“Only be thou strong and very courageous.”


I will magnify the Lord (I will magnify the Lord) Who is worthy to be Praise (Who is worthy to be Praise) The Lord reigneth, blessed be the Lord, honour to the Lord, let the Rock of my salvation be exalted! The Lord reigneth, blessed be the Lord, honour to the Lord, let the Rock of my salvation be exalted!  // Who is like unto Thee O! Lord! Who is like unto Thee, O! Lord! among the gods who is like Thee, You are glorious in holiness fearful in Praising doing wonders alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ancient of Days we bow down before You, we worship You, we give You Praise. Thank You for another beautiful time in your presence. You are more than what we call You, You are Beautiful, You are Wonderful, You are Glorious, You are Excellent, we have search through all the eternity and there is no one like You. Thank You, Thank You, thank You and thank You forever more in Jesus Name.

Beloveth, good morning, how are doing today? Are basking in God’s faithfulness.

Faithful are You Lord! Faithful are You Lord! Faithful are You Lord, You are so Faithful!

Indeed our God is Faithful, He is Wonderful, He is Powerful, I don’t why He loves me so . Thank You Father, thank You Lord! Blessed be Thy Name forever and ever in Jesus Name.

Our topic for today can be tagged a common saying among Christians but the question is “how many of us are living it out.”

God repeated told Joshua “be strong and courageous.” And I wonder why He has to constantly told him that even when Joshua walked with Moses, He too has not only see the act of God but he knows… so why the this repetition?

Beloveth, God knows who we are, that we are mere mortals, we can drift away if we don’t keep close to the very source of our faith. We can even deny God if are afraid like Peter and King Saul.

Recently I have my own fear share of it and I tell you it was not easy, it was not funny but I keep on searching for that the Word in season until last Saturday God sent forth one and I discover once again that God is not only faithful, He is love.

In my wandering, He did not let go of me, He keep watch over me so that I may not hit my feet against a stone. Then He prepared a vessel lest from where I will expect from and brought forth His Word to me. After that encounter I felt loved. I felt His Hand wrapped around me. I felt a hug so supreme and tender. I felt cherished. Beloveth in this I saw my fear, I saw my unbelief, I saw my despondency and I ask for His forgiveness though He has given me before I asked.

Beloveth, why did I go through all these? Have God changed? Was His Hand short to deliver or to bless? I felt pressurized by the events around me, and I was only worried why would God allow the evil ones to carry out their evil plans. I did not find the answer, I felt sad, I was greatly hurt and I keep on asking Him why didn’t He stop it. Why didn’t He do something?

But you know He did only that not in the way and manner I would have wanted. He did preserved me in spite of their acts. God keep my life.

Beloveth, oftentimes God does not work in our ways but in the way that will glorify His Name. When satan came to steal, to kill and to destroy. God turn it around and gave restoration in place of theft, He gave life instead of death, and peace in place of destruction, He brings glory to Himself. He shows forth His Praise among the heathen. He displayed His Sovereignty.

Beloveth, I don’t know where you have been missing it, I don’t know how which pressure you may be passing through now but I know that God  can handle them all if only you will surrender them to Him. I know He will come to your rescue as He did rescue me. I know He will show you what to do if you will humble yourself and tell Him.

Remember prayer is not just a two way communication; prayer is showing that you are relying on Him to help you out. You realize that you cannot help yourself and you go to Him and tell Him “Father help me.”

Sometime the answer comes why you are still speaking; some other times it look as if you never prayed or that He never hear. At such a time, the most appropriate thing to do is to hang on, to be strong and be very courageous.

Mind you I never seek an alternative even why going through those troubled times. I never question His authority because I know He is Mighty. I only ask Him why is He not showing forth as expected. He responded by telling me that He is Sovereign. Praise the Lord somebody!!!!!!!!!!!

Is possible in that your challenges what God is showing you is His Sovereignty. You are expecting Him through this direction but He chose to come in a total out of the blues way.

There is goodnews for you the Lord is saying to you “only be strong and very courageous.” How do you keep strong and very courageous someone is asking. Let consider the next verse- “this book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth; but you shall mediated therein day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written therein: for the you shall make Thy way prosperous, and the you shall have good success.

Beloveth, you must also seek out godly men and women who has pass through this way  even though your story may defy but it will show the grace and mercy of God experienced while it last.

During my encounter with the vessel God used to speak to my mind, I was battling with one question but I was unable to ask her because this is a woman I was meeting for the first time why should ever think of such, not to talk of asking her, what an impetus.

But you know what, the Spirit of God made her to answer me the very question I thought in my heart but did not speak out. I was shocked, then I know it was God who brought me there and the very words I am hearing is not just words but Words from the throne of mercy. Praise the Living Jesus!

Beloveth as we race through this month, you are being encouraged to stay tune to the Word of God, look not to the left nor to the right but steadily on Christ the Solid Rock, so that you will be strong and be very courageous, not afraid nor be dismay. Come along for more:

“Only be thou strong and very courageous.” Joshua 1:7

Our God’s tender love for His servants makes Him concerned for the state of their inward feelings. He desires them to be of good courage. Some esteem it a small thing for a believer to be vexed with doubts and fears, but God thinks not so. From this text it is plain that our Master would not have us entangled with fears. He would have us without carefulness, without doubt, without cowardice.

Our Master does not think so lightly of our unbelief as we do. When we are desponding we are subject to a grievous malady, not to be trifled with, but to be carried at once to the beloved Physician. Our Lord loveth not to see our countenance sad.

It was a law of Ahasuerus that no one should come into the king’s court dressed in mourning: this is not the law of the King of kings, for we may come mourning as we are; but still He would have us put off the spirit of heaviness, and put on the garment of praise, for there is much reason to rejoice.

The Christian man ought to be of a courageous spirit, in order that he may glorify the Lord by enduring trials in an heroic manner. If he be fearful and fainthearted, it will dishonour his God. Besides, what a bad example it is. This disease of doubtfulness and discouragement is an epidemic which soon spreads amongst the Lord’s flock. One downcast believer makes twenty souls sad.

Moreover, unless your courage is kept up Satan will be too much for you. Let your spirit be joyful in God your Saviour, the joy of the Lord shall be your strength, and no fiend of hell shall make headway against you: but cowardice throws down the banner.

Moreover, labour is light to a man of cheerful spirit; and success waits upon cheerfulness. The man who toils, rejoicing in his God, believing with all his heart, has success guaranteed.

He who sows in hope shall reap in joy; therefore, dear reader, “be thou strong, and very courageous.”

Did you just read the message before here; it is a dishonor to God when we are of a fainted heart not only that “it is a bad example coming from a child of God. The danger thereof is that it is an epidemic that may go round the flock. Did you read this – one downcast believer makes twenty souls sad.

Beloveth, it is not a small thing before God to be sad or despondent. Worst still, satan will be too much for you to handle but labour is light to a man with a cheerful Spirit and the man that toils rejoicing in his heart that success is guaranteed.

It our month of double honour, our month of “Grace and Rejoicing” take yours and Praise God.

Remain blessed in the Lord.