Come the Lord Goodness His Mercy and Compassion…come and see the Lord Goodness…Alleluia Praise the Lord!!! I have seen the Lord Goodness, His Mercy and Compassion…I have seen the Lord Goodness…Alleluia Praise the Lord!!! O Lord have been so Good, You are so Good to me…My God You are Excellent in my life everyday… My God You have been so good You are so good to me… Jesus You are Excellent in my life….// Ohhh Lift Jesus higher…. The Lord is Good I will lift Him up higher… Everywhere I go, I will lift Him up Higher….x2

Yes let Your Name be lifted higher above every other gods in heaven on earth, also in beneath the sea… let Your Name be magnify above every other names… in the Name of Jesus…. let God be true and every man a liar… for He says He will do He will surely do in your life…in my life in Jesus Name… Nothing can higher Him.. not every satan can hinder Him from being God to us with all his accusation… the Blood of Jesus is more sufficient for us…Alleluia Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth… God’s goodness and Mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives in Jesus Name… no evil shall befall us…. For we are the Redeemed of the Lord… Yes we are saved by the Blood, not goat or sheep but by the Blood of Jesus and no power can withstand the Blood, alleluia somebody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am thank You Lord for Who You are… What You have done… I am thanking You Lord for Who You are…What You have done Dan Sakari Baba….

Beloveth Praise the Name of Jesus…. our God is good…. All the Time He is good to us…Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the Lord said “You have stay on this mountain for long enough”…. Is this statement targeted at you? Is the Lord speaking to you? Then it is time to move forward… Is time to move on… say no to stagnation, worries, sickness, defeat, failure, poverty. Say no to worldliness, it is opposite to godliness… somebody shout alleluia!

Our God is a God of now… He does not glory in the past… everything He does is present therefore we as children are not permitted to be living in our past glory… we must be like our Father…. glory in the power of “Now” “ Present” alleluia… somebody…. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are those things, places that represent “Long enough” in your life? Begin to write them down and start walking away from them … strategize on how to develop or grow from that point to another level…

Is good to note that is not all growth or situation is uncomfortable… even in that your comfort zone…God is saying to you…you have stayed long enough… is time to move forward… device something new to add to it… seek God’s face and move forward… beloveth… it is hard to seek God in our comfort but the Word of God to us this morning that we need to move forward… if you don’t know how… go before Him and ask … He will speak.. He will not keep silent… He must surely speak to you on what to do…

Remember taking a step means that you are trusting God… when you stagnated … you are simply afraid, you are not trusting and your faith is going wane…. Praise the Name of the Lord!!!

Trust God and take a step in the direction He is directing you to and you will simply discover that what you need is God… He is simply “More than Enough”

Come along with us for more:

“The Lord our God spoke to us at Horeb, ‘You have stayed at this mountain long enough.’”—Deuteronomy 1:6

If God allowed us to live on the “mountaintop,” we would not experience trials, but neither would we achieve any victories. The Israelites had gathered at the foot of Mount Horeb while God spoke to them and gave them His law.

It was a breathtaking experience! Fire and smoke covered that awesome mountain; lightning flashed, and loud trumpet sounds pierced the air in a deafening crescendo! The ground at the foot of the mountain shook, and the people trembled in fear (Exod. 19:16–25).

As important as it was for God’s people to have this inspiring encounter with Him, their Lord had not rescued them from Egypt in order for them to settle around a mountain in the wilderness. God delivered them so that they could conquer the Promised Land.

God wanted to demonstrate His power to the Israelites so that they would trust Him in their conquest of Canaan. Finally, God announced that they had been long enough at the mountain; it was time to go to battle.

The mountain is an enticing place to set up camp. Peter, James, and John were prepared to reside on the Mount of Transfiguration with Jesus, but their Lord knew that a demon-possessed boy needed their assistance down below (Matt. 17:4, 14–18).

At times God will graciously provide you a mountaintop experience. These times come in many settings: during your time alone with Him, at a Christian conference, by reading a Christian book, or at a prayer meeting.

You may wish you could spend the rest of your life basking in the glow of your encounter with God. But remember, these mountaintop encounters are God’s way of preparing you for the battles that await you.

Did you read that… that mountain experience is a preparation for the battle ahead and not a place of settlement….

So get ready to take the bull by it’s horn… no more fear.. no more doubt… no more procrastination… no more murmuring, no more complaining… just take that giant one step forward and see God guiding you every step ahead…

Beloveth… don’t run ahead of God, learn to partner with Him and see how fast your dividend will come… because God is in with you… He is more than enough… even the cedar of Lebanon will break, waters will divide of its own accord… because His voice will make your obstacle to skip like calf, they will shake and divide because it is the voice of God, they must obey…

God is more than enough …Let’s go there!!!

Further Reading: 2Cor.1:20, Mk.6:56, Heb.6:15, Rom. 13:12. Rev.16;15,

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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