard and seen enough to convince him that if there was any hope for his son, it lay with Jesus. In desperation he cried out to Jesus for help. Jesus’ response was to heal his son. The desperate father had correctly gone to Jesus with his problem even though he was struggling with his faith.

When you are struggling to believe, that is not the time to avoid Christ or to be ashamed of your struggle. You will never increase your faith by not going to Jesus! Rather, Jesus wants to help you with your belief. He can not only meet your need, but He will also give you faith to trust Him to provide for you.

If you are struggling to believe that God can take care of your need, it is because you don’t know Him as He wants you to. Go to Him and allow Him to convince you of His ability to meet every need you will ever face.

Beloveth you must not be ashamed of Jesus nor the gospel because in Him is everything you are desiring to have and will ever have… hold on to Him alone and he will make a way in the wilderness for you and make your desolate places to be a forest amen!!!

Beloveth in some case Jesus might ask you question like in did to the two blind men that came to Him seeking healing of their eyes…Believe ye that I am able to do this? …He need your answer…is not a time to analyze or recounting is a yes or no answer and read what they answered “Yea, Lord. and Jesus told them “According to your faith be it unto you…and their eyes were opened….(Matt 9:28-30).

Beloveth, who do journey with in life? is important to seek someone who will complement you positively in your journey of life…imagine if one of them had doubted and discouraged the other… or one believe and the other doubt like the case of the two thieves on the cross with Jesus…

Jesus said according to your faith be it done unto Thee…the Lord is saying same to us today … believe ye that I am able to do this? According to your faith…

Will He found faith in you when He come…beloved “according to your faith” praise the Lord…your lifting is coming to you according to your faith… your healing is locating you now, restoration is coming your way…beloveth no power will stop what the Lord has planned for you but you can hinder yourself…believe Him and it shall be well with you…Praise the Name of the Lord…

God is restoring you today…He is changing your Frustration to Direction..He will give you Result that will terminate Insult in your life but “do you believe He is able to do it”

Further Reading – 3Jn 2, Ps. 11:1,Isa 12:2

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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