Great is Thy faithfulness, great is Thy faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies I see, all that I needed that Hand has provided, Great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto Thee. // He is alive Amen!, He is alive, my Jesus is alive forever He is alive Amen. He is alive Amen!, He is alive, my Jesus is alive forever He is alive Amen.

Our Heavenly Father, thank You for resurrection morning, Thank You for rising Jesus from death, thank You because the power of grave cannot hold Him, thank You Father for granting to us eternal through the risen Christ, Thank Jesus; thank You Lord. Who is like unto Thee, there is no one to be compared with Thee Lord. Come and have your way again today in our midst; come and make Name for Yourself in Jesus Name.

Beloved, are you happy about the risen Christ or are doubting or not sure about this resurrection thing? You are not alone because to many how can the dead come back to life? however, if you like me and you are rejoicing as am doing that the grave could not hold Him bound but rather the resurrection power raised from death, He took the key of death and hell as He is risen from death. Then join me to praise His Name.

He is alive amen! He is alive, my Jesus is alive forever He is alive Amen! He is alive amen! He is alive, my Jesus is alive forever He is alive Amen! // Glory be to God in the highest Amen! Glory be to God in the highest Amen! For His mercies enduerth forever Amen! For His mercies enduerth forever Amen!

Now to my unbelieving friends, I am not leaving you aside, but i will be sharing with you some scriptural facts about the resurrection of Christ. Taking our reading from the Luke gospel, we will be reading chapter 24:1-35.

We have three significant things about the risen Christ. First The stone (1-8). Second, The Clothes (9-12). And third – The Meal (30-35). The resurrection has these facts backing it up and I believe that your doubt about the resurrection of Jesus will be a thing of the past after you have gone through the passage listed above by the grace of God.

Today you are join the millions of witness to testify about the resurrection of our Lord Jesus to those are yet to hear the truth about it and to so many also who are yet to hear the gospel. Thank God for this significant moment in our lives that delivered us from satan, sins, bondage, sickness, barrenness, despair and sorrow and brought us to His everlasting light.

Beloved, we are victorious through Jesus and we are more than conquerors through the resurrection of our Lord Jesus. Alleluia!! Amen!!! The stone was rolled away, the cloths was folded as an evidence that He arose, the two witness that part in the breaking of the meal was a human proof to the risen Christ.

What more can we say that through all these evidences that our Lord Jesus is risen and we are therefore more than conqueror through Jesus our Savoiur.

Lessons to take away, the stones were of great concerns to the women when they were going to the tomb but on getting there they discovered that the stone has been rolled away by an angel and he sat on it. By the risen of this evidence before us the Spirit of God is declaring to you and I that every issue of concerns to us, everything that we are asking God how can it be, he said I should tell us that it has been rolled away, just keep moving, get even nearer and we will see the wonders of the Lord upon our lives in Jesus Name. (Mk 16:3)

Beloved, for everything good in our lives that has either gone dormant, stagnated or dead, I declare to according to the Spirit of the Most High God that the power that raised Christ from dead is coming upon it now and it shall come alive in Jesus Name. You will no longer be shortchanged but God is making a brand new you through the blood that was shed on the Cross. Alleluia, Praise the Lord!

Beloved through the commemoration the breaking of bread and blood which Jesus commanded to continue we are forever set free from every bound of satan and his agents in Jesus Name. Beloved, hear it again “We are more than conqueror through Him that loved us.

Is love that took Him to the Cross, is love that made him conqueror dead, is love that secured eternal life for you and I what a man of Calvary. Beloved if Job can declare thousand years before the birth of Christ that “I know that my Redeemer liveth” can we say of Him today? I want to live in knowledge of the “life” Jesus bought for us. Join me again as we sing this song:

“Because He lives; I can face tomorrow, my Savoiur lives, all fear is gone,   because I know ooo He holds my future, my live is worthy a living just because He lives.”

Beloveth, our life is worth a living because He lives. What a living testimonies, glory be to Jesus. join me to discover more about the wonders of our risen Christ:

“I know that my Redeemer liveth.” Job 19:25


The marrow of Job’s comfort lies in that little word “My”—”My Redeemer,” and in the fact that the Redeemer lives. Oh! to get hold of a living Christ. We must get a property in Him before we can enjoy Him. What is gold in the mine to me? Men are beggars in Peru, and beg their bread in California. It is gold in my purse which will satisfy my necessities, by purchasing the bread I need.

So a Redeemer who does not redeem me, an avenger who will never stand up for my blood, of what avail were such? Rest not content until by faith you can say “Yes, I cast myself upon my living Lord; and He is mine.” It may be you hold Him with a feeble hand; you half think it presumption to say, “He lives as my Redeemer;” yet, remember if you have but faith as a grain of mustard seed, that little faith entitles you to say it.

But there is also another word here, expressive of Job’s strong confidence, “I know.” To say, “I hope so, I trust so” is comfortable; and there are thousands in the fold of Jesus who hardly ever get much further. But to reach the essence of consolation you must say, “I know.” Ifs, buts, and perhapses, are sure murderers of peace and comfort. Doubts are dreary things in times of sorrow.

Like wasps they sting the soul! If I have any suspicion that Christ is not mine, then there is vinegar mingled with the gall of death; but if I know that Jesus lives for me, then darkness is not dark: even the night is light about me. Surely if Job, in those ages before the coming and advent of Christ, could say, “I know,” we should not speak less positively. God forbid that our positiveness should be presumption.

Let us see that our evidences are right, lest we build upon an ungrounded hope; and then let us not be satisfied with the mere foundation, for it is from the upper rooms that we get the widest prospect. A living Redeemer, truly mine, is joy unspeakable.

Yes! dearly beloved, our evidences are right when we understand deeply the proof that Christ is risen and our positivness will not be presumption because we have an answer to every one that cares to know.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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