March 15

Everlasting Father, Everlasting son, Immortal Holy Ghost be thou glorify x2. Jesus Jesus You are the love of life. O Jesus! You are the love of my life x2.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for today, a blessed day indeed. Glory be to You God for we are life, healthy and full of vitality. Glory be to God. We are grateful Father for who You. Thank You Lord for upholding us despite the raging storms. Father, we thank You.

Beloved, do you read the topic above? There is no exception to holiness. Have you ever set a law in your house and you are the first offender? Or you punish a house helper or keeper for an offence which before long you committed same?

When God set a law for us it means that all must keep it, there is no exemption to it whether you are a Pastor, Teacher, a Bishop, a Sunday School teacher, Evangelist or Reverend, by whatever name you are called God see you as an individual and there is no exception to the rule. No excuse whatsoever. Sometime we want to justify why we are doing something wrong but the spirit of God will be chiding us if your consciousness is still alive.

God will not preserve any one for indolence or slothfulness neither will He preserve anyone in the area of sin. It is distasteful to Him.

Confess your sin and strive to live holy from now on. God will be happy with you and you will receive His fatherly blessings – Unending Joy through Christ.

Always remember that there is no exception to it, whatever your title is. Therefore, let us live holy and live right for without holiness on man shall see God.  More from the message:

On the trip, at an overnight campsite, it happened that the Lord confronted him and sought to put him to death.—Exodus 4:24

Moses had just received one of the greatest commissions in history. He was to be God’s instrument to deliver the nation of Israel and to guide it to the Promised Land. He was to lead them to become a kingdom of priests and a holy nation (Exod. 19:6). Yet Moses had not obeyed all of God’s commands himself, for he had never had his son circumcised. This was a long-standing command from God that Moses had ignored. God’s response was to prepare to kill Moses.

Here was one of history’s greatest men about to be put to death before ever performing the task God had set before him. Moses could not expect to blatantly ignore a command of God and still be used mightily in His divine work. Had not Moses quickly responded in obedience, he would surely have lost his life.

Moses learned that God makes no exceptions for holiness. When God sets forth a requirement of His people, He most certainly demands it of the leaders. God wanted to make Moses’ life a highway of holiness through which He could bring redemption to millions of people. God had to make some significant adjustments in the life of Moses before He would use him to lead His people.

Are you trying to serve God and yet ignore something He has told you to do? Are you living your life as if God does not notice your disobedience? Do you apply God’s standards to yourself as rigorously as you apply them to others?  Let’s consider further:

“Sin… exceeding sinful.” Romans 7:13

Beware of light thoughts of sin. At the time of conversion, the conscience is so tender, that we are afraid of the slightest sin. Young converts have a holy timidity, a godly fear lest they should offend against God. But alas! very soon the fine bloom upon these first ripe fruits is removed by the rough handling of the surrounding world: the sensitive plant of young piety turns into a willow in after life, too pliant, too easily yielding.

It is sadly true, that even a Christian may grow by degrees so callous, that the sin which once startled him does not alarm him in the least. By degrees men get familiar with sin. The ear in which the cannon has been booming will not notice slight sounds. At first a little sin startles us; but soon we say, “Is it not a little one?” Then there comes another, larger, and then another, until by degrees we begin to regard sin as but a little ill; and then follows an unholy presumption: “We have not fallen into open sin. True, we tripped a little, but we stood upright in the main.

We may have uttered one unholy word, but as for the most of our conversation, it has been consistent.” So we palliate sin; we throw a cloak over it; we call it by dainty names. Christian, beware how thou thinkest lightly of sin. Take heed lest thou fall by little and little. Sin, a little thing? Is it not a poison? Who knows its deadliness? Sin, a little thing?

Do not the little foxes spoil the grapes? Doth not the tiny coral insect build a rock which wrecks a navy? Do not little strokes fell lofty oaks? Will not continual droppings wear away stones? Sin, a little thing? It girded the Redeemer’s head with thorns, and pierced His heart! It made Him suffer anguish, bitterness, and woe.

Could you weigh the least sin in the scales of eternity, you would fly from it as from a serpent, and abhor the least appearance of evil. Look upon all sin as that which crucified the Saviour, and you will see it to be “exceeding sinful.”

Let us check our lives and make amend lest an angel of sought to put us to death. Beware of sin!!! God help us we pray Thee. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

Evang. Ifeoma Ohondu

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