Jesus Jesus Jesus You are love my soul, Jesus Jesus Jesus You are the love of my soul O! Jesus You are the love of my soul, sweet Jesus You are the love of my soul// Jesus is able O He is able, I know He is able, I know Jesus is able to carry me through, He has healed the broken heart, set the captive free, I know he able, I know Jesus is able to carry me through.

What a Mighty God we serve alleluia, what a Mighty God we serve alleluia, heaven and earth I adore Him, angels bow before Him, what a Mighty God we serve. Beloved, what a mighty God we serve, indeed heaven and earth adore Him, angels bow before Him, what a Mighty God we serve.

Beloved, are you bowing before a Mighty King, are serving also, Faithful is our Father, all Power belongs to Him, He is our Creator, our Unchangeable Changer, the Great I Am, The King of All Creations, The Bright Morning Star, the Lily of valley, The Rose of Sharon, The One Who is and is yet to come. Beloved stand up in adoration to the Great and Mighty King, The Alpha and the Omega, He is the Beginning and the End, and worship Him, that Our sacrifice of Praise will be acceptable unto Him alone in Jesus Name.

We have been empowered and embolden by the gift of the Holy Spirit received at the end of Praise gate according to the Word of God to us, it will be of necessity if we run a series on the Holy Spirit to know how to tap into this grace so as to benefit immersing at the end.

May be it will be good to start with “Who is the Holy Spirit?” The Holy Spirit is the Third Person in Trinity; He is a person not an influence, aura or a feeling as describe Him by many.  He is the Power house of God, put in another way He is Action part of God. He is God. it will also be important for us to note that He is not the fruit of the Spirit neither is He the gifts of the Spirit rather these characterizes the life having the Holy Spirit of God living in them (1 Cor 4:20). Praise the Lord!

As we said before, we are going to run a series on the Holy Spirit, please ensure you are available to read in order to advance in this journey.

Below is more attributes of the Holy Spirit please come along with us to discover more:

Genesis 39:1-41:7, Psalm 12:6-8, Proverbs 3:9-10, Matthew 14:1-21

Not an End—A Beginning                        

Stay in the city until you are empowered from on high.—Luke 24:49

Writing on the subject of the Holy Spirit has whetted my appetite for more of His fullness and His power. I can never be the same again. I hope something similar happens to you.

The Holy Spirit coordinates and unifies the conscious and the subconscious, He comforts and contributes, He clothes and convinces. There is much more that could be said, of course, about His ministry in our lives, but let me draw your attention to something else—God is willing to give you as much of His Spirit as you are willing to receive.

If you believe that you received all of the Spirit at conversion, then the question for you is this: How much is He ruling and reigning in your life at this present moment? If you believe that the Holy Spirit is given subsequent to conversion, then permit me to ask you this: What steps have you taken to open your entire being to Him in order that you might be filled with all His fullness? Don’t, I beg you, remain stagnant because of some doctrinal position you might hold. Seek Him afresh today, that He might flow through your life in the fullness of His power.

And don’t just focus on being filled for the blessing you might enjoy. Remember, the Holy Spirit is like electricity—He won’t come in unless He can get out. Tell Him you want to be a channel, not just a consumer, and today will be not an end, but a beginning.


O God, now as I take all barriers down, come in by Your Holy Spirit’s power and flood my life with Your divine glory. May the receiving flow out in giving. This I ask for Your own dear name’s sake. Amen.

Further Study

Jn 7:32-44; Mt 5:6; Isa 55:1; Rv 22:17

What was the promise of Jesus?

How thirsty and hungry are you today?

Beloved, did you read that “ … don’t remain stagnant because of your doctrinal belief rather seek him afresh today if you are yet to come to terms with the promised delivered recently to us or if this is the first time you are joining us please as for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as it was at the Upper Room but if have receive Him, make it a daily routine to keep touch with Him so as to  stay afresh always.”

Did you also note what the was written ‘He is like an electricity- He won’t come in except there is an outlet. Are you an outlet, or a channel or are you a consumer?

Ask God to pour out His Spirit afresh on you, you need to tell the world about the Living Jesus. Praise the Lord!

Remember receiving the Holy Spirit is an not end but the Beginning!

Remain blessed in the Lord!


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