Glorious God, I worship before Thy Throne. Who is like unto Thee, Father, You are God and Your Name standeth sure forever. Heaven and Earth belongs to You and all things are Yours, receive all the glory forever more. Amen!

Father, You made known to me the path of life; in Your Presence there is fullness of joy; at Your hand are pleasures forevermore (Ps 16:11).

Beloved, praise the Lord! Praying time; Breakthrough time. Say with me dearly, Thy face O Lord, will I seek (Ps 27:8). The Lord will show forth His Might in the midst of His people. For lo, thy pharaoh will know that the Hand of the Lord did this amongst you, Amen (read Exo 3:19-20).

I come to you this day as the prophet of the Lord to declare your freedom from your captors. Because in their zeal they rekindle the angry of God against themselves and the Lord repented of His anger against you and set you free. Therefore repent of your evil ways and experience the goodness of Lord in the land of the living (read 1 Chr 28:9-11; 14-15).

Beloved, oftentimes, we kindle the anger of God against ourselves by our actions, thoughts or deeds, and the Lord is not please with them, who can stand the wrath of the Lord? Therefore the Lord is warning you to desist of idolatry and every vain things. Praise the Lord!

Beloved, can you be identified with the text in the first message? Is that your case, “these have no root” so when the scourging sun comes they withered away.

When the cares, tribulations, trials, comes you give up your profession in the Lord; your faith in the Lord frizzle away? You are too precious to the Lord to give up on therefore He had prayed for you, before the devil start his evil machination, the Lord himself has prayed for you. Are you excited?

O what a wonderful Saviour we have, Who not only bore our sins on His Body but He also intercedes daily before the Throne of His Father. Alleluia!

Come then and claim the victories the Lord won for you. beloved, the hope of the righteous brings joy, but the expectation of the wicked will perish (Prov 10:28). He will bless those that fear Him both small and the great (Ps 115:13).

“These have no root.” Luke 8:13


My soul, examine thyself this morning by the light of this text. Thou hast received the word with joy; thy feelings have been stirred and a lively impression has been made; but, remember, that to receive the word in the ear is one thing, and to receive Jesus into thy very soul is quite another; superficial feeling is often joined to inward hardness of heart, and a lively impression of the word is not always a lasting one.

In the parable, the seed in one case fell upon ground having a rocky bottom, covered over with a thin layer of earth; when the seed began to take root, its downward growth was hindered by the hard stone and therefore it spent its strength in pushing its green shoot aloft as high as it could, but having no inward moisture derived from root nourishment, it withered away.

 Is this my case? Have I been making a fair show in the flesh without having a corresponding inner life? Good growth takes place upwards and downwards at the same time. Am I rooted in sincere fidelity and love to Jesus? If my heart remains unsoftened and unfertilized by grace, the good seed may germinate for a season, but it must ultimately wither, for it cannot flourish on a rocky, unbroken, unsanctified heart.

Let me dread a godliness as rapid in growth and as wanting in endurance as Jonah’s gourd; let me count the cost of being a follower of Jesus, above all let me feel the energy of His Holy Spirit, and then I shall possess an abiding and enduring seed in my soul.

If my mind remains as obdurate as it was by nature, the sun of trial will scorch, and my hard heart will help to cast the heat the more terribly upon the ill-covered seed, and my religion will soon die, and my despair will be terrible; therefore, O heavenly Sower, plough me first, and then cast the truth into me, and let me yield Thee a bounteous harvest, I plead.

Beloved, before your pleading, He has prayed for you. Read further to see His mercies over you:

  “I have prayed for thee.” Luke 22:32

How encouraging is the thought of the Redeemer’s never- ceasing intercession for us. When we pray, He pleads for us; and then we are not praying, He is advocating our cause, and by His supplications shielding us from unseen dangers.

Notice the word of comfort addressed to Peter—”Simon, Simon, Satan hath desired to have you that he may sift you as wheat; but”—what? “But go and pray for yourself.” That would be good advice, but it is not so written. Neither does he say, “But I will keep you watchful, and so you shall be preserved.” That were a great blessing. No, it is, “But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not.”

We little know what we owe to our Saviour’s prayers. When we reach the hill-tops of heaven, and look back upon all the way whereby the Lord our God hath led us, how we shall praise Him who, before the eternal throne, undid the mischief which Satan was doing upon earth. How shall we thank Him because He never held His peace, but day and night pointed to the wounds upon His hands, and carried our names upon His breastplate!

 Even before Satan had begun to tempt, Jesus had forestalled him and entered a plea in heaven. Mercy outruns malice. Mark, He does not say, “Satan hath desired to have you.” He checks Satan even in his very desire, and nips it in the bud. He does not say, “But I have desired to pray for you.” No, but “I have prayed for you: I have done it already; I have gone to court and entered a counterplea even before an accusation is made.”

O Jesus, what a comfort it is that thou hast pleaded our cause against our unseen enemies; countermined their mines, and unmasked their ambushes. Here is a matter for joy, gratitude, hope, and confidence.

Beloved, acclaim truly the goodness of the Lord and it shall be well with you. Pray as never before and this year will surely be a walkover for you as declared by the Lord. Praise the Name of the Lord.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

nnn hausa