Who is like unto Thee O Lord, who is like unto Thee O Lord, among the gods who is like Thee You are glorious in holiness fearful in praising doing wonders alleluia! // How Excellent is Thy Name O! Lord! How excellent is Thy Name O Lord! (2x) How excellent is Thy Name, How excellent is thy Name, How excellent is Thy Name O! Lord!

What a marvelous God we serve, what a powerful God we serve, Father to You be all the glory, all the honour, all adoration, all praises, belongs to You. thank You for the gift of another day, we worship You forever and ever in Jesus Name. You are God from beginning to the end, there is no place for argument You alone is God, Thank You Father for in Jesus Name we worship.

Beloveth, how are doing today? Hope you are charge for the first prayer day of the month? Join us to sing- Glory be to God in the highest amen! Glory ne to God in the highest amen! For His mercies enduerth forever amen! For His mercies enduerth forever Amen. Take glory Father, take glory Son, take glory Holy Spirit now forever more! He is alive Amen! He is alive, Amen! Jesus is alive forever He is alive Amen! Jesus is alive forever He is alive amen!

Thank You Father, thank You Jesus, Thank You Holy Spirit. Father Your children are gather before Thee to worship and to honour Thee for Who You are, You are the Mighty man in battle, You are the Great I AM, You are the Unchangeable Changer, the Beginning and the End, the Ancient of Days.

Beloved, we are gradually coming to the finally lap of the year, just few months to go and I don’t know how well it has been with you, for so of us we are ever grateful, to some others we thank God, for some others we don’t know what to say either because things have not really work out the way we wanted it therefore are heavily down casted, sad and weary.

Beloved, our God is good; all the time. Is possible things did not go the way we have planned or wanted it to be however we must understand that is faithful to fail us. He form the World by a spoken Word, He uphold till date with same. There may not be any physical foundation upon which the world was built but I perceive in my Spirit that the very foundation which the world was built is on Trinity – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, and the world will continual be sustain by same till Jesus will come back in glory to take away those who are ready, who had wash their robe in the blood.

Beloved, are you one of them? It so important we check our spiritual barometer always to ensure that we are still running the race as prescribe by the Word of God. Frustration, anger, bitterness and envy can make us think or even make if God actual exist and if He exist why is it taking Him so long to remember us and stop our trials and temptations.

Beloved, have you prayed concerning that issue you are complaining about? Have your dropped the burdens before the throne of mercy? Have you asked Jesus to intercede on your behalf? Have you ever prayed in tongues inviting the Holy Spirit into it? Are you saying right now “God Help Me”

However, if you have done all these or some of it, I think one is remaining for you to do, that one thing is what you will met in today’s teaching. It is one of the prayer points raised by Jesus when He was asked by His disciples to teach them how to pray. “And lead us not into temptation,”   have you prayed this with deeper understanding?

Oftentimes we go before God and table our request and ask him to take it over and before long we go back and take that burden again unknowingly or unconsciously by our actions. May God help us in Jesus Name.

The Lord searches the heart, even when you are praying and committing everything in His hand, He will make sure that what you are saying with your mouth and what is in your heart is same(we have also treated this topic this year). Is your heart and mouth in agreement or you are just babbling? God have mercy on us. (Jer 17:10).

I think is crucial for us to understand this before we go deeper into the month having to deal with the promise given to us for the month, we must pray that God should shield us from all temptations that may hinder His promise from coming forth. We must ask the Holy Spirit to fill us with power and help us to manifest His fruit in our lives daily. (Act 2:1-4, Gal 5:22)

Come along with us to see why we must daily pray this prayer, I was amazed at what the teaching of today content but that is how some us live our life, come along:

Job 24:13-27:23, Psalm 105:28-36, Proverbs 21:27-28, 1 Corinthians 10:6-24

“Lord, Help Me”

God is faithful, and He will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able.—1 Corinthians 10:13

One perspective on the phrase “Do not bring us into temptation” tells us that if we pray for the ability to recognize temptation when it comes our way, then we will be able to confront it and turn it to advantage.

Another interpretation explains that this is a prayer for us to be kept back from more temptation than we can cope with. It’s like saying: “Lord, help us not to get involved in more temptation than we can handle.” This view, as I am sure you can see at once, makes good sense and could well be what Jesus meant.

One of the biographers of an intrepid missionary tells how, in his early days in China, Hudson Taylor met with several great disappointments. One day, after a spate of troubles, he took hold of a guide who had demanded an outrageous fee from him, and shook him violently. A few hours later, he realized he had denied his Lord by this action, and after searching his heart for the reason why he had succumbed to anger and violence, he realized that he had been so preoccupied with his problems that he had failed to commit his ways to the Lord. His biographer says: “If Hudson Taylor had prayed the prayer, ‘Lead us not into temptation,’ and committed his ways to the Lord, then perhaps the Spirit would have been able to direct his path so that he would not have faced more temptation than he could bear.”

It is an intriguing thought.


Father, though the meaning of this phrase is not yet clear, one thing is—I need Your help at every stage of my earthly pilgrimage, for I cannot face temptation alone. So stay with me, every day and every hour. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.

Further Study

Ac 5:1-11; Pr 1:10; 4:14; Rm 6:13

Why did Ananias and Sapphira yield to temptation?

What is Paul’s antidote?

Beloved, have you seen why is so important you surrender your life to God in humility, cry to him about your inadequacies and ask Him to “Help you”. beloved, is God’s grace that we are not consumed, no man can withstand temptations by his strength but with the help of God. is possible you have failed, fallen into diverse temptations but you must rise and ask God to you.

Beloved, pray that should help you and I to withstand all temptations that might come our way as we journey through life.

Don’t deny God by the way you live your life. Don’t be preoccupied with your problems that you fail to commit your ways into God’s hand. May God help us today as we pray in Jesus Name. Let us pray!

Father, hear us today as we pray in Jesus Name!

Remain blessed in the Lord!

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