November 19


Faithful Father, we adore You, we reverence You for Who You are, blessed be Thy name O! God. Thank You for the breath of life and for the health of mind and body, we are so grateful to You alone Who is Worthy of our praise. All glory, all honour, all adorations be ascribe unto You alone now and forever and ever.

Beloved, where is your portion? Is it in the world or in the Lord? Is so easy to say that my portion is of the Lord but your actions depicts the real place it belong to. Our thoughts are not hidden from the Lord even our deeds in the darkest place is not hidden either; He see all and knows all. That is why I can say that the Lord is my portion in the land of the living even hereafter, what about you?

When you chose the Lord as your portion, He will meet all your needs. How? Do you know that your Father is All-Sufficiency? Have you ever experience lack? That must be outside Jesus; for in Him is all that you will ever need to live a godly life; He will meet all your needs and cares of life. His riches are unlimited, so don’t lose hope; be fervent in Spirit (Rom 12:11)…read more

“The Lord is my portion, saith my soul.” Lamentations 3:24

It is not “The Lord is partly my portion,” nor “The Lord is in my portion”; but He Himself makes up the sum total of my soul’s inheritance. Within the circumference of that circle lies all that we possess or desire. The Lord is my portion. Not His grace merely, nor His love, nor His covenant, but Jehovah Himself. He has chosen us for His portion, and we have chosen Him for ours. It is true that the Lord must first choose our inheritance for us, or else we shall never choose it for ourselves; but if we are really called according to the purpose of electing love, we can sing—


Lov’d of my God for Him again

With love intense I burn;

Chosen of Him ere time began,

I choose Him in return.”


The Lord is our all-sufficient portion. God fills Himself; and if God is all-sufficient in Himself, He must be all-sufficient for us. It is not easy to satisfy man’s desires. When he dreams that he is satisfied, anon he wakes to the perception that there is somewhat yet beyond, and straightway the horse-leech in his heart cries, “Give, give.” But all that we can wish for is to be found in our divine portion, so that we ask, “Whom have I in heaven but Thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire beside Thee.” Well may we “delight ourselves in the Lord” who makes us to drink of the river of His pleasures.

Our faith stretches her wings and mounts like an eagle into the heaven of divine love as to her proper dwelling-place. “The lines have fallen to us in pleasant places; yea, we have a goodly heritage.” Let us rejoice in the Lord always; let us show to the world that we are a happy and a blessed people, and thus induce them to exclaim, “We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.”

“My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Phil. 4:19

Paul’s God is our God, and will supply all our need. Paul felt sure of this in reference to the Philippians, and we feel sure of it as to ourselves. God will do it, for it is like Him: He loves us, He delights to bless us, and it will glorify Him to do so. His pity, His power, His love, His faithfulness, all work together that we be not famished.

What a measure doth the Lord go by: “According to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” The riches of His grace are large, but what shall we say of the riches of His glory? His “riches of glory by Christ Jesus,” who shall form an estimate of this? According to this immeasurable measure will God fill up the immense abyss of our necessities. He makes the Lord Jesus the receptacle and the channel of His fullness, and then He imparts to us His wealth of love in its highest form. Hallelujah!

The writer knows what it is to be tried in the work of the Lord. Fidelity has been recompensed with anger, and liberal givers have stopped their subscriptions; but he whom they sought to oppress has not been one penny the poorer, nay, rather he has been the richer; for this promise has been true, “My God shall supply all our need.” God’s supplies are surer than any bank.

For the Spirit of God will teach you contentment for your Father knows all your needs (Matt 6:8). May His riches both spiritual and physical abide with now and forever more, Amen!


Remain blessed in the Lord.

Evang. Ifeoma Ohondu 

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