It is good to Praise the Lord alleluia. It is good to Praise the Lord alleluia. It is good to Praise the Lord alleluia, Praise the Lord alleluia, Praise the Lord alleluia// I will worship the Lord! I will shout alleluia, me I go worship the Lord, my God do well for me. I will worship the Lord! I will shout alleluia, me I go worship the Lord, my God do well for me.// come and see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good there is nothing He cannot do, come and see the Lord is good. He gave me victory, He gave me peace of mind, come and see the Lord is good, I have seen the Lord is good.

Heavenly Father we thank You we bless Your Name, we adore You we give You Praise, my alleluia belongs to You Lord, receive all the praises, receive all honour, receive all adoration, we lift our hands to worship and Praise Your Holy Name, accept our Praise and worship now and forever more.

Beloved, are you celebrating with me the end of this month with me? Join us to thank God who is above all other gods, He is The Beginning and our End, He is the Mighty God, Excellent is His Name, Wonderful we call Him, powerful is the Lord. I will worship the Lord forever.

I will worship the Lord from everlasting to everlasting, I will Praise him from everlasting, everlasting to everlasting.// Lift Him up Higher, lift Him up higher, the Lord is good, I will lift Him up higher, every where I go, I will lift Him up higher. The Lord is good, I will lift Him up higher, everywhere I go I will lift Him up higher.

Beloved, is that your confession also? Can you say that of the truth, the Lord has been to you from the beginning of this year to the end of this month? Has He been faithful to you in all His promises and your desires? Our God is a good God, all power belong to Him, in Him there is no turning of shadows, Has He said a thing, He will surely bring it to pass, He is not a man that He can lie nor  a son of man that He can repent, I am awe of who He is.

All honour, all glory, all power to You, Holy Father, we worship You, Precious Jesus our Saviour, Holy Spirit we wait on You, Holy Spirit we wait on You, Holy Spirit we wait on You, for fire.

Yes! We wait on Him for fire!!! The fire of God burns off all dross that covers our glory from manifesting. How do we get the fire ignited? By waiting on Him! Beloved how do you wait on Him?

That what we will be considering in the last episode of this month PCL, are you ready to see why your glory are yet to manifest since the prophesy went forth at the beginning of the year? Why some people are receiving their in bits and bits and some others are counting and are still counting what the Lord has done and they are yet to finish because the Lord is not done yet, this group of people is an going projects in God’s Hand and you are yet to record one full testimony.

Jesus told His disciple “….aside me you can do nothing…” (Jn 15: 4-5,7). When you are far away from God you are fruitless, your fruitfulness only appears when you are abiding. Is possible you have been toiling all through the year without success? Is possible you are mocking and deriding prophesies we have been receiving from the throne of grace as a ministry other than embracing them? Is possible you have not been regular in the fellowship of the brethren as commanded us by God? Is it that you have not made the Word of God your focal point of direction n the affairs of your life? Or you are neither hot nor cold in your relationship with God?

Beloved, the Word of God said you cannot do anything aside God, your Maker.

God said in the book of Jeremiah chapter 2verse 13 “for my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of the Living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.”

Is that your case at the moment? There is still hope for you and the remedy is what will be imparted in us today at the teaching of today.

Before we going into that I will like to return all the thanks to God of Supernatural Wonders  having upheld His Word in our midst as He promised at the beginning of the month. I am a testifier and I believe you are also. Beloved the half of what the Lord did for us as a ministry are yet to be told.

I am in awe of who God is. I am highly favoured, supernatural repackage this month, the last of my health challenge was finally broken on the 26th of this month. I am yet to recover from the miracle. Out of nothing God made a way and healed me of what doctor could not do, God did it for me again free of charge just by what He found in my hand.

My people, I am rejoicing that God is my God and He is my salvation, whose Word alone divided the Red Sea so that His children will pass through to their promise land. He has done it again for me and my mouth is filled with gladness.

