Glorious God, Wonderful God, Excellent God I bow before the throne 2x, I bow before the throne to worship at Your feet, I bow before Your throne, You are glorious God. How excellent is Your Name O! God! How excellent is Your Name O! God! How Excellent is Your Name, How Excellent is Your Name, How Excellent is Your Name is Your Name O! God! 2x.

Everybody testify You are good, Your good Jehovah (Your are so good). Thank You, Father for everything You have done for us, be glorify forever and ever in Jesus Name. I will lift up Your Name, I will gladly sing not for what you have done but for Who You are, Your are the song that I sing, melody in my voice, the reason I sing is to Praise Your Name, Your reign, Jesus reign, Lord You reign forever more, forever more.

Beloved, how was your weekend? Hope it was wonderful as promised us by the Spirit of God last weekend? Mine was great, He surprised as ever. I remain ever grateful to Him alone, Praise the Lord! Our God is too much! Too much; excellent God!

Faithful are You Lord! Faithful are You Lord! Faithful are You Lord, You are so faithful Lord! Holy are You Lord, Holy are You Lord! Holy are You Lord, You are so Holy Lord!// I don’t why He love me so, I don’t know why? My brother follow me ask Jesus! I don’t why He love me so, I don’t know why!

The love of God is too great, and unquestionable, He does His things as it pleases Him, that is why You are called Jehovah, that is why you are called Jehovah, what You say You will do, that is what He will do, that is why You are called Jehovah!

Beloved, it is a brand new week, and it is promising to be great irrespective of what is happening around us, hasn’t God been faithful? He is so faithful to me, am sure this is also your testimonies. Alleluia Amen!

Today, as we gather before the Presence of the Most High God, some good is already happening, something great is dropping into our palm today, shout alleluia. Before the Twenty-four hour of this ministration, something great is going to happen to us! The Spirit of God will meet us at the various points of our needs in Jesus Amen Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the grace that was made available unto us we study more about God, His nature and characteristics of God our Father. so many angle was taken from different view point however this week we are going to further throw light in what must do with the knowledge we got from the teaching of last week.

We need to see how we ought to relate with God with all we are discovering about His Person. Are you eager as I was? Then come along with us, Praise the Lord!

Isaiah 60:17-63:19, Psalm 119:5-8, Proverbs 24:19-20, Philippians 3:1-21


Meeting the Person

My goal is to know Him and the power of His resurrection.—Philippians 3:10

It must not be assumed that the study of Scripture and the contemplation of the principles that God has built into His Word are unimportant. They most certainly are. But let us be on our guard that we do not fall into the trap of contemplating the principles that God has built into the universe more than God Himself.

I have often seen students of Scripture fall into this trap when, in reading their Bible, the only things that get their attention are the principles that relate to godliness. They underline them in their Bible, mark alongside them other Scriptural references, and think that by doing this they are growing spiritually. The problem, however, is that only the principles of daily personal godliness capture their interest; their heavenly Father does not.

Imagine treating a love letter that way: identifying and underlining the principles, reflecting on the profundity of some of the insights, marveling at the clarity of the language and yet missing the main purpose of the letter—romantic passion and love. Yet this is the way some people approach the Bible. Our aim in studying the nature and character of God must be to know God better (not merely know His Word better), and we must seek to enlarge our acquaintance not simply with the characteristics of His nature, but with the living God whose characteristics they are.


O God, help me never to approach the Bible content to know only the written Word. Give me a passion that never remains satisfied until, through the written Word, I discover more of the living Word. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Further Study

Rv 2:1-7; 2Co 5:14

What was the church in Ephesus commended for?

Why was this insufficient?

Beloved, can you recall that we have treated and caution against having head knowledge of God than having a heart knowledge of God. the former is like what we read above why the later is having a relationship with God. the former make us believe that keep all the commandment will serve us the wrath of God while the later makes us to know that the grace of God through the death of Christ is what us acceptable by God, further more while the former makes us to relay in our righteousness, the later make us to rely on God righteousness. Praise the Lord!

Do you desire to know Christ and the power that raised Him from dead? Beloved, there is no other way of discovering that than through a deeper relationship with God through His Word! Praise the Lord! we must read, study and meditate therein the teaching of Christ as contain in the Word of life-Bible.

Knowing the power that raised Christ from the death is to know the very sources of our being, it help us to believe every word of God as written in the bible and look steady unto Him Who is Author and Finisher of our faith, Praise the Lord!

Knowing the power that raised Christ from death is building confident in God, the Creator of the whole world that is to know and meeting the Person of God the Father and God the Holy Spirit at work in us. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always remember the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, Praise the Lord, so let us tremble before God and draw nearer and closer to Him as it ought to be. On this note we declare this week open and if Jesus tarry we will on Friday to testify of His goodness Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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