“I will be their God.”


Whenever I see another breaking of the day I say thank you Lord, thank you Lord. whenever I see another breaking of the day I say thank you Lord thank you Lord.// All honor, All glory, All power, To you (repeat several times), Holy father we worship you, Precious Jesus our savior, Holy spirit we wait on you, Holy spirit we wait on you
Holy spirit we wait on you, For fire (several times), (goes to the begining

 Yes! Father we wait on for fire. fresh fire that will make us worthy instruments in Your Hand, kingdom and ministry. Glory be to You Lord. Faithful Father, we thank You again for there is no God like You are.  Thank You for enabling us to come before you with our mouth full of songs of rejoicing for Your goodness and mercies that a new every morning. Blessed Thy Name forever.

Who is like unto Thee O Lord who is like on Thee, O Lord among the who is like Thee You are glorious in holiness fearful in praises doing wonders alleluia.

Beloved I am dancing unto the Lord, dancing alleluia, I am clapping unto the Lord, clapping alleluia, am dancing unto the Lord dancing alleluia, I am singing unto the Lord, singing alleluia.

  Are you dancing with me? Are singing with me? What more can we offer God that will be acceptable to Him than lifting our voice up unto heaven and blessing His Holy Name, eulogizing Him from the very deep of our heart. beloved, whatever we offer to God is made by Him and belongs to Him but a grateful heart God will not look down upon so learn to Praise.

Beloved a new year, a new week a new day is here again.  a new opportunity is here also what a great privilege to be among those that have  new opportunities to explore and be everything God made us to be. Praise God.

Beloved, having declared the mind of God to us as a ministry have you bothered to think about what makes life victorious? What are those things if we possess will make  life victorious indeed.

Beloved, we may not have it at the tips of our fingers the moment but one thing is sure, the Holy Spirit will it available as it when we most need it. He will has promised not to live us as orphans, he also promised to lead us by His right Hand beloved He said He will be with us always.

Do you know the price of this promise? Being with you always is more than any promise or blessing you will desire of Him. Moses said to God in the wilderness “if your presence does not go, don’t make us go up from here. How will it be known that I and your people have found favour in your sight unless you go with us? I and your people will be distinguished from the other people on the face of the earth.”

Beloved, we are have been clothed with God’s glory as it please the Lord to deal kindly with us all through last year. This year is only the presence of God that goes before us that will distinguishes us from the rest. Moses refuse to move except the presence of God go with him.

Is someone making this same confession this day? Are you telling God to go before you all this year?

Our topic today is declaring to us that as God responded to Moses, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.’ Ex 33:14.

God is making a promise to us today “I will be their God.” wall glory. to a man who God has promised to be His God is no mean promise. Let consider Gen 15:1. After the calling of Abraham, God made a promise to Abraham “Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield; your reward will be very great (Gen 15:1)(HCSB).

Beloved, are you ready to partake of this promises, then must accept God as our God and trust in him also. (Ps 62:8).

It is indeed a blessing to us that God is promising us that He will be our God in this time of the year. It is surly a good time to put our trust in no other except in Him alone. Praise God.

Am so excited so let us discover more as we go through the message below:


“I will be their God.” Jeremiah 31:33


Christian! here is all thou canst require. To make thee happy thou wantest something that shall satisfy thee; and is not this enough? If thou canst pour this promise into thy cup, wilt thou not say, with David, “My cup runneth over; I have more than heart can wish”? When this is fulfilled, “I am thy God,” art thou not possessor of all things?

Desire is insatiable as death, but He who filleth all in all can fill it. The capacity of our wishes who can measure? but the immeasurable wealth of God can more than overflow it. I ask thee if thou art not complete when God is thine? Dost thou want anything but God? Is not His all-sufficiency enough to satisfy thee if all else should fail? But thou wantest more than quiet satisfaction; thou desirest rapturous delight.

Come, soul, here is music fit for heaven in this thy portion, for God is the Maker of Heaven. Not all the music blown from sweet instruments, or drawn from living strings, can yield such melody as this sweet promise, “I will be their God.” Here is a deep sea of bliss, a shoreless ocean of delight; come, bathe thy spirit in it; swim an age, and thou shalt find no shore; dive throughout eternity, and thou shalt find no bottom.

“I will be their God.” If this do not make thine eyes sparkle, and thy heart beat high with bliss, then assuredly thy soul is not in a healthy state. But thou wantest more than present delights—thou cravest something concerning which thou mayest exercise hope; and what more canst thou hope for than the fulfillment of this great promise, “I will be their God”?

This is the masterpiece of all the promises; its enjoyment makes a heaven below, and will make a heaven above. Dwell in the light of thy Lord, and let thy soul be always ravished with His love. Get out the marrow and fatness which this portion yields thee. Live up to thy privileges, and rejoice with unspeakable joy.

Beloved did you hear that? It is the masterpiece of all the promises. Its enjoyment makes a heaven below, and will make a heaven above. If that is your confession too then the next ministration will be a delight to you, let’s discover more:

“Serve the Lord with gladness.” Psalm 100:2


Delight in divine service is a token of acceptance. Those who serve God with a sad countenance, because they do what is unpleasant to them, are not serving Him at all; they bring the form of homage, but the life is absent. Our God requires no slaves to grace His throne; He is the Lord of the empire of love, and would have His servants dressed in the livery of joy.

The angels of God serve Him with songs, not with groans; a murmur or a sigh would be a mutiny in their ranks. That obedience which is not voluntary is disobedience, for the Lord looketh at the heart, and if He seeth that we serve Him from force, and not because we love Him, He will reject our offering.

 Service coupled with cheerfulness is heart-service, and therefore true. Take away joyful willingness from the Christian, and you have removed the test of his sincerity. If a man be driven to battle, he is no patriot; but he who marches into the fray with flashing eye and beaming face, singing, “It is sweet for one’s country to die,” proves himself to be sincere in his patriotism.

Cheerfulness is the support of our strength; in the joy of the Lord are we strong. It acts as the remover of difficulties. It is to our service what oil is to the wheels of a railway carriage. Without oil the axle soon grows hot, and accidents occur; and if there be not a holy cheerfulness to oil our wheels, our spirits will be clogged with weariness. The man who is cheerful in his service of God, proves that obedience is his element; he can sing,

“Make me to walk in Thy commands,

‘Tis a delightful road.”

Reader, let us put this question—do you serve the Lord with gladness? Let us show to the people of the world, who think our religion to be slavery that it is to us a delight and a joy! Let our gladness proclaim that we serve a good Master.

Yes let us show that our services to the Lord is not slavery rather a delight to our soul. We are glad to serve our God who promised to be our God. Beloved, while we are still sinners Jesus died for us, what a great love God has bestowed upon us. Praise God!

Beloved, you are now equip to go into the world with God on your side fighting and winning all your battles yours is to live according to His promises – victoriously as He has won all the battles for you ahead of time. So step out in confidence and be victorious. (1 Chr 18:13; 2 Chr 14:11; 1 Jn 4:4) .

Remain ever blessed in the Lord.