I will lift up Jesus higher… I will lift up Jesus higher… O Jehovah, Alpha Omega, I will lift up Jesus higher… O Jehovah, Alpha Omega, I will lift up Jesus higher…// Come and the Lord is good… Come and see the Lord is good….there is nothing He cannot do… Come and see the Lord is good…

Father You are Good indeed… You are so Wonderful, so Beautiful, So very Good… Father how best can I describe You…. You are more than what we call You… You are more than everything we will ever think about… blessed be Thy Holy Name forever and ever in Jesus Name……..Thank You for the gift of 2002… Father we are thanking for all You did during the course of the year… You watched over Your Word to perform it… O what more can we say than to bow at Your feet in Worship and Adoration….and say Thank You Father…..

Thank You for watching over us from the beginning of this year up the last month of it…. You are simple Amazing…. You protected us from all…. You healed us and restored back to Yourself…. You did Amazing things in our midst… You gave us Pleasant Surprises, O Lord You made a way where there seems to be no way… You parted the Red Seas of our lives and You fed us manna from above until the earth yield its increase….

Father we cannot count it all because there are too numerous to mention… our sleeping and waking up daily is enough miracle… Father some You settled by giving them homes of their own… Some You blessed by giving them children.. Some broke off the yoke of financial burdens over their lives… Some You healed their diseases that have plague them for years…finally some You broke off the yoke of sins over their lives and gave them victory…. Some were raised from the bed of afflictions and were set free and made whole …. Father our blessings are too numerous to count… what about safety on the Roads, lands and air, protections from the wicked ones, fire incident and car accident… O my God! We cannot name it  all …… Be Thou glorify forever and ever Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth, our God has done Great Things for us wherefore we are glad….and finally God Himself By His Outstretched Hand brought us to the month of December… the last month in the yearly calendar…. Our year of supernatural Breakthrough in less than 30 days from now will roll over…

And so we have another opportunity to breakthrough from every satanic holds and that of the wicked ones… yes! is interesting to know that God’s Word standeth sure… as soon as it spoken by God and sent forth…It must accomplished that of which it was sent… nothing can stop it… nothing can hinder it… so let us hold on it and demand our release… for in the year of jubilee no one remains bond…. Praise the Name of the Lord………..

Beloveth we are glad once again to announce to you the Mind of God for us as a ministry … Beloveth, welcome to our month of Awesome Wonders and showers of blessings in Jesus Christ. (Gen 1:1-3, Ezek.34:26)

Let us sing…. My Jesus died for me and my sins were washed away… O is Wonderful to know that Jesus died for me… wonderful to know… my Jesus died for me and my sin were washed away…O is wonderful to know that Jesus did for me wonderful to know….

Praise the Lord alleluia, lift Him up alleluia… Alle….ehhhehe in Oluwa logo alle!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth, we are serving wonder working Father and we see God manifesting same in our midst… Don’t be left out beloveth… key into every Word that will be coming from this altar and see God changing your story… you will not remain the same after this month encounter… no, is not possible because God Himself through His Son our Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit – the Trinity are not resting on your case… yes… they will give you reason for so many nights of Thanksgiving… they put laughter in your mouth and like Sarah, you will laugh because your Isaac will come

We are in for bottom pot blessings…. Ehhh God is ready to showcase you to world and every obstacles must be remove so that your blessings will access you easily…

Beloveth… you will see God asking you what do want Him do for you…. be ready to tell exactly what you want Him to do… God want to do extra ordinary things in our midst… but be ready to table your matter in away that will deliver the expected results to you.

Come along with us for more details:

Wishing to Be Healed                    

When Jesus saw him lying there and knew he had already been there a long time, He said to him, “Do you want to get well?”—John 5:6

Jesus asked a man a question that appears to have had an obvious answer! He came upon a man who had been lame for thirty-eight years and who was sitting beside a pool of healing. Jesus asked him if he wanted to be healed. Why would Jesus ask such an obvious question? Perhaps the answer was not so clear.

Bartimaeus was blind, yet when he cried out for Jesus to have mercy on him, Jesus asked what he wanted Him to do (Mark 10:51). It would have seemed apparent that the foremost concern of a blind person would be to receive sight. There were times, however, when Jesus considered it important for people to verbalize their need and specifically ask Him to heal them.

Just because we are spiritually sick, or just because we are near a place of healing, does not necessarily mean we want to be made well. We may attend church regularly, but choose to remain sinful. Our generation has taken many of the activities that the Bible identifies as sin and has labeled them as addictions or character flaws or the result of an abusive upbringing.

We act as if having an addiction is sufficient excuse for disobeying God’s commands. As Christians, we are no longer helpless victims of our sin. There is no sinful habit or past hurt that is beyond the healing touch of our Lord.

Have you gone year after year without receiving spiritual healing? God is capable of freeing you, but you may have become comfortable in your sin. You may not want to be healed. If you really want to receive spiritual health, God can give it today. He wants you to ask Him.

Beloveth… everything that hitherto asked you where is your God is ending today… it is not cross into the new year with you except you refuse to tell Jesus exactly what you need… exactly where you are hurting, exactly what you want Him to do… like blind Bartimaeus throw away every hindrances to path… shout louder to get the attention of Jesus… give Him no rest till your case(s) is settle in Jesus Name…

We must breakthrough as God has given us His Word… We are coming out from every dark places to sit with the Prince and princess of our time because God is going to show case to our world… not even sin is permitted to dwell in your tabernacle after this encounter with the Lord alleluia…. mysteries will be reveal …. engage effective through the reading and studying of the Word of God… Pray effectively, and then engage God through praises.

Beloveth… be ready for thanks giving… we will by God’s grace offer our Thanks to God for all He has done for us all throughout this year… and for those He will yet do…

Beloveth… Praise is a weapon of warfare… be ready to fight until the battle is won and settle…. We will use praises to break every stubborn situations and cases before us  alleluia… Amen!!!

Once again welcome to your month of Awesome Wonders and showers of blessings in Jesus Christ… Amen!!!

Further Reading- Tit.2:11, Ps. 72:11, 2 Tim.1;12, Ps 50:3, 2Cor.7:1, 3:5

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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IFEOMA OHONDU is the founder of the MattersoftheHeart foundation, a platform where issues affecting our everyday life are discussed and where necessary proffer solution. She is part of the end time army, who will not break their rank to fulfill the urgent call of God upon her life by declaring His word to the helpless, the doubting, the comfortless and the dying world. The world will experience great restoration and healing in the Word of God through her ministration. She is a voice to emphasize key spiritual truth about Faith, Healing and Encouragement.