Faithful God O faithful God only You deserve all the glory faithful God, only You deserve all the glory faithful God. Faithful God O faithful God only You deserve all the glory faithful God, only You deserve all the glory faithful God. // Who is like unto Thee O Lord! Who is like unto Thee O! Lord! among the gods who is like Thee You are glorious in holiness fearful in Praising doing wonders alleluia, always doing wonders alleluia

Thank You Faithful Father indeed only deserve all the glory faithful Lord, only You deserve all the glory faithful God. Unchangeable, Glorious God, You are the I AM that I AM, The Beginning and the End, the Immortal, The Invisible, Dependable, Reliable God blessed be Thy Holy Name forever and ever in Jesus Name.

Beloved, join to sing this song, I go worship my God, I will shout alleluia, me I go worship my God, my God do am for me.// Thank You Father for the great privilege to worship You the Only True God. Thank You and thank You again and again in Jesus Name, glory be to Your Name on high in Jesus Name. Thank You for being faithful to us in Jesus Name. Thank You Father the gift of the Holy Spirit, Ancient One arise and receive our Praise in Jesus Name.

Beloved, how are doing today? I have a stirring in my spirit that we should ask again for the in-filling of the Holy Spirit afresh. A life filled to overflowing with Holy Spirit will live an enabling life; such an individual will never sin against God or man. The workings of God through such a life will be with easy, no struggle as you are led and not force into what you are doing. Praise the Lord.

Have you received the Holy Spirit baptism? Are still filled to overflowing with the same Spirit or you need an in-filling of the Holy Spirit? Now we have to ask Jesus to help us again by releasing power afresh to us, remember that the disciple were unable to witness until they were in due with power from above, They overcame their fear and face the Pharisees and the leaders of their days with boldness (Acts 1:8; 4:1-33).

Beloved, a man filled with the Holy Spirit is unstoppable and ever ready to do His Father’s bidding. A carnal man cannot please God rather he will please the flesh. Unfortunately, we cannot please God or do away with sinful habits except we have the Holy Spirit dwelling richly with us (Rom 7 and 8, Eph 1:15-19).

Thank God for the Spirit of God with us to lead us aright, especially at this time and season as He brought to us in clearer terms things we need to know and do to bring about the fulfillment of our destiny and the promise of the Living God to us (Isa 2:3, Acts 13:39, Rom 11:33).

The topic before us “Katargeo” is a Greek word for “put away.” Beloved what are those things in your life that you need to put away? What are those things that are hindering you from fulfilling destiny? What are those things in your life that is affecting your relationship with God? You need to identify it now and do away with them now if you truly want to enjoy all the promises of God to you (Rom 1:18 -32).

How do you put them away, someone wants to know? The Holy Spirit is your helper remember, He is your enabler, the Holy Spirit is your director then you are in for a glorious moment if only you can humble yourself and surrender yourself to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus pour out on the Cross just to set you free from all entanglement and grant you liberty to live a holy and secured life in Christ Jesus (Jn 3:6, Gal 5:1, Ps 32:1, Jn 9:5, Lk 9:23, Heb 7:22, 25).

If that is your heart desire then join us as we discover more from the ministration below:

Job 34:1-35:16, Psalm 106:24-31, Proverbs 22:5-6, 1 Corinthians 12:21-13:13


When I was a child … I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put aside childish things.—1 Corinthains 13:11

Today we ask ourselves: how do we deal with those pushes from our past which tend to influence and control our present attitudes and reactions?

We must find how and where they began. They come especially from the early formative years of childhood. There we were subjected to influences, ideas, and experiences that helped to shape our expectations and attitudes to life. Many of these influences, ideas, and experiences were good—and this point must not be overlooked—but by the same token, many were bad. These negative things sometimes stay inside us and can become dictating forces in our lives. We need the help of the Holy Spirit to track down some of these hidden agendas, and we then need to deal with them in a mature and adult manner.

How do we do this? Look once again at the verse before us today: “When I became a man, I put aside childish things.” The Greek word for “put away” is katargeo. It is an extremely strong word, meaning “to put away, to break a hold, finish it off, have done with, render inoperative.”

Childhood agendas don’t just fall away like the leaves fall off the trees in the autumn; we have to “put them away”—we have to katargeo them—and be finished with childish things. If the Holy Spirit has identified any hidden agendas in your life, then bring them to Him now and lay them at His feet. Decide to have done with them. Get out of the passenger seat and into the driving seat. Remember—with God, all things are possible.


O Father, give me the victory over all the enemies that may be within me. Katargeo them—render them inoperative—once and for all. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Further Study

Heb 12:1-13; Isa 55:7; Eph 4:22

What are we to throw off?

What does “forsake” mean?

Did you read that “put away”, “ to break a hold”, “finish it off,” “ have done with,” or “render inoperative” are you making this decision as we read just right away?

Beloved you are the temple of the most High God and you are bought with a price, You cannot afford to live an ordinary kind of life, you life must show forth the beauty of Christ in it, your life must show forth the grace you obtained from above. It will also be good to identify those things you ought put away and those things you should add to your life to make it robust and help you to run the race set before you and also finish strong (Gal 5: 19-26). May God help us in Jesus Name.

You must put away everything that hinders you to run this race as prescribe by the Holy Bible. Remember you cannot do it of your own but with help of the Holy Spirit, you can do it. it is Christ that strengthens you, so you have to depend on every Word written in the book of life to get it done. Praise the Lord.

Thank God for the His promise of lifting, we also thank Him for the things through His power that must be put away to help us live out this promise. Glory be to God for this unspeakable gift full of glory. Glory be to God on high, may the Name of God be glorify in Jesus Name (Ps 134:2).

Thank you God, thank You Son, thank You Holy Spirit of God for being there for us your children, glory be to Your Holy Name forever in Jesus Name!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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