I will rejoice in the Lord my God I will rejoice in the Lord. I lift up my hand to worship the Lord, this is the day He has made.// come praise the Lord (come praise the Lord) all yea servants of the Lord (all yea servants of the Lord)  who ,,,, in the house of the Lord/ lift up your voice to the Holy place, come praise the Lord, come praise the Lord, come praise the Lord, come praise the Lord.

Mighty Father in heaven, we come to worship and praise Your Holy Name for You are worthy to be glorified. Merciful Jesus, Who is like unto Thee? You are full of mercy and compassion, faithful are You Father, we come with a merry heart, singing to Your Holy Name, praising and worshiping You for all that You have done for us (Ps 36:5).

Beloved, we are to go into His presence and be renew afresh today. It is another opportunity to seek God’s attention. Prayer is so unique because it between mortal and immortal. It is a communication channel between You and God. You don’t pray to your husband nor husband to their wife neither do children pray to parents when they are in need but you can ask from them. You can sing to them also.

This very uniqueness made prayer a powerful tool for every child of God in communicating to God. A prayer may be short, it might long all depending on what you want achieve. You can pray in a known language, you can also pray in an unknown language- speaking in tongues.

I believe that when you pray with the help of the Holy Spirit, you will never be tried because the Holy Spirit will be reminding on the needs to intercede on, sometimes you don’t even know why you are praying on some things but someone somewhere need that prayer and the Holy Spirit lies it in your heart at that moment to pray. And that person gets answers to prayer without knowing that someone like you prayed for him or her. One of the many mystery of the Lord.

It is an interesting moment if you have understanding why you must pray in the first instant. Some are not comfortable when you say “let us pray” but they will not mind if it’s play all the way.

We are not call to be powerless Christians else the devil will find an opportune time to deal with us. He will turn you into a punching bag and you will become a mincing meat for him too. So you must stand strong at your prayer altar, never allow the fire to go down nor off, rather you must always fan it into flame all the way. Praise God.

In our prayer today, we are going to be pleading back God’s Word to Him. You will read what we sending to you after which you are at liberty to pick up any promises from the Word of God and plead it back to Him. His Word must not fall to the ground, so we are going to plead back God’s Word to Him and You will be amaze at how speedily your answers will come.

Many have done it in the past and it work, so we are going to do same today. Am so convinced that this month, so many will enjoy lifting, healings, miracles that they never think that is so near to them but still they can’t reach it simple because they are not applying the right key to their problems. Praise God.

Beloved, do you need lifting this day, is there any one you also think that need same, please come with me as we plead God’s Word back to Him. According to His Word to us, He promise to do us good.

Are you ready? Let’s move on:

Lift them up for ever.” Psalm 28:9

God’s people need lifting up. They are very heavy by nature. They have no wings, or, if they have, they are like the dove of old which lay among the pots; and they need divine grace to make them mount on wings covered with silver, and with feathers of yellow gold.

By nature sparks fly upward, but the sinful souls of men fall downward. O Lord, “lift them up for ever!” David himself said, “Unto Thee, O God, do I lift up my soul,” and he here feels the necessity that other men’s souls should be lifted up as well as his own.

When you ask this blessing for yourself, forget not to seek it for others also. There are three ways in which God’s people require to be lifted up.

They require to be elevated in character. Lift them up, O Lord; do not suffer Thy people to be like the world’s people! The world lieth in the wicked one; lift them out of it! The world’s people are looking after silver and gold, seeking their own pleasures, and the gratification of their lusts; but, Lord, lift Thy people up above all this; keep them from being “muck-rakers,” as John Bunyan calls the man who was always scraping after gold! Set thou their hearts upon their risen Lord and the heavenly heritage!

Moreover, believers need to be prospered in conflict. In the battle, if they seem to fall, O Lord, be pleased to give them the victory. If the foot of the foe be upon their necks for a moment, help them to grasp the sword of the Spirit, and eventually to win the battle. Lord, lift up Thy children’s spirits in the day of conflict; let them not sit in the dust, mourning for ever.

Suffer not the adversary to vex them sore, and make them fret; but if they have been, like Hannah, persecuted, let them sing of the mercy of a delivering God.

We may also ask our Lord to lift them up at the last! Lift them up by taking them home, lift their bodies from the tomb, and raise their souls to Thine eternal kingdom in glory.

Please read on:


And thou saidst, I will surely do thee good.” Genesis 32:12


When Jacob was on the other side of the brook Jabbok, and Esau was coming with armed men, he earnestly sought God’s protection, and as a master reason he pleaded, “And Thou saidst, I will surely do thee good.” Oh, the force of that plea! He was holding God to His word—”Thou saidst.”

The attribute of God’s faithfulness is a splendid horn of the altar to lay hold upon; but the promise, which has in it the attribute and something more, is a yet mightier holdfast—”Thou saidst, I will surely do thee good.” And has He said, and shall He not do it? “Let God be true, and every man a liar.” Shall not He be true? Shall He not keep His word? Shall not every word that cometh out of His lips stand fast and be fulfilled?

Solomon, at the opening of the temple, used this same mighty plea. He pleaded with God to remember the word which He had spoken to his father David, and to bless that place. When a man gives a promissory note, his honour is engaged; he signs his hand, and he must discharge it when the due time comes, or else he loses credit.

 It shall never be said that God dishonours His bills. The credit of the Most High never was impeached, and never shall be. He is punctual to the moment: He never is before His time, but He never is behind it. Search God’s word through, and compare it with the experience of God’s people, and you shall find the two tally from the first to the last.

Many a hoary patriarch has said with Joshua, “Not one thing hath failed of all the good things which the Lord your God spake concerning you; all are come to pass.” If you have a divine promise, you need not plead it with an “if,” you may urge it with certainty. The Lord meant to fulfil the promise, or He would not have given it.

 God does not give His words merely to quiet us, and to keep us hopeful for awhile with the intention of putting us off at last; but when He speaks, it is because He means to do as He has said.

Is someone clapping for the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Ancient One, the One Who is and is Yet to come. O!!!!! Praise the Name of the Lord!!!!!!

Beloved, did you read that “God is not speaking to quite us and make us hopeful (as men do) for awhile with the intention to put us off at last. Our God is so Mighty and so Strong. Whatever God says His hand is able to fulfill it. He does not need any permission to bless you. Had He said a thing; He will also perform it.

Men will not give the best of what you need, only few that have been truly disciple but God will make you the best. Take example of Solomon, when God gave him wisdom, the bible recorded that no man was as wise as him nor none after Him. That is the God we serve, He picks up a man and make him great to display His glory (2 Sam 6:21; 1Chr 28:4; 1Sam 18:12; 2Ch 6:6; 1Kings 3:12-14; Jer 32:41)

Are ready now to plead back His Word; His Promises back to Him. You know what God had told you before now some He will also reveal to you as you pray, hold on to them and remind Him of them all. Praise the Lord.

Someone is blessed after today’s ministration as you obey the voice of the Lord.  Ask God to help you according to His Word (Ps 119:173). Someone is becoming a wonder. Someone is being lifted. Someone is receiving healing today. Someone is receiving miraculous babies. You are locating the bone of bone in the Name of Jesus. The Lord is connecting someone to be blessed today. The Lord is settling that matter finally today in the Name of Jesus. Someone is receiving marital bliss today in Jesus Name. All you need to do “Plead back His Word to Him.”

Be blessed according to God’s Word, He will do you good not evil for He knows the plan He has for you and your expectation will not be cut short.

Be blessed in the Lord.

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