Blessed be the Name of the Lord, He is worthy to be Praise and adore, so we lift our Holy hands in one accord singing blessed be Thy Name, honour be Thy Name ooh blessed be the Name of the Lord! blessed be the Name of the Lord.// I juist want to say Baba ooh Eseeee, I just to say Baba ooh Eseeeeee. We just to say ehhhh, we just want to say baba ooh eseeeeeee, we just to say Baba oohh Eseeeee.

Father we thank You we bless Your Holy Name, we exalt You we give you Praise adoration to Your Holy Name, How excellent how wonderful are You Lord. thank You for the gift of another day, It can only be You Lord, that can make a man to wake from sleep not alarm, so we bow in worship to Praise and eulogize Your Holy Name now and forever more.

Thank You Father for all You have been done for us, thank You for answers to prayers, thank You for healing and restoration, thank You for great and mighty things Your Hand had continually done in our midst, glory be to Your Name on high in Jesus Name. Receive our Praise Lord, receive all adoration, be Thou magnify forever in Jesus Name. We come again before your Presence to drink from the fountain of the Living water, Father help us to drink unto life not unto condemnation in Jesus Name, have Your way in our lives and situations, do something new in our life today, let miracles meet our faith in You, lift us up again again and give a hind feet even as Your Word promises us in Jesus Name!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, how are doing this morning? Did you tell Him all in the place prayer as we taught yesterday? It does not matter how little it is or how insignificant it might look, what is important is that you have a God who is willing and available to listen and do for you everything that concerneth you. He stoops down to listen and He goes ahead to do that which will satisfy your heart, Praise the name of the Lord!!!!!!! join me to sing this song:

O Lord You answers prayer, my God answers prayer, the God I serve answers prayers, only Jesus answers prayers, the God I serve answers prayers, only Jesus answers prayers, alleluia 2x.

Yes! He answers prayers, He come in when all hopes are lost, when friends and family failed, when situations are threatening, when the storms are raging and looks like the end is now! Of course the end is now because the “Now” God will walk in that circumstances and put an end to it threats. God will look down with pity and comfort you, He will show you mercy and you will know that He is ever near and those deities will also know that Your God is a Living God! He is a God of now and will answer you “Now” Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, what can you say of God? What I am asking is “what is your personal experience of God?” I have a countless experiences that made me to understand the nature of God! though no mortal can ever boost of fully knowing or understanding God but through the “Acts” of God you can say and know who God is even if you are not experiencing Him now!

The recent experience I have of God is truly the exclamation and the Name Father Abraham gave Him when his son Isaac asked him about the Lamb for burnt offering? Abraham told him that “God will provide Himself a Lamb for a burnt offering”. And true to it, God did provide for Himself a Lamb for the burnt offering, and Abraham named the place Jehovahjireh- “in the mount of the Lord it shall be seen.”(Gen 22:14)

Beloved, the Lord is taking though this path in my faith life now. I used to be so worried what will be of this and of that. I used to be so anxious of things falling out of place, but recently God has been working in this area of my life. First, he took away from me all that are so concerned about my welfare; He broke down every relationship that I run to in time of my crisis. Then He started building me up, in the face of needs, nothing will happen until is forty-eight or twenty-four hours to deadline, in some cases I will be standing on the “mount” I will keep reminding Him that “I am here Lord,” it does not matter how” long” I waited, it does not matter how far “the time” is gone but what matters is that “He will show up,” what matters at the end is that He will provide for Himself “a Lamb for the sacrifice.”

That has really encouraged me in my walk with God, so I fear not what the enemy is purporting because I know that God will show up, and I have also make my children to see through the same eye of faith, very important dearly beloved, very important that we teach our children about God’s faithfulness when they are young, so that they grow knowing about that “Nature of God” that “He will never fail” and that will preserve them in the face of storms later in life. Alleluia somebody (Deut 4:10,11:19, Josh 4:21-24).

Considering our topic today-“Our Only Hope,” you can only come to this conclusion through a relationship. Until you are in a relationship with someone you cannot say much about the person. So you relationship with God is what will open your eyes of understanding about “Who He is truly is.”

Our God is the very breathe in our nostrils and no matter how death threatens us, we will not stop breathing because it is God that goes “in” and “out” of you.  I am a living witness. I had what is medically known as TIA (transient ischemic attack) a warning or ministroke. It affected my front brain which made breathing difficult for me, but all these were not discover in the hospital (surprised). The Spirit of God lead me through all that was happening to when I offered to help someone who had a stroke to get quick recovery and in the process I came face to face with has been happening to me for three years non-stop (Is good to be good).

God preserved me and kept me, even when I don’t know what was happening and the doctors could not help either but I know that all is not well and I went to God in prayer. I told Him to help me, I told Him that you are the one that create me, even when doctors could not diagnose what my problem is, You know Lord and I know You will help me. So I gave an offering of part payment that I was meant to pay to the consultant I was slated to see, even when I tried negotiating what I have I was told that it was fixed amount. And I don’t have the amount required, so I drop what I have as offering at the altar at my local church.

