How Excellent is Your loving kindness O! Lord. Your children are saying Lord, You Are Worthy! O! Lord, there is something that makes me come into Your Presence, My Helper! O! Lord, to You Oo! be all the glory! This kind God O! I never see your type, This kind God O! blessed be Your Holy Name. my heart is full of melody to a God, who forsake us not in our lowly state but with His outstretch hand deliver and lift us up.

What a wonderful way to beginning a month; it was indeed a “Showers of Blessing” signifying a glorious moment in God’s presence.

Dearly beloved, the month of July as declared by the mouth of God through the Holy Spirit for the ministry is “Our Month of Glory”. Praise the Lord! Somebody! It is going to be indeed glorious in your life; in my life in Jesus Name! Amen!

Beloved, June is gone, July is here, is summer time!!!. A  time to have fresh fruits and food stuffs all around. (What happened to her today, she is not sounding spiritual as usual) What is happening? No cause to fear, even God knows that we need these complementary in lives to make it easier, and He did not miss it in creation.

As we have seasons in climate, so we also have them in lives. He made “the evening and the morning”. No one likes the night seasons of lives. It is not only boring, it is full with pains, heart breaking, accusations from the concerned parties, throwing blames and most importantly, it is a time if care is not taken, set-in backsliding in motion. Little foxes here and there (SoS 2:15).

But what will a child of God do at a time when all is not moving as expected, which is usually characterized by job loss, sicknesses, little or choice food, debt mounting, desertion by families and friends, and divorce may be inevitably? It is a period you keeping asking what is happening with no clear answer or head way to go.

Peradventure that is where this message is meeting you today, do not worry for the Lord is set to take you out from the dungeon to the mountain top, praise the Lord! It is also possible that you have gotten it right having gone through your night or winter season, you will have a better understanding of what am writing about and so be in a good position to minister to someone or families that is passing through this phase.

Come along with me as we consider the message together as we experience God in His Glory and Majesty:

“The evening and the morning were the first day.” Genesis 1:5

Was it so even in the beginning? Did light and darkness divide the realm of time in the first day? Then little wonder is it if I have also changes in my circumstances from the sunshine of prosperity to the midnight of adversity. It will not always be the blaze of noon even in my soul concerns, I must expect at seasons to mourn the absence of my former joys, and seek my Beloved in the night.

Nor am I alone in this, for all the Lord’s beloved ones have had to sing the mingled song of judgment and of mercy, of trial and deliverance, of mourning and of delight. It is one of the arrangements of Divine providence that day and night shall not cease either in the spiritual or natural creation till we reach the land of which it is written, “there is no night there.” What our heavenly Father ordains is wise and good.

What, then, my soul, is it best for thee to do? Learn first to be content with this divine order, and be willing, with Job, to receive evil from the hand of the Lord as well as good. Study next, to make the outgoings of the morning and the evening to rejoice. Praise the Lord for the sun of joy when it rises, and for the gloom of evening as it falls. There is beauty both in sunrise and sunset, sing of it, and glorify the Lord.

Like the nightingale, pour forth thy notes at all hours. Believe that the night is as useful as the day. The dews of grace fall heavily in the night of sorrow. The stars of promise shine forth gloriously amid the darkness of grief.

Continue thy service under all changes. If in the day thy watchword be labour, at night exchange it for watch. Every hour has its duty, do thou continue in thy calling as the Lord’s servant until He shall suddenly appear in His glory. My soul, thine evening of old age and death is drawing near, dread it not, for it is part of the day; and the Lord has said, “I will cover him all the day long.”

Do you know that “glory” does not shines forth in the season of rejoicing; however it shines better in the seasons of adversities, in the gloomiest state. Many people do not know how to appreciate God until they have a slight health issue or losses in finances. Then will they know and appreciate God even in the smallest gifts of life.

Beloved, are you in the wilderness of life today? Do not be dismay as the Lord is visiting you this month not only to take you out from your lowly state but also to beautiful your garden to be like that of the Eden.

“He will make her wilderness like Eden.” Isaiah 51:3


Methinks, I see in vision a howling wilderness, a great and terrible desert, like to the Sahara. I perceive nothing in it to relieve the eye, all around I am wearied with a vision of hot and arid sand, strewn with ten thousand bleaching skeletons of wretched men who have expired in anguish, having lost their way in the pitiless waste.

What an appalling sight! How horrible! a sea of sand without a bound, and without an oasis, a cheerless graveyard for a race forlorn! But behold and wonder! Upon a sudden, upspringing from the scorching sand I see a plant of renown; and as it grows it buds, the bud expands—it is a rose, and at its side a lily bows its modest head; and, miracle of miracles! as the fragrance of those flowers is diffused the wilderness is transformed into a fruitful field, and all around it blossoms exceedingly, the glory of Lebanon is given unto it, the excellency of Carmel and Sharon.

Call it not Sahara, call it Paradise. Speak not of it any longer as the valley of deathshade, for where the skeletons lay bleaching in the sun, behold a resurrection is proclaimed, and up spring the dead, a mighty army, full of life immortal. Jesus is that plant of renown, and His presence makes all things new. Nor is the wonder less in each individual’s salvation.

Yonder I behold you, dear reader, cast out, an infant, unswathed, unwashed, defiled with your own blood, left to be food for beasts of prey. But lo, a jewel has been thrown into your bosom by a divine hand, and for its sake you have been pitied and tended by divine providence, you are washed and cleansed from your defilement, you are adopted into heaven’s family, the fair seal of love is upon your forehead, and the ring of faithfulness is on your hand—you are now a prince unto God, though once an orphan, cast away.

 O prize exceedingly the matchless power and grace which changes deserts into gardens, and makes the barren heart to sing for joy.

Nevertheless, our glorious moment is here, don’t miss any of this month series as it will minister to you, it will also help you to minister to someone that needs a lifting in life. It is also possible that you have not cross this part, it will equip you to know the pit hole to avoid. Make sure you keep a date with us and the Lord will perfect all that concerns you. Amen!

Beloved, this month, the Lord will heal your land, take you out from darkness unto a fruitful garden in Jesus Name!

Welcome, my beloved into your “MONTH OF GLORY”.

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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