I love You, Lord  Oh Your mercy never fail me… All my Days, I have been held in your hands, From the moment that I wake up until I lay my head Oh, I will sing of the goodness of God….  Cause all my life You have been Faithful.. And all my life you been so, so good… with every breath that I am able Oh, I will sing of the goodness of God…. // You are the Most High… You are the Most high God… Jehovah… You are the Most High… You are the Most High God…

Faithful Father we worship and adore Your Holy Name… for You are God… Thank You for always being there for Your children…even when we are faithless, Father You remaineth Faithful… Ancient of Days Who can be compared with Thee… we worship and adore Your Holy Name… Merciful Father… we come to You today not… on our merit but on the merit of the Blood of Jesus Christ Whose Blood was shed to purchase us back from slavery…, from everlasting damnation… O Lord! We come before You that mercy will speak on our behalf…. In Jesus Name….

Beloveth, how are doing today… Faithful is He that calleth… He will also do everything that is pertaining unto us in Jesus Name…. Amen!!! Alleluia!!!

Beloveth, this is another opportunity to pray…. are you ready… “Prayer is the key”… to unlock every hidden treasury on this side of eternity… Jesus the Son of God prayed… He separate Himself from the group and prayed… He arose up early in the morning to pray… He prayed even in the face of difficult circumstance…Jn.11:41… Our Lord Jesus prayed and answer were sent to Him likewise He enjoined us to pray… Lk 18:1… so are you ready to pray and faint not?

Part of the reason you and I were saved was to save others… Praise the Lord! So today, we are being reminded again the injunction given to us by our Lord Jesus before ascending into heaven after His resurrection “ “Go and preach to the gospel… to all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit… Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded… He promised to be with us till the end…” Matt. 28:19-20…

We are meant to be committed to the task given to us, focus on it with singleness of heart, Praise the Lord… Below are listed points that will help us in the advancing in the task given us… yes!

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Jesus Christ Called Us To Fish For Men

Come, follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19)

  • Fishermen are a unique breed. They’re not always understood by the nonfishing fraternity. More often than not, they are looked at kind of oddly. Likewise, fishers of men don’t lend themselves toward neat ecclesiastical job descriptions.
  • Fishermen are passionate. They are willing to rise at godforsaken hours to pursue their love. Likewise, fishers of men are passionate about their devotional life and are not deterred by their need for sleep.
  • Fishermen are people of knowledge and skill. They know the terrain of the stream and where fish like to hide out and what they like to feed on. Likewise, fishers of men know the world people live in and the things they’re being attracted to.
  • Fishermen are characterized by singleness of purpose. They are focused and concentrated on the task at hand, consumed by one simple overarching concern, catching fish.
  • Likewise, fishers of men are highly singular, driven by one desire, to see people become mature disciples. That is, spending personal time daily with God, growing in prayer and understanding the Word (and as a result, living in profound dependence upon Christ), sharing Christ with others, and not only that, but going on to invest time and work in them until they too are reproducing those traits in others.
  • Fishermen are people of adventure. They are always looking for the next bend in the stream, never content with a fished-out hole but always on the lookout for the next productive place in the river. Likewise, fishers of men are never content with maintenance but are always on the lookout for the next opportune spot in the world.
  • Fishermen stick to the basics. Old fishermen aren’t particularly captivated by the latest fads and techniques. Likewise, fishers of men are not easily drawn away from the basics of discipleship, prayer, Scripture and evangelism.
  • Fishermen are eager to share their knowledge and skill with others. They are only too eager to share their passion with someone of like passion. Likewise, fishers of men know the great joy and exhilaration of catching men and are genuinely excited to share that joy with others.
  • Fishermen catch fish. True fishermen don’t use the line, “You should have seen the one that got away.” They, without commenting, just hold up their full stringer. Likewise, fishers of men don’t have any excuses or empty words, just a legacy of men who have been caught for Christ. No bull here.

Beloveth….don’t know how committed you are in seeing that on one around you go to hell… This is a reminder to us even as we engages in our diverse businesses and careers… we should never forget those who are yet to come to the full knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ…

As we pray today, commit every soul that is yet to the knowledge of God to accept Jesus as His Lord and personal Saviour… Ask Jesus to look with pity on them and draw them to Himself… that He will make them ready for harvest before you get… so that harvesting of those souls will not take too long….

Remember that the husbandman is the first partaker … therefore labour in the place of prayer and as you prayerful engage your day… the Lord Jesus will send your way… men and women that needs salvations…

May the Lord accept out sacrifices at the prayer altar as we lift up voices to His Throne of mercy in Jesus Name…

Heavenly Father we Thank You… as we receive answers to our prayers today in Jesus Name… Thank you for the bountiful harvest that is coming our ways in Jesus Name… we bless Your Holy Name… we adore Thee, we magnify You forever and ever in Jesus Name…

Beloveth as we pray… may God of Wonderful answer from the Throne… May His mercy speak peace to every troubled heart today in Jesus Name….

Jesus also promised to reward us when we obey Him … Ps.132:15….

Let us pray in Jesus Name…. Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!….

Further Reading- Rom.7:4, Ps.27:8, 2Chr.6:16, Ps. 72:12, Eph.5:16, Heb.9:15;12:3….

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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