You are the Lord that is your Name, You will never share Your glory with anyone, You will never share Your glory with anybody almighty God that is Your Name. You are the Lord that is Your Name, You will never share Your glory with anyone, You will never share Your glory with anybody Almighty God that is Your Name. Father I Praise your Name You are worthy of Praise, O Lord I Praise Your Name You are worthy of Praise. He is control, He is in full control master Jesus He is control 2x

Father we thank You for You are, what You have done in our lives and family, Praise be Thy Name forever and ever. What shall we say unto thee Lord all I have to say is thank you Lord for Your Kindness, Your love, and Compassion in our lives and situations glory be to God on high. Eternal Rock of Age, the Ancient One be Thou glorify in Jesus Name. thank You for another glorious week, a new day let Your Name be glorify in Jesus Name.

Beloved, how was your weekend? Hope you have a nice time of worship in your local church, Praise the Lord. We are at the last week of this wonderful week and I believe God has given us cause to be grateful and reasons to rise our voice unto Him and glorify Him forever more.

Laughter is a good medicine to the heart and a merry heart gives rise to instantaneous joy and songs that gives glory to God on high. Let the living Praise the Name of the Lord on high for He is our strength and salvation.

Today is another opportunity be everything God has made us to be and by the grace of God will be blessed, the works our hands will also be blessed. Our family will be a blessing and we give Praise unto the King of kings forever in Jesus Name.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son our Lord Jesus Christ to die for us. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus our eternity is guaranteed, victory is won and death and sorrow is no more.

The Trinity of which Jesus is the second Person in one God, in Him dwell the fullness of God the Father, the first Person in Trinity, we being made in the image of God and being also co-heir of kingdom have in dwelling us the fullness of God. For Jesus said where I will be my servant with be also.

And we are sitted with him far above…..Yes dearly beloved far above principality and power. We are complete in Him. If you complete in Him then you ought rejoice and be glad indeed. Exalt His Holy Name forever, worship him and adore Him with songs of Praise. You may have it all but it will not elude you for the Hand of the Lord will surely bring it to manifestation, glory be to God on high.

Beloved, do not be dismay even though what you looking forward is yet ti be, know yea that the Lord is God; He is our God. In Him dwelleth the fullness of the godhead bodily and we are complete in Him. He is more than able to delivery and to make whole. He will perfect all that concerneth today glory be to Him on high:


“In Him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in Him.” Colossians 2:9,10


All the attributes of Christ, as God and man, are at our disposal. All the fulness of the Godhead, whatever that marvellous term may comprehend, is ours to make us complete. He cannot endow us with the attributes of Deity; but He has done all that can be done, for He has made even His divine power and Godhead subservient to our salvation. His omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, immutability and infallibility, are all combined for our defence.

Arise, believer, and behold the Lord Jesus yoking the whole of His divine Godhead to the chariot of salvation! How vast His grace, how firm His faithfulness, how unswerving His immutability, how infinite His power, how limitless His knowledge! All these are by the Lord Jesus made the pillars of the temple of salvation; and all, without diminution of their infinity, are covenanted to us as our perpetual inheritance.

The fathomless love of the Saviour’s heart is every drop of it ours; every sinew in the arm of might, every jewel in the crown of majesty, the immensity of divine knowledge, and the sternness of divine justice, all are ours, and shall be employed for us. The whole of Christ, in His adorable character as the Son of God, is by Himself made over to us most richly to enjoy. His wisdom is our direction, His knowledge our instruction, His power our protection, His justice our surety, His love our comfort, His mercy our solace, and His immutability our trust. He makes no reserve, but opens the recesses of the Mount of God and bids us dig in its mines for the hidden treasures.

“All, all, all are yours,” saith He, “be ye satisfied with favour and full of the goodness of the Lord.” Oh! how sweet thus to behold Jesus, and to call upon Him with the certain confidence that in seeking the interposition of His love or power, we are but asking for that which He has already faithfully promised.

Yes! And He will answer all in Jesus Name. The next ministration is profound, read through and gain wisdom for wisdom is profitable above all, beloved gain wisdom:

“I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth.” Ecclesiastes 10:7


Upstarts frequently usurp the highest places, while the truly great pine in obscurity. This is a riddle in providence whose solution will one day gladden the hearts of the upright; but it is so common a fact, that none of us should murmur if it should fall to our own lot. When our Lord was upon earth, although He is the Prince of the kings of the earth, yet He walked the footpath of weariness and service as the Servant of servants: what wonder is it if His followers, who are princes of the blood, should also be looked down upon as inferior and contemptible persons?

The world is upside down, and therefore, the first are last and the last first. See how the servile sons of Satan lord it in the earth! What a high horse they ride! How they lift up their horn on high! Haman is in the court, while Mordecai sits in the gate; David wanders on the mountains, while Saul reigns in state; Elijah is complaining in the cave while Jezebel is boasting in the palace; yet who would wish to take the places of the proud rebels? and who, on the other hand, might not envy the despised saints?

When the wheel turns, those who are lowest rise, and the highest sink. Patience, then, believer, eternity will right the wrongs of time.

Let us not fall into the error of letting our passions and carnal appetites ride in triumph, while our nobler powers walk in the dust. Grace must reign as a prince, and make the members of the body instruments of righteousness. The Holy Spirit loves order, and He therefore sets our powers and faculties in due rank and place, giving the highest room to those spiritual faculties which link us with the great King; let us not disturb the divine arrangement, but ask for grace that we may keep under our body and bring it into subjection.

We were not new created to allow our passions to rule over us, but that we, as kings, may reign in Christ Jesus over the triple kingdom of spirit, soul, and body, to the glory of God the Father.

Glory be to God on high. Agree with me that this teaching is profound, “Holy Spirit loves order therefore let us ask from Holy Spirit to give us the wisdom to follow the order and be rewarded at the end in Jesus Name (Col 1:9-11).

 On this note we declare this week open in the Name of God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit Amen! Have a blessed week and return with testimonies at the end in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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