Glorious God! Beautiful King! Excellent God we bow before the Throne2x..we bow before the Throne we worship at Your feet we bow before your Throne you are glorious God…. I am thank You Lord for Who you are what You have done in my life Lord… I am thanking You Lord for Who You are what You have done Dan Sakari Baba /// For You are Alpha and Omega, Changeless, Almighty… Glorious God we bow before the Throne…

Our Father we thank You for another wonderful day in your presence… O Lord! Thank You for watching over us … Thank You for answers to prayers and provisions that heaven supply to keep us together … Almighty King of Glory! Arise and have your way again in our midst.. do that which only you can do… help our faith and unbelief in this last faith clinic we beseeched Thee… alleluia somebody….

Beloveth, how are doing today… we hope that this beautiful month is ending on a good note with you… beloveth… yes there may still be some outstanding but I want you to know that you are work-progress.. God has not finished with you yet… even when there is no visible signs trust God that He is working daily and diligently to bring to pass all you trusting Him for alleluia!!!

Beloveth we will as a matter of necessity draw our attention to what is very important in our Christian race… Our History….

Beloveth, why is so important… because God is interested in our teaching our young ones what He did in our time so that they will not forget the God of their father’s and follow other gods…

God is interested in Christian heritage that told Moses to tell his people to teach their children about Him, to leave ancient land mark that signifies how God lead them out Egypt through the Red Sea, through the wilderness to the promised land…  beloveth… why is it so important to God?

Beloveth knowing some ancient history will uphold your faith in God… yes it will keep your through thick and thin as you run the race that was set before you…

How do you feel each time you read the story of how God parted the Red Sea? (Exo.13:18; 14:21-31) How do feel when you about how God feed the Israelite in the wilderness? (Exo.16:33-35).What comes to your mind when you read about how God defeated the five kings that came to attack the Israelite during the reign of King Jehoshaphat… (2Chr.20:1-30).

Yes! These land-mark events should gladdens the heart of every child of God… it should also strengthen us and make our hands strong when we encounter any difficulty.. beloveth… do not neglect these land- mark events that will propel your faith through the storms or wild winds of life…

To crown it all the death of our Lord Jesus Christ redeemed us from sin.. The sufferings of his disciples and others who were converted to the faith is a touch light we need to walk through the valleys of shadows of death… to aim at the sky and go for it… to keep believing in Christ till come through for us…

Beloveth, is so important that we keep on holding on the things we learnt from the Word of God… some notable things God is doing in our midst today… teach our children… so that they will walk in the path we once walked… serve the God we once served and we will still keep serving till eternity in Jesus Name….                                      

Listen to Me, you who pursue righteousness, you who seek the Lord: Look to the rock from which you were cut, and to the quarry from which you were dug.—Isaiah 51:1

As Christians, we ought never to overlook our heritage. An awareness of our Christian heritage helps us to understand our identity, and it gives us a sense of where God is leading us.

The Israelites had a rich heritage. Their nation began as a result of Abraham and Sarah’s faithfulness. The generations that followed included Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph as their faithful leaders. God richly blessed His people and made them prosper. God continued to show favor on the Israelites by leading them out of Egypt into a prosperous land of their own.

God established His nation through some of the most awesome miracles in history. God continued to provide strong leaders, such as Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Deborah, Samuel, David, and Solomon. He sent mighty prophets such as Elijah, Isaiah, and Jeremiah. Unfortunately, in Isaiah’s day, God’s people had reached a point where they had forgotten their heritage. They lived as spiritual paupers rather than as heirs to a rich heritage and members of a royal priesthood.

Your spiritual heritage is even richer than that of Isaiah’s generation. Your spiritual ancestors include Mary the mother of Jesus, John the Baptist, the disciples, the apostle Paul, and a host of saints down through the ages. Even more important, you look to Jesus as the author and finisher of your faith (Heb. 12:2). You may have a family history of faithfulness that goes back several generations.

Do you see the full picture of God’s redemptive work? God’s plan involves you, just as it has included each Christian throughout the centuries. God wants you to participate in His continuing work to redeem a lost world. Your obedience today will provide a legacy of faithfulness to the generations that follow.

Did you read that “obedience today…. are ready and willing to obey God? To join Him in saving the lost ones… beloveth… our God is calling you today to save others as you were once saved (Rom.10)… make up your mind today to be part of this strong armies of the Lord and see Jesus triumph through you to your areas of influences …Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!

Further Reading: Eph.3:3, Ps 56:3, 1Tim.6:12, Ps 71:16, prov 22:9…

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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