He’s alive! He’s alive! Amen! He has risen from the death He’s alive! Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord! Amen!// Good morning Jesus, Good morning Lord! I know He comes from heaven above, the Holy Spirit is on the throne, Good morning Jesus, good morning Lord!

Our Father we Thank You, we bless Your Holy Name! we adore You, we give You Praise, alleluia to Your Holy Name! For You are God, You reigneth forever more, who is like unto Thee Jehovah! You are the Lord that changeth not. Glory be to Your Holy Name now and forever and ever in Jesus Name!!!

Father, You are the Lord that changeth not! Thank You for another time in Your Presence O Lord! Thank You for answers to prayers as we call You today, we worship You, be Thou glorify in Jesus Name Amen!!!

Beloveth, good morning, how are doing today? by the grace of today we will receive grace to pray and get answers while we are yet speaking in Jesus Name. today as we pray God will show us great and mighty things which we knoweth not. Alleluia! Are you ready to pray and get revelation to things which Thou knoweth not? Then here is an opportunity that you have been waiting for as the Lord will take you to the third heaven and reveal things that will launch you to realm of Mega Breakthroughs, Praise the Lord somebody!!!!!!!!!!

As good as it is for us to pray, it is also good for us to persevere in the place of prayer as that is what will take us to realm where hidden things of God are. Beloveth yesterday we spoke so much about God’s perfect love to us recalling what we learnt God’s perfect love cast out fear, doubt, so pure and so intense. Do you understand it? can you picture the love in question is unconditional, not on your performance or righteous standing but on His Nature- pur love. As human is unattainable but when you are deep rooted in Christ, the Holy Spirit will help you and lead you in God’s way.

The secret things belongs unto the Lord our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto uus and to our children forever….(Deut 29:29). What do you think that will make God to reveal sccret/ hidden/ fortified things to us-mere mortals?

Is love dearly beloved. when you understand your place in God, it will help you to believe and trust that God’s word and promise must surely come to pass in your life, family and situations. Oftentimes we doubt God’s love to us and that makes our prayer weak which in turn produces weak faith in Him. but when you understand that you are love and declare it with confident “I Am Loved,” it will help you to stand strong in the place of prayer and preserver as you pray until something happens. Praise the Lord!

We will take this God’s love to another level today so as to help our understanding of Him when we pray, to believe that as we pray, answers must surely come.

God is the author and the epitome of love, so it makes sense to base our understanding of love on Him. That’s where the Bible comes in. when God inspired the Bible, He didn’t do it in the form of a textbook. Instead, it’s more like a series of journals, truths, and stories from people learning to walk with God.

One of those people, a disciple of Jesus’s named John, sunned up the complexity and grandeur of God’s nature, character, and power in one succinct phrase:”God is love” (1 Jn 4:8). Notice he didn’t just say, “God is loving” (although that is true) or, “God loves you and me” (also true). He said God is love.

Love isn’t just an action or emotion coming from God- it is His very essence. Every aspect of God’s nature and every action He takes is consistent with true, eternal love. Now, say this sentence to yourself: “I am loved.” say it again, I case it didn’t sink in the first time. Did you believe it when you said it? Or did you wonder if you were really worthy of love? Notice this statement isn’t, I am loved, for now,’ or, “I am loved, as long as I make right choices.”

It’s amazing how often we subconsciously add those conditions when we think of God’s love for us. Perhaps it’s because our love for other tends to be conditional on their actions towards us, so it’s difficult to comprehend a love that cannot be defeated.

Understanding God’s unconditional love brings a feeling many of us often don’t experience: peace. We don’t have to maintain some faced of worthiness or perform at a certain level of holiness in order to keep God’s love. We have that love already.

God’s love for us will not change and cannot be broken by outside forces or internal failures. This confidence comes with a peace that replaces the anxiety and self-condemnation that are so often the soundtracks of our lives. God’s unbreakable love means we have freedom to learn and grow even when that looks like failure.

I am loved. Such a simple yet powerful truth. God’s love wraps us in his arms, despite the messes we make, and carries us into the future He has prepared for us.

Beloveth that is among other things what you are going to unlock today as you pray. The love of God will help you in the place of pray and God will unlock those things that will move you to the next level of your glory in Jesus Name…

Come along with us for more:

“I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.” Jeremiah 33:3

There are different translations of these words. One version renders it, “I will shew thee great and fortified things.” Another, “Great and reserved things.” Now, there are reserved and special things in Christian experience: all the developments of spiritual life are not alike easy of attainment. There are the common frames and feelings of repentance, and faith, and joy, and hope, which are enjoyed by the entire family; but there is an upper realm of rapture, of communion, and conscious union with Christ, which is far from being the common dwelling-place of believers.

We have not all the high privilege of John, to lean upon Jesus’ bosom; nor of Paul, to be caught up into the third heaven. There are heights in experimental knowledge of the things of God which the eagle’s eye of acumen and philosophic thought hath never seen: God alone can bear us there; but the chariot in which He takes us up, and the fiery steeds with which that chariot is dragged, are prevailing prayers.

 Prevailing prayer is victorious over the God of mercy, “By his strength he had power with God: yea, he had power over the angel, and prevailed: he wept, and made supplication unto Him: he found Him in Beth-el, and there He spake with us.” Prevailing prayer takes the Christian to Carmel, and enables him to cover heaven with clouds of blessing, and earth with floods of mercy. Prevailing prayer bears the Christian aloft to Pisgah, and shows him the inheritance reserved; it elevates us to Tabor and transfigures us, till in the likeness of his Lord, as He is, so are we also in this world.

If you would reach to something higher than ordinary grovelling experience, look to the Rock that is higher than you, and gaze with the eye of faith through the window of importunate prayer. When you open the window on your side, it will not be bolted on the other.

Prevailing prayer or importune prayer receives answers from God when we pray with the understanding that God loves you and will grant your request not on works but of love. May God help us as we pray in Jesus Name (Phil 4:6,).

Are you read to pray until something happens? Then let us pray!!!

Read  Exo 33:19, 1 Jn 2:12-17.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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