Glory to the Lord Alleluia! Glory be to the Lord! Alleluia! Glory be to the Lord alleluia! Glory be to the Lord alleluia!// Come and see the Lord is good! Come and see the Lord is good! There is nothing He cannot do, come and see the Lord is good! He gave me victory, He gave me peace of mind, Come and see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good.

Everybody testify You are good, You are good Jehovah You are good! everybody testify You are good! You are good Jehovah, You are so good!

Our Father You are so good! heaven and earth are full of your glory, thank You everlasting King of glory for You have done for us, Your Protection, Your Kindness, Your Mercies, Your grace, Your Wisdom, Your Provisions, Your Safety, Your Sovereignty and Your unending love.

Father, we declare that we love You, we declare our everlasting love for You. Jesus we declare that we love You, we declare Your everlasting love for You! Spirit of Living God fall afresh on us! Spirit of the living God fall afresh on us, melt me, mold me, fill me and use me, Spirit of the Living God fall afresh on us!

Thank You Gracious Father, hallow be Thy Name! Let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth, thank You everlasting Father, we bow and worship You now and for ever more Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth, is a beautiful Friday, our heavenly Father has been gracious to us, He has done what no man can do for us, He is more than whatever we might call Him, alleluia to His Holy Name! Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

Beloveth, each day of this month was loaded with benefits, if you believe shout ‘alleluia,’! I am sure you were thoroughly blessed, you did not lack anything good. The Lord was merciful and His Kindness saw you through your challenging period and grant you victory! Alleluia to His Holy Name forever and ever Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! Clap for Jesus!!!!!!!!

Our Father has been so kind to us, He delivered us through the Blood of Jesus! When satan and storm raged so hard and the nation was thrown into panic, the Lord saw you and I through. He put His hedges all around us and gave His angel charge over us so that we will not hit our foot against a stone, I am most grateful Father, Glory Alleluia! Praise the Lord! Alleluia somebody!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth, you can now testify that God is Present in this place and His Spirit to lead and direct us, He also gave His angel charge over us, alleluia to His Holy Name Amen!

As the Lord has delivered and preserved us just as He has spoken to us, He is also telling you and I to be mindful lest the enemy tricked us and we stumble and fall.

Join us as we discover more below:

“I did know thee in the wilderness, in the land of great drought.” Hosea 13:5

Yes, Lord, Thou didst indeed know me in my fallen state, and Thou didst even then choose me for Thyself. When I was loathsome and self-abhorred, Thou didst receive me as Thy child, and Thou didst satisfy my craving wants. Blessed for ever be Thy name for this free, rich, abounding mercy.

Since then, my inward experience has often been a wilderness; but Thou hast owned me still as Thy beloved, and poured streams of love and grace into me to gladden me, and make me fruitful. Yea, when my outward circumstances have been at the worst, and I have wandered in a land of drought, Thy sweet presence has solaced me.

Men have not known me when scorn has awaited me, but Thou hast known my soul in adversities, for no affliction dims the lustre of Thy love. Most gracious Lord, I magnify Thee for all Thy faithfulness to me in trying circumstances, and I deplore that I should at any time have forgotten Thee and been exalted in heart, when I have owed all to Thy gentleness and love. Have mercy upon Thy servant in this thing!

My soul, if Jesus thus acknowledged thee in thy low estate, be sure that thou own both Himself and His cause now that thou art in thy prosperity. Be not lifted up by thy worldly successes so as to be ashamed of the truth or of the poor church with which thou hast been associated.

Follow Jesus into the wilderness: bear the cross with Him when the heat of persecution grows hot. He owned thee, O my soul, in thy poverty and shame—never be so treacherous as to be ashamed of Him. O for more shame at the thought of being ashamed of my best Beloved! Jesus, my soul cleaveth to Thee.

“I’ll turn to Thee in days of light,

As well as nights of care,

Thou brightest amid all that’s bright!

Thou fairest of the fair!”

Do I have someone you can attest to the state above? My hand is up, can it be said of you also that God has been faithful to you during your wilderness journey, He was with you and gave you a song even that night of weariness. The psalms said may my right hand welder if I forget you O Jerusalem!

Beloveth, will forget He who keep you through the thick and storm? Will you ever forget the One Who gave you song at your night season? Will you ever forget the One who lead you through and delivered you through the Blood of His Son? Jn 3:16 He fought your battle and declared you a winner! Those battles you cannot fight on your own except the Lord help you.

Things you have hitherto declared war against but you cannot just it, the Lord in His infinite mercies saw you through it in the is appointed month He has chosen to deliver through the Blood of dear Son. Those negative things you were unable to break away from such like you can never go through the day without yelling at your kinds, you will never kick the negative self talk, you will never beat depression, from anxiety, or the vicious argumentative cycle with your spouse. You cannot get out it by your power but you can by the power in the Blood. as you run through this finally day run with expectations that you are healed, you are delivered, you are set feel and made whole only by the Blood of Jesus (1 Pet 2:24, Ps 132:15,Gal 2:20).

He has chosen you so He said at the beginning of this week and on that knowledge we declared the week open and today by God’s grace He has give riches beyond your capacity and has made beauty out of your ashes, will you forget the One Who teaches you how to make wealth? Beloveth that is not all, He will crown with a crown of glory at the of your sojourn here on earth (1Pet 5:4).

Will you join me to say “I forget You, Jerusalem may my right hand forget it skill (Ps 137:5) Amen! Amen!! Amen!!.

On this note we say good bye to the month of October and enjoin to pray along with us for an Amazing November.

Thank You Father for coming through for us in the month of October, alleluia to Your Name! We also know that You will make the month of November an Amazing one for us in Jesus Name! Guide us in all Your truth and lead us from Glory to Glory to glory in Jesus Name.

Beloveth have a blessed weekend as we bid goodbye to this month. See you on Monday by the grace of God as the Spirit of God usher us into an amazing Moment all through the month of November in Jesus Name!!! Amen!!! Alleluia!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord!

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