Sweet Jesus! Sweet Jesus! How wonderful You are! How wonderful You are, You brighter than the morning star. You are fairer, more fairer than the lily that grows by the way You are precious, more precious than gold. I will call upon the Lord (I will call upon the Lord), Who is worthy to be Praise (Who is worthy to be Praise). Who is worthy to be Praise, the Lord reigneth, blessed be the Lord! honour to the Rock, let the Rock of my salvation be exalted. The Lord reigneth, blessed the Rock, honour to the Rock, let the Rock of my salvation be exalted.

Mercy Father we thank You, we bless Your Holy Name, Great are You Who is worthy to be Praise, alleluia to Your Holy Name, thank You for another moment in Your Presence, for the way we come is our business but the way we leave is entire Your business, glory alleluia in Jesus Name.

Beloveth how are doing? Hope you are bouncing in the Lord? Clap for Jesus! do you know that Jesus loves you, you are special to Him, clap Him again! Do you know that He careth for you? Shout a believing alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is the Lord, he is the Lord Amen. He has risen from the death, He is Lord every knee shall bow every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord!

That Wonderful Name Jesus! That Wonderful Name Jesus! That Wonderful Name Jesus! That Wonderful Name Jesus! there is no other Name I know!

Sweet Jesus Sweet Jesus, how Wonderful You, You are brighter than the morning star, You are fairer, more fairer thank the lily that grow by the way, You are Precious more precious than gold!

Beloveth, that is my King, my destiny Helper, what about you? Is He same to You? Then it calls for celebration, praise the Living Jesus!!!!

Beloveth our text for today’s ministration is the very Word of God. It was not thus said the Lord of host. It was not spoken by the prophet as said the Lord, rather it is God Himself speaking to Moses in the most unusual place.

Beloveth, it can only be favour that brought about this, Praise the Lord!!!!!!! God said “I know their sorrows” If God saw the sorrowful mode of the children of Israelite who are under the dispensation of law, what do you think about what you and I under the dispensation of “Grace?”

Child of God cry no more for He knows your sorrows and the time to favour you is bow. He is set to liberate you from that bondage of sin, sorrow and sickness.

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“I know their sorrows.” Exodus 3:7

The child is cheered as he sings, “This my father knows”; and shall not we be comforted as we discern that our dear Friend and tender soul-husband knows all about us?

  1. He is the Physician, and if He knows all, there is no need that the patient should know. Hush, thou silly, fluttering heart, prying, peeping, and suspecting! What thou knowest not now, thou shalt know hereafter, and meanwhile Jesus, the beloved Physician, knows thy soul in adversities. Why need the patient analyze all the medicine, or estimate all the symptoms? This is the Physician’s work, not mine; it is my business to trust, and His to prescribe. If He shall write His prescription in uncouth characters which I cannot read, I will not be uneasy on that account, but rely upon His unfailing skill to make all plain in the result, however mysterious in the working.
  2. He is the Master, and His knowledge is to serve us instead of our own; we are to obey, not to judge: “The servant knoweth not what his lord doeth.” Shall the architect explain his plans to every hodman on the works? If he knows his own intent, is it not enough? The vessel on the wheel cannot guess to what pattern it shall be conformed, but if the potter understands his art, what matters the ignorance of the clay? My Lord must not be cross-questioned any more by one so ignorant as I am.
  3. He is the Head. All understanding centres there. What judgment has the arm? What comprehension has the foot? All the power to know lies in the head. Why should the member have a brain of its own when the head fulfils for it every intellectual office? Here, then, must the believer rest his comfort in sickness, not that he himself can see the end, but that Jesus knows all. Sweet Lord, be thou for ever eye, and soul, and head for us, and let us be content to know only what Thou choosest to reveal.

Praise the Lord, beloveth the Great Physician is in the house, he will heal all your diseases, He will calm all your fears, the Lord will take away all your sorrows for He knows them all. Relax, lean on Him, He will perform all His promise, stay calm, stay calculated and you will receive your miracle (Matt 9:20).

Always remember “He knows your all your sorrow, Praise the Lord!

Remain blessed in the Lord

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