Thanks, thanks, thanks, Lord we give You thanks for all You have done. We are so blessed, our souls has find rest, O God we give You thanks.// Miracle worker, You are miracle worker come and do a miracle, a miracle today, come and do a miracle, a miracle today. Destiny helper. You are a destiny helper, come and help my destiny, my destiny today, come my help my destiny, my destiny today. Your Name is Yahweh 2x, You are Miracle Working God Your Name is Yahweh.

Father in heaven O God! We reverence You, we adore You, we bow before Your Throne and we say let thanks, glory, all adoration be long to You now and forever amen! Father we stand in awe of Who You Are. Thank You for being God in deed unto us. Thank You for doing that which only can do, Thank You Father.

Beloved, do you agree that one with God is majority?  It is only Jesus who can do the impossible and defend you in face of seeming danger. You might engage the force of men but only Jesus can do the impossible for you. Jesus said ‘I am the vine; you are the branches. If you are cut off from the branches; you can do nothing. Aside Him, we can do nothing.

Thank God for the assurance we have in our study text today that “because He live, we shall live also.” Jesus is a living water. A fountain of life. Waters from the cisterns can finish or dry up but the fountain of Jesus standeth sure.

Sometimes we have our confident misplaced, but the teaching of today is to help us to know exactly where and whom to rely upon. Jesus is Our Rock that standeth sure. Jesus is the prince of peace. Jesus the savior, Jesus the soon coming King.

Indeed the one with Jesus Christ is majority. Praise the Name of the Lord:


“Because I live, ye shall live also.” John 14:19


Jesus has made the life of believers in Him as certain as His own. As sure as the Head lives the members live also. If Jesus has not risen from the dead, then are we dead in our sins; but since He has risen, all believers are risen in Him. His death has put away our transgressions, and loosed the bonds which held us under the death sentence. His resurrection proves our justification: we are absolved, and mercy saith, “The Lord hath put away thy sin, thou shalt not die.”

Jesus has made the life of His people as eternal as His own. How can they die as long as He lives, seeing they are one with Him? Because He dieth no more, and death hath no more dominion over Him, so they shall no more return to the graves of their old sins, but shall live unto the Lord in newness of life.

O believer, when, under great temptation, thou fearest that thou shalt one day fall by the hand of the enemy, let this reassure thee. Thou shalt never lose thy spiritual life, for it is hid with Christ in God. Thou dost not doubt the immortality of thy Lord; therefore, do not think that He will let thee die, since thou art one with Him.

The argument for thy life is His life, and of that thou canst have no fear; wherefore rest in thy living Lord.

O Lord, help our trust is in You o Lord! Lead us to fountain to drink and be satisfy:


“With Thee is the fountain of life.” Psalm 36:9


There are times in our spiritual experience when human counsel or sympathy, or religious ordinances, fail to comfort or help us. Why does our gracious God permit this? Perhaps it is because we have been living too much without Him, and He therefore takes away everything upon which we have been in the habit of depending, that He may drive us to Himself.

It is a blessed thing to live at the fountain head. While our skin- bottles are full, we are content, like Hagar and Ishmael, to go into the wilderness; but when those are dry, nothing will serve us but “Thou God seest me.” We are like the prodigal, we love the swine-troughs and forget our Father’s house.

Remember, we can make swine-troughs and husks even out of the forms of religion; they are blessed things, but we may put them in God’s place, and then they are of no value. Anything becomes an idol when it keeps us away from God: even the brazen serpent is to be despised as “Nehushtan,” if we worship it instead of God. The prodigal was never safer than when he was driven to his father’s bosom, because he could find sustenance nowhere else.

Our Lord favours us with a famine in the land that it may make us seek after Himself the more. The best position for a Christian is living wholly and directly on God’s grace—still abiding where he stood at first—”Having nothing, and yet possessing all things.” Let us never for a moment think that our standing is in our sanctification, our mortification, our graces, or our feelings, but know that because Christ offered a full atonement, therefore we are saved; for we are complete in Him.

Having nothing of our own to trust to, but resting upon the merits of Jesus—His passion and holy life furnish us with the only sure ground of confidence. Beloved, when we are brought to a thirsting condition, we are sure to turn to the fountain of life with eagerness.

Beloved, our standing is not in our works but in the righteousness that is in Christ. Let us run with these why we awaits His second coming.

Father help us to see what You are doing in our life. help us to abide in Christ forever no matter what the seeming danger is. Frustrate the enterprise of wicked and make us whole in the blood of Jesus.

Help us ever to remember that one with Jesus is majority; is a winner all the time.



Remain blessed in the Lord.


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