Leave Nothing Behind


I have see the goodness His mercies and compassion, I have seen the Lord Goodness alleluia Praise the Lord. I have seen the Lord goodness His mercies and compassion, I have seen the Lord Goodness alleluia Praise the Lord. O! You have been so good, You are so good to me my God You are Excellent in my life every day, O! Lord You have been so good, You are so good to me My God You are Excellent in my life.// You are the Lord that healeth me, You are the Lord my Healer, You sent Your Word and heal my disease You are the Lord my Healer.

 Thank You Thank You Lord, Father Thank You Lord Thank You Lord for everything You have done in my life. Thank You thank You Lord Father thank You Lord thank You Lord for everything You have done.// Lord I lift Your Name higher, I lift Your Name Higher, Lord I lift Your Name higher, I lift Your name higher. Shout alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, shout alleluia alleluia shout alleluia alleluia.

Who is like unto Thee O Lord who is like unto Thee O! Lord. Father there is none like Thee, there is none like Thee. I cannot thank You enough, You are a Mighty Man in battle El-Shaddai, glory be to You O Lord! I have search all eternity there is no one like You. glory be to You, glory be to my Father, thank You for counting me worthy to be among those that You called Your own, I will bless You forever, and my lip will continually honour Your Name, for You are alone is worthy, Thou Lamb of Calvary to receive glory, honour adoration and Praise, be thou exalted, be Thou magnify for You are Lord forever more,

I thank You for You are Worthy, and forever You are Lord. I cannot thank You enough Father, You are more than what we call You, receive our glory adoration forever more. Great is Thy faithfulness unto them that loves You. You are our refuge, our Provider, You are everything to us, glory be to Your Name on High. I bow to worship You with the Twenty and four elders in heaven be Thou glorify forever in Jesus Name. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, our God is a mighty man in battle, when you go into the battle with the Lord Jesus, every battle You are winner. Yes! You are a winner. Beloveth in the Name of our Lord Jesus you win every battle whatever be it, Jesus is big enough to conquer for you. He died that you may have life and have it more abundantly. The thief cometh not, but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and have it abundantly (Jn 10:10). Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today that will be your story, beloved, you will never go back to your vomit rather you will walk in the newness of life which Christ has gotten for you, don’t be drag back to those life you have disowned, the ways you have rejected, the life you have confessed, no don’t ever go back to them rather fail forward so that the Hand of the Lord will hold you and make you one of His own forever, Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, the ability to stay spiritually fresh rest both in us and the Holy Spirit, we must first have the desire to live a holy life and then the Holy Spirit will take over from us and lead us all the way. A lot rest in us to be decisive and the willingness will bestow on us.

Apostle Paul do cry to God when his members were doing those things he wish not do, he was trying to do obtain righteous living by law other than living out the righteousness that Christ have already obtain for him by grace, beloved he failed but when he surrendered his life to Christ, the Holy Spirit helped His infirmity and he please God (Rom 7:14-25).

Beloved, is that the position you are right now? You cannot please God through your works/law but you can embrace the righteous that Christ had obtain for you through grace and be made whole. Yes! You embrace it and you will be restored.

Satan, sins, worldliness, and flesh will flee from you and you will be a worthy vessel fit for the Maters use. Beloved, let us go before God in a humble adoration and ask Him to help us to live a be live worthy of Him and it shall be well with us in Jesus Name.

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Ezra 6:1-7:28. Psalm 96:1-9, Proverbs 20:1, Romans 6:1-23

Leave Nothing Behind

How can we who died to sin still live in it?—Romans 6:2

If we are to stay spiritually fresh we must break decisively with everything of which Christ cannot approve. We must get rid of everything that mars our relationship with the Master. This means that we must make up our minds that anything the Lord speaks to us about must go. There is to be no trifling with Him.

A gardener who works in an evangelical conference center tells how, during the first two or three days of a conference, Christians are keen to obey the signs that say, “Do not litter.” They go out of their way to carry unwanted paper to the litter bins. After four or five days have passed, however, he finds that people grow tired of looking for the bins and hide their unwanted paper under the bushes. They have enough conscience to hide the paper, but not enough to get rid of it.

Do not let this matter of getting rid of the things of which Christ disapproves end in a compromise or a stalemate. Look down into the hidden recesses where your sins may have been tucked away, and bring them all out—every one. They will plead to be left alone, but bring them all out. Not a thing must be left behind. Don’t be content with a conscience that will hide sins but not get rid of sins. If I had to put into one word the biggest single barrier to maintaining spiritual freshness, it would be procrastination. So be decisive—beginning today.


Father, I have put my hand to the plow, and I do not intend to look back. This shall be no halfway business. Help me to bring to You everything that needs to be dealt with today. Amen.

Further Study

Ac 24:1-25; Jr 8:20; Heb 3:7-15

What was Felix’s mistake?

What lesson must we learn from the children of Israel?

You are worthy O Lord Thou Lamb of Calvary to receive glory and adoration, You are worthy O Lord! Thou Lamb of Calvary to receive glory now and forever more. Father we thank You and we ask for your mercies to help us to live just like Jesus live. For we know that nothing unclean will enter heaven, therefore we plead with you that You come down in your glory and bestow righteous in our lives. Make us to be sin conscious and stay far away from every unrighteousness. Help us O Lord to live like Your son Jesus did, pleasing You in all things.

Hid us from the worldliness that plagues our world, help us O Lord we pray in Jesus Name.

Beloved, pray for a sanctified life that can only be gotten in Christ, ask the Holy Spirit to help you. Make up your mind to live the world behind you and you will those things that you are weak at disappearing and you will the power of God manifesting heavily upon you.

Our God is more than able to do whatever we might ever thing of it but you must show your desire and willingness to obey and live a Holy life. Glory be to Jesus.

Alleluia Amen. Go in the strength of the Lord and you shall yourself manifest his glory thereafter. Praise the Lord.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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