Satan raged and the storms also but my God Who is All-sufficient- God did it, I prayed to God that He remembers me and take away this infirmity from me and He did it, at His time He did it. When so many things are calling my attention and I am busy doing my Father’s work, He ministered to me what to use and I did it, not sure whether I am hearing myself or it is direction from above. I received the instruction on Sunday evening but did not heed it until on Tuesday when the leading was very clear and I could no longer ignore it and behold few hours later ,three years infirmity terminated, my horn was exalted like the horn of an unicorn and He anointed me with a fresh oil.

Beloved, I identify with the psalmist in the teaching of today during the month and the last two verses also consoled me. Knowing that those who not abiding in God will be destroyed so I made my resolved to keep abiding until God work out my salvation and I tell you, He did walked out my salvation. I am healed and I am made whole. I am  rejoicing because Jesus conquered satan and I know you are rejoicing on my behalf too.

Come along with us as you see what it means to keep abiding in God until He shows you His mercy, I am free! I say it once again come and see the secret:

Ezekiel 23:1-24:5, Psalm 128:1-6, Proverbs 28:6-8, James 3:13-4:17

“Nearer My God to Thee”

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.—James 4:8

The final two verses of Psalm 73 form a conclusion and a resolution. Listen to them here: “Those far from You will certainly perish; You destroy all who are unfaithful to You. But as for me, God’s presence is my good. I have made the Lord God my refuge, so I can tell about all You do” (vv. 27-28). The psalmist has finished his review of the past and is now hammering out a philosophy with which to face the future. He is resolved that no matter what anyone else may do, he is going to live in close companionship with God. He helps us to see the importance of this resolution by putting it in the form of a contrast: “Those far from You will certainly perish … but as for me, God’s presence is my good.”

Really, when it comes down to it, there are only two positions in life—close to God or far away from Him. I wonder, as the psalmist penned these words, was something like this going through his mind: “What caused me so much trouble in recent days and accounted for all my difficulties was the fact that I did not keep close to God. I erroneously believed that the cause of my problems was the prosperity of the ungodly, but having entered into the sanctuary of God I see that this was not he cause of my problems at all. My problems came because I had chosen not to remain close to Him. For me there is now only one thing that matters—staying close to God.”

How are things with you at this moment? Do you feel close to God? If you don’t, then let me put what I want to say in the words of a wayside pulpit that arrested my attention some years ago: “If you feel that God is far away, guess who moved?”


Father, I am grateful for the promise of Your Word to me today that when I draw near to You, You will draw near to me. Help me put those words to the test by moving closer to You than I have ever done before. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Further Study

Ps 46:1-11; 2Sm 22:3; Ps 9:9; Ps 62:1-12

What does the psalmist affirm?

What does the psalmist exhort the people?

Have you answered the question up there? How are thing with at this moment? Are close to God or you are far from Him?

You heard the advice given above- “if there is anyone who should move, then is you.” Did you get it? You are the one to move closer to God by praying more often, reading more often, worshiping and praising more often. Praise the Lord!!!

With this we come to end of this month teaching and I believe you are blessed to have made to the end. Your eleventh hour miracle will still be delivered to you before the end of the month but you must keep faith with God.

Interesting while thanking God during one of the night with praises and worship for his goodness and mercies upon my life, family, career and ministry, the Holy Spirit gave me an instruction that I have passed across during our prayer session on Wednesday but I will also repeat same now that “we should engage the remaining Five Saturday before the end of the year in “Praise-gate.”

So we invite you tomorrow as we worship and Praise God together in this place to thank God for keeping us Safe all through the year and His protections and healing to our bodies (Isa 32:18). He also promised to break every yoke and end longstanding issues in the lives of his children. I don’t think that will be too much for us to do. Already the table has been prepared and the invite has gone out make sure you are available to partake less He sent us to invite everybody on the street if the children did not turn in.

I pray that will not be your case in Jesus Name. Come and worship God and see the seeming impossible situation resolve and melt like wax before your eyes. Praise the Lord!

While we are waiting for the direction of tomorrow’s meeting, don’t forget to pray for the coming month that will be kicking off next week Monday. Pray that God will visit us again and make His Name known among the heathen and our foes will see His Mighty works in our lives and situations and give Him Praise. Alleluia Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

See you again tomorrow if Jesus tarries, Shalom!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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