I will left up Jesus Amen, I will lift up Jesus Amen, O Jehovah, Alpha Omega, I will lift up Jesus amen! O Jehovah, Alpha Omega I will lift up Jesus Amen! // Come and see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good, there is nothing He cannot do, come and see the Lord is good.// Every testify You are good, You are good Jehovah, You are good, everybody testifying You are good, You are good Jehovah, You are good.

Eternal Rocks of Ages we worship You we glorify Your Name, we exalt You forever and ever, How great are Thou O Lord! You are God, You are not man. You are great; You are not man. Receive our Praise and worship in Jesus Name. Thank You for the Might works Your hand has perform in my life and glory be to You on high. Thank You for crushing the head of satan and disgracing His cohorts round about, Thank you for preserving the feet of the saints, glory be to You on high in Jesus Name.

Beloved, let the living Praise the Lord! Shout a believing alleluia!!!!!!!! For our God is good and His mercies enduerth to all generation. Thank God for who He is, if not for Him what would have become of His people but thank God for being God in our lives and in the lives of all He has created, glory be to Him on high. (1 Jn 4:9,16).

Beloveth, today is the last Wednesday of the month and as such we have to pray to receive all our outstanding blessings to be delivered to us, secondly to usher in the coming month in a grand style. Yes! When we pray concerning a thing, the Hand of the Lord works to perfect it. Glory be to God on high.

Today’s ministration is to encourage for close fellowship of one another. The Spirit of God knows that knows that we cannot run this race alone we need to walk in accompanying of others on this course with us and we also learn from those that has gone ahead of us to avoid their pitfall and emulate their the strong values that will help us as we move along.

We need praying partners that we share our spiritual concerns with, those who will truly pray with us or for us when the need arises, genuine Christians who have the fear of God in heart and will not out to others what you have shared with him/her. May God give us such individuals in the Name of Jesus.

Attributes of a good prayer partner you will discover when you through the passages below. I will also suggest is either is a small group or is safer to be of same sex. May God give more understanding as we read through in Jesus Name.

Beloved as iron sharpens iron, likewise let us sharpens one another, come along with me.


Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.—Proverbs 27:17

The Christian life is a pilgrimage. At times the road is difficult, and we get lonely. Sometimes we may become discouraged and consider abandoning the journey. It is at such times that God will place a friend alongside us. One of God’s most precious gifts to us is friends who encourage us and lovingly challenge us to “keep going.”

According to Scripture, a friend is one who challenges you to become all that God intends. Jonathan could have succeeded his father to become the next king of Israel. But he loved his friend David, and he encouraged him to follow God’s will, even though it meant Jonathan would forfeit his own claim to the throne (1 Sam. 19:1–7).

The mark of biblical friends is that their friendship draws you closer to Christ. They “sharpen” you and motivate you to do what is right. True friends tell you the truth and even risk hurting your feelings because they love you and have your best interests at heart (Prov. 27:6).

Be careful in your choice of friends! Jesus chose His closest friends wisely. He did not look for perfect friends, but friends whose hearts were set to follow God. It is equally important to examine the kind of friend you are to others. As a friend, it is your duty to put the needs of others first (Prov. 17:17).

Strive to find godly friends who will challenge you to become the person God desires. When you have found them, be receptive to the way God uses them to help you become spiritually mature. Strive also to be the kind of friend that helps others become more like Christ.

Wow! The Word of is life and is full of power. I had a friend in my place of work who confess to just yesterday that “ I grateful to God that my association with you has brought such much blessings in my life. She said it indeed good to walk with someone who fear God and has the fear of God in her life. She called my daughter who was standing by and repeated her statements to her and I was just looking at her and shouted “thank God.”

Let us be a friends that encourages our friend in the walk of faith even in their secular endeavours. Be happy when you friend is moving forward. Don’t be such friend who rejoices at a friend’s hurts and when tings turns around you will run away because you enjoy seeing your friend/ relatives in pains.

May God give us genuine friend and relationship in Jesus Name. Jonathan was one to David and we later saw David showing kindness to the family of Saul despite all that King Saul did to him.

I told earlier that the bible is meant for us to learn about those who has gone ahead of us to learn their strong values and avoid their pitfalls. May God help us in Jesus Name.

Still more to learn from them, O let’s get going:

“And he requested for himself that he might die.” 1Kings 19:4


It was a remarkable thing that the man who was never to die, for whom God had ordained an infinitely better lot, the man who should be carried to heaven in a chariot of fire, and be translated, that he should not see death–should thus pray, “Let me die, I am no better than my fathers.”

We have here a memorable proof that God does not always answer prayer in kind, though He always does in effect. He gave Elias something better than that which he asked for, and thus really heard and answered him. Strange was it that the lion-hearted Elijah should be so depressed by Jezebel’s threat as to ask to die, and blessedly kind was it on the part of our heavenly Father that He did not take His desponding servant at his word.

There is a limit to the doctrine of the prayer of faith. We are not to expect that God will give us everything we choose to ask for. We know that we sometimes ask, and do not receive, because we ask amiss. If we ask for that which is not promised–if we run counter to the spirit which the Lord would have us cultivate–if we ask contrary to His will, or to the decrees of His providence–if we ask merely for the gratification of our own ease, and without an eye to His glory, we must not expect that we shall receive.

Yet, when we ask in faith, nothing doubting, if we receive not the precise thing asked for, we shall receive an equivalent, and more than an equivalent, for it. As one remarks, “If the Lord does not pay in silver, He will in gold; and if He does not pay in gold, He will in diamonds.” If He does not give you precisely what you ask for, He will give you that which is tantamount to it, and that which you will greatly rejoice to receive in lieu thereof.

Be then, dear reader, much in prayer, and make this season of earnest intercession, but take heed what you ask.

Did you read that “much in prayer, pray in this season of new songs that your will come speedily Jesus Name. Let every walls of partition be broken in Jesus Name. one of our prayer points today will be for God to give us those that will make our walk to eternity easy and encouraging in Jesus Name. those that will see ahead of us from where we are standing at the present and direct us to walk through green pasture and encourages to walk through the shadow of death because they know God is with us. We need such friends around us.

My sister and my friend who was passing through their trials of life call to say “Ify, please remember me in your prayers, I was moved”. And I know that by the special grace of God she will through that horrible pit and will come out unhurt for God is with her in the Name of Jesus.

What can of friend are to people around you? Can they look up to you as someone they can count on when the going becomes tough. Or better still what kind of people are you surrounding yourself with? Will there truly be there for you when you can longer afford pay for your meal ticket? A food for thought. Choose with the help of the Holy Spirit as you pray today, Praise the Lord.

Father I know that you answer us when we pray, O Lord answer us as we pray again today. Give us friends that will help our journey here on earth in Jesus Name.

Beloved, pray and may prayers be unhindered in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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