Father, we thank You, we bless Your Holy Name, we adore You, we give You glory, honour, adoration, blessed be Thou forever and ever.

Thank God for making me woman and not a man. Among the package of womanhood according to the plan of God is to partner with Him for further creation. God gave us womb to bring forth, though we are called weaker vessel but in God and our husbands lies our strength. In God we trust therefore we can multitask more than then men.

O thank You for making me a woman. Yesterday again was observed as “Mother’s day”. Women all the world were widely celebrated. It such a colorful event, full of glamour and humors as you see the women gorgeously dressed, looking their best.

Among other things I learnt from the teaching of an honorable woman of God, who has been my mentor over years is that God created me a woman before I became a mother. And in between the two is the fact that I must be a wife for the latter to be honorable, if you jump the process, than you are not working according to God’s injunction, than you must seek to make it right.

Proverbs 31:10–29 was the anchored scripture. This portion of the bible said so much for a woman who wants to be wise and honour God with her body and her status. Make out time to read and be blessed.

I also learnt that she must fear God. The fear of the Lord makes every other thing to fall into places for her. She rises up to her duties and do it with the fear of God. Because she partners with her Maker, she fears no evil.

Sometimes, this things are not as easy as it said or written but when one places her hope and trust in God, is so easy to do the impossible that you will even marvel at your own results. Thank God for His love and enablement.

If we want to be partakers of God’s agenda for greater glory, we must be ready work in line with His plans for the family.

The message before us is not only for the women alone but for every one, our men inclusive who wants to see God’s greater glory in his life and family:

If Only I Had Been Kinder To Your Mother

If only I had been kinder to your mother and had spent more time with you children.

So said the aging father of a close friend of mine during a recent family visit. How tragic, to be living the latter years of life plagued with regret; plagued by the “IF ONLYS” of the past.

Tell me, are you viewed by your family as:

  BRITTLE? – “I really cant do it like that!

  SELFISH? – “I dont have time.

  CENSORIOUS? – “How could you do such a thing?

  BITTER? – “I may forgivebut I can never forget!

 Or as:

  BENDING? – “Why dont we do it your way?

 MAGNANIMOUS? – “Lets do whatever will help you the most.

 COMPLIMENTARY? – “I am proud of you.

 FORGIVING? – “Ahforget itIts OK. No problem.

 Is it not true that the validity of our Christian experience is forged, tested, and revealed within    the confines of intimate family relationships as in no other arena?

 Children still have a choice as to whether they will follow Christ or not, as rebellion is often expressed among the progeny of the finest of parents. (Adam and Eve had perfect “parents” and still chose to rebel.)

 Yet our goal must be to reflect Christ to our family in such a way that whatever their choice, at least our conscience is clear on how we related to them. Could we not seek to mirror Paul’s achievement:

 “My brothers, I have fulfilled my duty to God in all good conscience to this day.” (Acts 23:1b)

 So, tell me: Are you BRITTLE, SELFISH, CENSORIOUS, or BITTER toward your family? If you are, then you too may be plagued in your latter years by the “IF ONLYS” of the past.

 If, however you are BENDING, MAGNANIMOUS, COMPLIMENTARY, and FORGIVING, you may well anticipate fond memories and mutual affirmation in the latter years.

 You know also that a woman can also make such a lamentation if she has tow the hard line in the early years of her marriage.

We all have excuses for the things we do but if you have made the bible your standard it will be very difficult to miss. No matter how the devil has used your partner you will miss it because you know that God can never forsake your labour of love and your obedience to his commandment.

Do you want to stay true to your spouse no matter what? Come alone with me as we discover the secret to such living.

 On Staying True To Your Spouse

Few who are married would deny the fact that from time to time they encounter people of the opposite sex whom they find attractive (other than their spouse).

 The attraction itself is not the critical issue. How we deal with it is.

Every marriage is a mix of profoundly deep bonds of love and intimacy, coupled with periods of frustration and dismay. Even anger. It may be during these times of stress that we find ourselves particularly attracted toward another person who appears on the scene.

In fact, we may well be surprised and chagrined; even alarmed at the power of the attraction, and at the fertility of our imagination.

The trouble begins when we cross the line by allowing the other person entrance into the sacred place of emotional intimacy rightfully reserved only for our spouse.

To cope with that attractive other person, let me put forth two resolves:

  • Flattery: “I resolve not to allow the slightest seed of flattery or manipulation to occur between myself and that other person.” In the case of men, to treat other women as sisters (1 Timothy 5:2).
  • Imagination: “I resolve to control my imagination by bringing every thought under Christs Lordship.” (2 Corinthians 10:5)

To strengthen the bonds of our marriage, let me put forward three resolves:

  • Commitment: “I resolve to remain faithful in spirit and body to my spouse. No person other than my partner will be allowed entrance into the sanctuary of intimate emotions that is to be reserved solely for the two of us.”
  • Communication: “I resolve to work daily at maintaining close and meaningful dialogue with my mate. I will choose to listen from the heart.
  • Affirmation: “I resolve not to take my beloved for granted, giving him (or her) reassurance through regular expressions of gratitude, deeds of kindness, and tender touch.”

A man who commits adultery lacks judgment; whoever does so destroys himself. Blows and disgrace are his lot, and his shame will never be wiped away.” (Proverbs 6:32, 33)

These has been the problem of many homes. The more reason why they are not seeing God’s blessings in their homes.

Put into action those resolves as mentioned above and see God work wonders in your marriages and home.

Peradventure you have miss it anywhere, do not blame yourself and miss the greater glory God has prepared for you. (Isa 43:25). Make amend and God will lead afresh to the path that is pleasing unto Him. (2 Cor 12:9).

Take home – A wise woman builds her house but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down. (Prov 14:1; Prov 9:13). Are foolish or wise?

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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