“If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.”


How excellent is Thy Name O! Lord! How excellent is Thy Name O! Lord! 2x How excellent is Thy Name O! Lord! How excellent is Thy Name O! Lord! How excellent is Thy Name O! Lord! 2x// Thanks, Thanks we give You Thanks for all You have done for us, we are so glad, our soul has find rest O Lord! We give You Thanks.

Our Father we give You thanks, we adore You we give You Praise alleluia to Your Holy Name. Thank You for a beautiful day You have made and said we should rejoice and be glad in it. Thank You blessed Redeemer for all You have done for me be Thou glorify in Jesus Name we give Thanks

Beloveth good morning how was your night? Our God is good all the time, all the time our God is good. Hope your prayer life is experiencing God’s grace and mercies? Only God can make a man anything outside Him is vanity and futile but when God is on your side you glow, you become joyous and successful too. Thank You God for being there for us Amen!!!

In our discussion today’s faith clinic we see two important ingredient in life- life of faith and holiness. The two are interwoven; none can run without the other if they do it spells doom. Therefore we are called to make room for both else we elect a structure without foundation or foundation without a covering. May God show us mercy in Jesus Name.

Faith is an action word likewise holiness. You cannot talk of faith without work. even though faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen it takes action. It takes us making a move in order to see all the promises of God. Faith is like going on a diet and saying you want to lose 20 pounds, but you don’t have a plan of action in order to lose the weight. You are frustrated when you don’t lose weight, but you didn’t change any of your behaviour or eating habits in order to lose the weight.

Weight loss doesn’t happen if you take action steps. It’s the same thing when we want to see faith growth. We all want to see faith growth in areas of our business, career, children, ministry and what not. If we don’t apply our faith in adopting strategies that will help us to achieve same nothing will happen.

If we don’t use our faith, it grew weaker. At the end of the day faith makes the difference between something happening and not happening. God is the one Who does the work, but He works through people. He is looking for people to take a step of faith. Faith is an action word so also is holiness you cannot talk about holiness without living it out.

Holiness looks abstract but in actually sense is an action a word. You don’t only talk holiness; you live holy. So as God children we are expected to live a holy and sanctified life. We must pursue holiness in our talk, action and deed. May God help us all in Jesus Name.

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“If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.” Galatians 5:25

The two most important things in our holy religion are the life of faith and the walk of faith. He who shall rightly understand these is not far from being a master in experimental theology, for they are vital points to a Christian.

You will never find true faith unattended by true godliness; on the other hand, you will never discover a truly holy life which has not for its root a living faith upon the righteousness of Christ.

Woe unto those who seek after the one without the other! There are some who cultivate faith and forget holiness; these may be very high in orthodoxy, but they shall be very deep in condemnation, for they hold the truth in unrighteousness; and there are others who have strained after holiness of life, but have denied the faith, like the Pharisees of old, of whom the Master said, they were “whitewashed sepulchres.”

We must have faith, for this is the foundation; we must have holiness of life, for this is the superstructure.

Of what service is the mere foundation of a building to a man in the day of tempest? Can he hide himself therein? He wants a house to cover him, as well as a foundation for that house. Even so we need the superstructure of spiritual life if we would have comfort in the day of doubt.

But seek not a holy life without faith, for that would be to erect a house which can afford no permanent shelter, because it has no foundation on a rock. Let faith and life be put together, and, like the two abutments of an arch, they will make our piety enduring. Like light and heat streaming from the same sun, they are alike full of blessing.

Like the two pillars of the temple, they are for glory and for beauty. They are two streams from the fountain of grace; two lamps lit with holy fire; two olive trees watered by heavenly care. O Lord, give us this day life within, and it will reveal itself without to Thy glory.

Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! Beloveth, you read it all, ask God to help you live  a life of faith, a life fill with holiness in Jesus Name. We must carry on the light as commanded by Jesus Christ we must lighten the world and make God known to every tribe and tongue in Jesus Name.

May you increase in faith and holiness in Jesus Name. (read Jas 2:14,17,24,26;  1 Cor 2:5, Deut 11:18)

Remain blessed in the Lord.