Glory glory alleluia! Glory glory Praise the Lord! Glory glory alleluia! Glory glory Praise the Lord!// Let the Living water flow over my soul, let the Holy Spirit come and take control of every situation that troubles my heart, all my care and burden unto Thee I come!// Jesus Jesus Jesus You are the Lord of my life! O! Jesus You are the Lord of my life, Sweet Jesus You are the Lord of my life!

Father in heaven O God we thank You we bless Your Holy Name! Thank You Father for the great and mighty things You are doing in my life and situation. You are God! There is none to be compared with You! You are more than what we call you. You Name is Jehovah, Your Name is Elohim, at the mention of Your Name every knee must bow. At the mention of Your Name must confess. Praise the Name of the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be glorify O! Lord! be Thou exalted in Emmanuel! Have Your way today, do that which only can do. Father we run into Your safety, keep us, and hide us from all evil at the end Father, Your Name alone will be glorify forever and ever in Jesus Name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, who is like unto our God! Our God is awesome, He is great, He is powerful, He is Almighty, let every living soul Praise the Name of the Lord! Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a brand you week and there is promise for taking. Our topic said “I will be their God” Praise the Name of the Lord!!!

Then what follows? Open your Bible with me and “they shall be my people.”

Before we get to this point in it says “….after those days saith the Lord,…” I want pitch here “after these days had gone,” beloveth if you read this chapter from the beginning you see that it was titled “The Restoration of Israel.”

Beloveth, the Lord our Father is set to restore us again, lift us higher from we where before now. Can I hear you shout Alleluia!!!!!!!! You may feel reluctant to do as the Holy Spirit commanded but know that it is not about you in this matter, it is about God is set to do in your life and situation, His glory He will share with no one.

I don’t know what “those days” represent in your life, but I want guess into it, it is not pretty good, is not palatable, is not encouraging, is not desirable. Now those ugly and unpalatable situations the Lord is set to restore. He is set to bring out beauty in place of ashes. He is set to bring double double for your shame. Are you getting excited?

To top it all, the Lord sworn an oath for you that except the moon and the sun cease to be than you will cease to be His people (Jer 31:35-46). Beloveth, from the foundation of the world till date, the sun and the moon is ever Praising God in where He had place them. Does this not call for celebration and rejoicing in your camp?

I am dancing, I am excited, I am rejoicing, I am grateful and thankful because the Lord is set to lift me up, no more will be cast off nor thrown down, Praise be the Name of the Lord alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dear reader, will it be said of you that “you are not among God’s people?” if you are not, this is an opportunity to belong to the household of our God just by a click here to be part of us, so that you will be part-take of this promise. When you have God what else will you lack or desire of, Praise the Lord!!!!!!

Now that you are part of God’s family, join us to go through the ministration below together and learn more:


“I will be their God.” Jeremiah 31:33       

Christian! here is all thou canst require. To make thee happy thou wantest something that shall satisfy thee; and is not this enough? If thou canst pour this promise into thy cup, wilt thou not say, with David, “My cup runneth over; I have more than heart can wish”? When this is fulfilled, “I am thy God,” art thou not possessor of all things?

Desire is insatiable as death, but He who filleth all in all can fill it. The capacity of our wishes who can measure? but the immeasurable wealth of God can more than overflow it. I ask thee if thou art not complete when God is thine? Dost thou want anything but God? Is not His all-sufficiency enough to satisfy thee if all else should fail?

But thou wantest more than quiet satisfaction; thou desirest rapturous delight. Come, soul, here is music fit for heaven in this thy portion, for God is the Maker of Heaven. Not all the music blown from sweet instruments, or drawn from living strings, can yield such melody as this sweet promise, “I will be their God.” Here is a deep sea of bliss, a shoreless ocean of delight; come, bathe thy spirit in it; swim an age, and thou shalt find no shore; dive throughout eternity, and thou shalt find no bottom.

“I will be their God.” If this do not make thine eyes sparkle, and thy heart beat high with bliss, then assuredly thy soul is not in a healthy state. But thou wantest more than present delights—thou cravest something concerning which thou mayest exercise hope; and what more canst thou hope for than the fulfillment of this great promise, “I will be their God”?

This is the masterpiece of all the promises; its enjoyment makes a heaven below, and will make a heaven above. Dwell in the light of thy Lord, and let thy soul be always ravished with His love. Get out the marrow and fatness which this portion yields thee. Live up to thy privileges, and rejoice with unspeakable joy.

Beloveth is it joy unspeakable, full of glory, full of glory! It is joy unspeakable full of glory and the half has not yet been told.

The Lord has made a declaration that He is able to keep, we are not afraid because the Hand of the Lord will perform it. I am excited that God is my Father and I am His child. Praise the Name of the Lord! Alleluia.

On this note we declare this week open, and by God’s grace we will return at the end to declare His Awesome Faithfulness.

Beloveth this promise is not ending with us after this week. It is running with all through our life time, so make sure that you keep yourself in His love forever and He will continue to uphold His promise forever (Ps 145:20).

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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