Glorious God, Beautiful King, Excellent God we bow before Thy Throne… O bow before the Throne, we worship at Your feet, we bow before the throne we  I will enter His gate with thanksgiving my heart, I will enter court with Praise I will sing this is day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice for He has made me glad… He has made me glad I am so glad I will rejoice for He has made me glad..

Our Father we thank you we bless Your Holy Name… who is like unto Thee Jehovah… Thank You matchless Jesus… Thank You for Your miracles! Our Father we give You Praise… we honour and glorify Your Holy Name forever and ever in Jesus Name…

Onto Thee o Lord! Do I lift up my voice… unto Thee O I lift up my voice… O my God I trust in Thee, let my not be ashamed, let not my enemies triumphant over me… O Father we worship You, be Thou exalted O Lord forever and ever Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth… our God is good; all the time… all the time our God is good… yes it’s a beautiful Monday morning and what more can we say unto God Who made it possible for us to be part of it than to bow before His Throne in worship and adoration… faithful God O faithful God! Only You deserve the Glory in my life… Only You deserve the glory O Faithful God…. we worship and give you Praise … Thank You , Thank You! and Thank You forever and ever alleluia!!!

Beloveth… how well do you know God…  God appeared to our fathers in diverse ways and with different names… and even up and till now He is appearing to men in different ways and different manners… beloveth… our God is so perfect and so divine that He shows up in every circumstance to the glory of his Name… Wonderful, Glorious, Excellent, Alpha, Omega, Unchangeable, Reliable, Dependable.

To Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob God said He made know to them as God Almighty…to Moses He appeared and revealed His  Yahweh to Him! Beloveth, this is our blessed Month for us .. our God is coming into that situation as a Man of war… The promises He made to your fore-fathers for their faithfulness to Him, He will deliver unto you… and He will also deliver to you His hidden riches… blessings that will gladdens your heart and His wondrous works in this season in Jesus Name (Ps 72:18, 9:1, 26:7).

God always seek out His people to protect them… yes to protect them from all evils of the satan and His cohorts.

Beloveth, what Name of God is so dear and real to you…? What you know about God is what keeps you through especial in the time of uncertainties… it protects you and preserves you from assaults of the devil and his cohorts…

Respect will protect you against unexpected attacks from your adversaries. For centuries, one of satan’s strategies has been to destroy the credibility of Christians and under the reputation of the church.

Losing your credibility can render you ineffective because you can also lose the authority, blessing and position of influence you may have gained. Having integrity, righteous and respect are a great protection against the weapons of the enemy, the devil. The promise in the word of God is:  No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servant of the Lord” (Isa 54:17).

Weapons may be formed against you, but they certainly won’t be successful, unless you make yourself an easy target. The Bible clearly instructs us: “nor give place to the devil” (Eph. 4:27).

Giving him no opportunity, no advantages and no permission to move in your life is how you thwart his attempts to rob you of blessing of God. in our theme text Deut 28: 1-14 God pronounces blessings that He will bestow on His children with conditions attached… from the next verse He pronounces causes that befall anyone who fails to obey His commandments… now breaking any of the commandments brings curses instead of blessings promised us…beloved as God’s child we must protect our edges else the serpent breaks in and bits.

To be a skillful tennis player, you have to cut off the angles, making it difficult for your opponent to get a shot past you. This is how you can counter the strategies of the devil- cut off the angles and don’t be ignorant of his devices. Satan will never play fail. If there are issues in your life that give him room to move, deal with them. If you don’t, you are giving him opportunity to use them against you. You can close the door on him and protect your marriage, homes, children, emotions, health and finances by living according to God’s principles.

Your sphere of life: The key to protecting yourself from the enemy is living by the principles of God- in relationship with God and empowered by the grace of God. What areas of your life might give opening to the enemy? Bring those things before the Lord in prayer, make changes today and protect every area of life by operating in according to God’s Word.

When you are operating in God’s Word, you are simply showing that you know your God… and you trust Him too… anything short of this, will not attract God’s blessings and will not be acceptable to God alleluia!!!

Come along with us for more:

Then God spoke to Moses, telling him, “I am Yahweh. I appeared to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as God Almighty, but I did not make My name Yahweh known to them.”—Exodus 6:2–3

As God has walked with His people through the generations, He has progressively revealed His nature according to His purposes and the needs of His people. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob knew Him as God Almighty, because they needed His mighty power to protect them from their enemies. Moses and the Israelites learned that God was Lord, Master over every nation and every thing. God not only delivered them from the most powerful ruler in the world, but also brought them into the $>Promised Land. They came to experience Him as Lord, preeminently powerful over the pagan gods of their day.

God will continue to reveal His character to you according to your needs and according to His purposes. You will come to know more and more about Him as you obey Him. When you grieve, He will come to you as Comforter. When you are in need, He will demonstrate that He is the Provider. When you face a serious challenge, He will reveal that He is God Almighty.

Your understanding of God’s character ought to be greater now than when you first became a Christian. You ought to know Him today better than you did five years ago. Sadly, some Christians continue to live year after year with the same basic knowledge of God that they had when they first began walking with him. Whatever your present situation, view it in the light of what God is teaching you, through circumstances, about Himself and you will come to know God in dimensions you have never known Him before.

Do you really know your God beloveth? if you do then you are in for the promised blessings… if not ask the Holy Spirit to help you… grow your faith… hold on to God by His Word… and see    you moving from one revelation of Him to another…

Further Reading: Prov 11:4, Deut. 28:1-14, 2 Cor.2:14-17

On this note beloveth we declare this week open and blessed and we will return at the end with great testimonies in Jesus Name…

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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