Unto Thee O! Lord do I lift up my soul! Unto Thee O! Lord do I lift up my soul! O my God! I trust in Thee, let me not be ashamed and let not my enemies triumph over me. // Good morning Jesus good morning Lord. I know you come from heaven above, Thy Holy Spirit is on the throne, good morning Jesus, good morning Lord.

Take glory Father, take glory son, take glory Holy Spirit now forever more. Father we thank You, we worship You, we adore Thee, we give You Praise adoration and honour, glory be to Your Name on high. who is like unto Thee, Father in Father there is none like Thee, thank You for another blessed day in Presence, glory be to Your Name on high. Father we worship You, we give Praise, we adore You in Jesus Name. who is like Thee Father, there is none to be compared with Thee.

Have Your way O! God! do that which no man can do for us, let Your Name be Praise forever and ever in Jesus Name. I surrender all to Thee, withholding nothing, Lord, withholding nothing. Glory be to Your Name on high in Jesus Name. Have Your Way again today Father for we pray in Jesus Name.

Beloved, good morning! How are doing again today? Hope you are good? Hope things are looking up? it is well with you in Jesus Name. Though it tarries, the Lord said wait for it must surely come. Never be dismay for the Wisdom of God is above all. If you are trusting the Lord for anything, please don’t be discourage for the Lord has reasons and seasons for everything under the surface of the earth, when your time come; it must surely come forth. Praise the Lord.

It is also possible the delay you are experiencing is because you are not rightly positioned, what you asking is not the will of God! Why don’t you go back to God in prayer and seek His counsel concerning it for I believe that God will surely speak to your heart concerning it. Praise the Lord!

Last week we discussed the “Wobbling Christians” and today we will be considering the “Ostrich Christians”

Do you still remember what the “Wobbly Christian” depicts? The second paragraph of that teaching has it all, I will you to go back and read it again, however I will summarize it here to aid our teaching A wobbling Christian is that Christian who pick sherry the Word of God, that is, one who is selective of what to do or obey in the Word of God. In the case study that was considered the author illustrated it with putting on the “Full armour” of God. as solider in the war front, you must not choose which armour to put on, rather you must be fully kitted else any part of your body is expose and be hit by bullet and you are dead.

So what is an ostrich Christian illustrates? Come along with me as we discover and discuss it together:

Esther 2:1-4:17, Psalm 102:18-22,Proverbs 20:26-27,Romans 14:13-15:13

Ostrich Christians

The Lord’s lamp sheds light on a person’s life, searching the innermost parts.—Proverbs 20:27

Most of us (myself included) are not good at observing ourselves and reflecting honestly on what goes on beneath the surface of our lives. Why is this so? I think one of the reasons is fear—fear of the unknown, fear of losing control, fear of spoiling a comfortable existence, or fear of having to face some unpleasant discoveries about ourselves. I have met many Christians in my time who adopt this attitude: however things are, good or bad, they could be worse, so it is better to leave well enough alone.

When we read the Bible, however, we discover texts like the one before us today, showing us that God has designed us with the ability to explore our deepest parts. We also hear men like the psalmist crying out to God: “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my concerns. See if there is any offensive way in me; lead me in the everlasting way” (Ps 139:23-24).

I want to stress that too much introspection is unhealthy, but occasionally and in proper doses it is “good medicine.” Those who resist this and pretend everything is well when it isn’t are what a friend of mine calls “ostrich Christians.” They have peace, but it is a peace built on unreality. When they lift their heads out of the sand, the peace they possess somehow falls to pieces. God’s peace can keep our hearts and minds intact while we face whatever is true—outside and inside.


Father, save me from becoming an “ostrich Christian”—someone who pretends everything is well when it isn’t. Nothing must be allowed to hinder the work that You want to do in my heart. Corner my soul and make me what You want me to be. Amen.

Further Study

Mk 2:1-8; Mt 12:25; Lk 6:8; Jn 2:25

How deeply did Jesus see into people’s lives?

How deeply do you let Him penetrate into your life?

Beloveth are you here with us? What is an Ostrich Christian in your understanding? Are you pretending that all is well even when you know deep down your mind that your style is not pleasing to God? When you know that your child/ward is not living right? Are silent when your partner is going astray or a colleague is heading to heel. Are you afraid to confronting the inner fear facing you right way about your lifestyle for the fear of losing the benefits you getting at the moment?

Be warm the Lord searches the innermost part of our life and He also knows the deepest thought of mind. We can only pretend before men but we cannot hid it from God. Yes! We cannot hide it from God.

If are an Ostrich Christian pretend no further, rather humble yourself before God and ask the Holy Spirit to help you to search deep in your heart and when that your weakness is found, ask Jesus to help you, he will intercede on your behalf. He will grant you victory over that sin and you will live a triumphant life which He paid for completely on the cross.

Salvation is here again today to as many as are living in pretense of what they are not. Thrown away that false peace you having and face squarely what is not right in your life and environment and Jesus the prince of true peace will visit you today and grant you peace found in the Word of God.

Peace that defies persecutions, trails, temptations, failure, sickness, and poverty. You will no longer be intimidated by fear of the unknown rather you will glory in it.

Beloved our God is able to give you peace beyond your understanding but you must do away with that pretentious lifestyle of us so that the Spirit of God will come into your life and dwell (Isa 54:6-10).

Accept His peace today and your laughter is forever guaranteed (Heb 9:15-28).

May your faith increase as He teaches us the truth from the Word of God in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord

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