We are together again 2x just praising the Lord we are together again 2x in one accord (repeat), something good is already happening something better in place we are together again just praising the Lord just praising the Lord.// take glory Father, take glory Son, take glory Holy Spirit now forever more.

Father we return with praise and worship on this first day of our ministration in the wonderful month ahead of us. Thank You for the privilege to be among the living, Thank You for all protection, for watching over us, You are indeed great, great are works in our lives and in all that pertaining to us. Glorious Redeemer, thank You and thank You again and again. Blessed be Thy Name forever and ever in Jesus Name.

Beloved, am so glad that you made it through the month of September, it calls for celebration “praise the Name of the Lord! Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, this new month will do us good, it will be filled with shouts of rejoicing. The hand of the Lord will bring it to pass in Jesus Name. Thank God for last month, am yet to recover from all that the Lord did amongst us, I saw God in every part of the ministration, miracles that defy drugs, threats from the pit of hell, deliverances of various kinds, people getting out of pits and seating amongst the princes, O! Our God is too much oh! With that assurance I have the conviction that this month will not deliver less. The number ten if divide by 2 gives us 5 and 5 stands for grace and glory. Beloved this month this two great virtue will carry you through this wonderful month of the Lord in conjunction with the theme of the month in Jesus Name.

Beloveth, we are glad to announce to you what the mind of God is for us in this new month. We are in for another breath-taking session by the virtue of what God is set to do in our midst this month. By the grace of God for us in this ministry the Lord is saying to us that this is our month of dominion through Meekness (gentleness) that is in Christ Jesus (Matt 11:29; Matt 5:5).

Is somebody excited? Can I hear some joyful noise in the house? Praise the Name of the Lord!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, let sing, we are together again, (repeat) just praising the Lord (repeat), we are together again (repeat) in one accord (repeat), something good is already happening, something better in this place, we are together again just praising the Lord, just praising the Lord. That will be your all through this month for goodnews will be continual in your camp in Jesus Name! Something good and better will be your portion all this month and beyond in Jesus Name!

I think it will do us some good to have some understanding on the word ‘meekness’. In some of the bible reference it was refereed as ‘gentleness’, in some other as ‘humble’. However the dictionary meaning of the word ‘meek’ depicts quietness of nature, showing mildness, the negative side of it as in word – submissive, it can be seen as weak, cowed, timid, fearful and tame. However, we will be concentrating on the positive side of meekness while making reference once in a while to the negative side if the need arise.

We will be following the teaching of Jesus as it is in the bible. Jesus is embodiment of meekness as will be seeing in our teaching as we go on.

Is right to say that pride is opposite of meekness?

Meekness is not easily displayed especially if one has attain some status in life. Oftentimes people display arrogant or pride in a very subtle manner knowing or unknowing to them but for a very seasoned person in the Word they can easily point to it out and make correction where necessary. It has also been observed that most people cannot distinguish when they are displaying some level of arrogant in the action and interaction with another especially when the person involved is of lower statue to them.

What are we supposed to do or how are we supposed to live or behave as Christian? Who do we imitate as children of God? Beloved, are you surprised to be hearing this from us.

Remember that our theme for the year is having ‘dominion’. Another question here is what has been hindering your dominion over the years? My prayer is that God will give us His Word in season that will set many free and break chains of stagnation that held us bound over years in Jesus Name.

The message coming our way on this first day of the month is so important that you have a good understanding of it so as to flow through with subsequent teaching that will be coming our way through the help of the Holy Spirit during the month. Praise God.

Can we get going:              

“Partakers of the divine nature.” 2Peter 1:4

To be a partaker of the divine nature is not, of course, to become God. That cannot be. The essence of Deity is not to be participated in by the creature. Between the creature and the Creator there must ever be a gulf fixed in respect of essence; but as the first man Adam was made in the image of God, so we, by the renewal of the Holy Spirit, are in a yet diviner sense made in the image of the Most High, and are partakers of the divine nature.

We are, by grace, made like God. “God is love”; we become love—”He that loveth is born of God.” God is truth; we become true, and we love that which is true: God is good, and He makes us good by His grace, so that we become the pure in heart who shall see God.

Moreover, we become partakers of the divine nature in even a higher sense than this—in fact, in as lofty a sense as can be conceived, short of our being absolutely divine. Do we not become members of the body of the divine person of Christ? Yes, the same blood which flows in the head flows in the hand: and the same life which quickens Christ quickens His people, for “Ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.”

 Nay, as if this were not enough, we are married unto Christ. He hath betrothed us unto Himself in righteousness and in faithfulness, and he who is joined unto the Lord is one spirit. Oh! marvellous mystery! we look into it, but who shall understand it? One with Jesus—so one with Him that the branch is not more one with the vine than we are a part of the Lord, our Saviour, and our Redeemer!

While we rejoice in this, let us remember that those who are made partakers of the divine nature will manifest their high and holy relationship in their intercourse with others, and make it evident by their daily walk and conversation that they have escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. O for more divine holiness of life!

Beloved, did you just the underlined word above? Let go a little further on ‘Becoming like Jesus’ to gain more insight:

On Becoming Like Jesus


If we desire to be like Jesus Christ, then there are four of His characteristics we are to emulate:

  1. Give up all our rights:

“Let Christ Jesus be your example as to what your attitude should be. For He, who had always been God by nature, did not cling to His prerogatives as God’s equal.”

Prayer: “Lord, I relinquish all my rights: To family. To finances. To recognition. To pleasure. To quietness. To health. To privacy. To be loved. To be treated with respect. To justice.

2. Become nothing:

“[He] stripped Himself of all privilege.”

Prayer: “Lord, I surrender my position. My status. My heritage. My career. My capabilities. My resources. My experience. My reputation. My education.

3. Become a servant:

[“He consented] to be a slave by nature and [be] born as a mortal man.”

 Prayer: “Lord, I abdicate my desire to climb the social and economic scale. I renounce all my rights. I ask you to give me a heart to serve you and others on your terms, not mine. Lord, I love to be regarded by others as a servant; help me to be joyfully willing to be treated as a servant.

  1. Surrender to His Lordship in total obedience:

 “And, having become man, He humbled Himself by living a life of utter obedience, even to the extent of dyingthe death of a common criminal.” (Philippians 2:5-8 – Phillips Translation)

 Prayer: “Lord, I choose to obey you on your terms, not mine. Whatever the cost: Loss of health. Status. Finances. Family. As did Jesus, I pick up the cross you have assigned me, and by your grace I will carry it to the death. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Pray that you have this divine nature given you and so that you will easily enter into the likeness of Jesus.

Meekness involve all but not limited to what has been mentioned above as more will be coming your way. It is a virtue we must strive to have and live with all through our life time in Jesus Name. We must gain dominion whether the devil likes it or not. The grace and glory of God are also here to help us get through this month in Jesus Name.

So endeavour to come around so that together we will relish all the goody that will be coming our way in Jesus Name.

Once again, we welcome you to your month of dominion through the meekness that is in Christ Jesus.

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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