By this action dearly beloved, I chose God to be my Consultant, my Physician and my Healer (so don’t be too surprise about how the whole healing took place and what I am about to share with you).

 I want to tell you that at each point in time of crisis, God shows up and kept doing His work in my life. This incident occurred on the 10th October 2016 and God kept working on me and brought it my understanding fully  in Sept 2019 when I simply offered to help someone else recover not knowing that is where my own miracle and healing also lies, beloved, I said again is good to be good.  God started the full process in June 2019 precisely 24th through a lady pharmacist, beloved not a doctor, she cheeked my hemoglobin level and asked certain questions which was yes! yes! from me (I have shared this experience with us here too). From that time up until now, God has healed and keep perfecting everything that concerneth me. And through my experience and healing so many has also benefited from it as so many people are going through these things without knowing and the doctors kept recommending malaria treatment and typhoid treatment, all to no avail.

Beloved, it might interest you to know that most of the drugs used were revealed, that is the most astonishing one, I will however call my sister-in- law, who is a nurse to ask one or two questions and guide line on usage and it works.

I don’t need to impress you but I am telling you my experience and relationship with God which made me to stand strong to say anytime, any day that God will never fail and He is my Hope indeed.

Looking at the time involved while going this challenging it looks long but I believed God allowed it for a purpose, my mother at a point want to convince me that it was an evil arrow and advise me to stop using drugs, in fact she told me (using her exact words) “I know you have a God and you serve Him, tell Him to heal you).

Wow! That was a challenge and I told God as my mother instructed me but I never toll the path that someone is behind my illness. I decide not to look at that direction because it will bring a lot of confusion and doubt in my heart. I rather choose to fix my eyes on Jesus the ROCK of Ages, The AUTHOR and FINISHER of my faith (Heb 12:2).

You may not know what I mean when I said it was a challenge, the way my mother said it was exactly what satan asked “Eve” in the garden when he said to her “did God said, Thou shall not out of the this fruit (Gen 3:1) and in the processing of giving answer she goofed. I tell you in all of these, I did not respond to my mum, I rather listen and kep mute as she usually send it as a voice record message to me and when the Spirit of God open my understanding of the trick of that her concern and suggestion, I knew that satan as usual is the one behind it (Know your enemy).

Beloved, behold after the fifth day of those concerns and suggestions, I want to God in the place of prayer, I simple started my eulogizing Him, by this time, it was just about a week that I knew what I have been going through for three years without proper treatment and God kept me. So who am I that I will come questioning Him, I rather was full of thanks for helping me and sustaining me up until now after which “I told Him” to make “Name” for Himself in my situation and heal me.

At this stage when I sleep, I hardly sleep through because my nose will block and that will make me to wake up in-between sleep and sit up, I either use a particular drug (steroid) that will help me to breath normally again or I sit up and use a heat ointment. It wasn’t funny and I simply told Him to heal me since the drug I am using is a steroid and is not good for a long usage because of the effects, and after that I slept, beloved, I woke up as usually by around three O’clock in the morning because of same problem and when check the time, it was around three O’clock in the morning, I said to myself I have selected this with God, am not going to use this drug again, so I went back to sleep and then my miracle happened – I saw a man extending a hand to me and in His hand was a tablet and the color was brown with strips of white here and there, as I took the drug from Him and He was about to go, I held Him and said to Him in my exact words “You just have to help me, I am having pains all over my body, I feel as if I wobble internally when I walk, please help me. He give a name of a drug and in that trance I ran to a pharmacy shop closed by and asked a lady there if there is a drug by such name and she said yes, then she went ahead to explain to me what it does, and I woke up.

Beloved, it was a Saturday morning and after work on that day I went that same pharmacy I went to and behold the unexpected happened, the same lady that attended to me in that encounter was the same person that stood up among many that was there to attend to me and everything played out the way the way I saw it early that morning, she confirmed the drug and went ahead to educate me on what it as she did in that encounter.

I was shocked and speechless and I ran out telling her that I will come later may be on Monday to buy. So Monday after confirming from my sister-in-law again the functions of that drug that I was given, I went to buy.

Beloved, who said that there is no God? And who said that God does not hear, listen and answer prayers? As He was in the beginning, He is still and ever shall be world without end. The drugs work and the pains gone.

What are going through dearly beloved, what is that that is troubling your heart? Do you agree that God can do it? (Matt 9:28). Is He your Only Hope? Are you ready to return all the glory to Him? Then I want to tell you that God is still in the business of doing good, He will attend to your needs and will perfect all that concerneth you. Hold on to Him, receive grace to stand in the hour when He will prove your faith and trust in Him, then you are next in line for miracle.

I received mine; you will, if you will hold on to Him, if He is you only Hope, come on with me for more discoveries:


Jeremiah 8:14-10:17, Psalm 119:28-32, Proverbs 25:1-3, 1 Thessalonians 1:1-2:12

Our Only Hope

I am Yahweh, showing faithful love, justice, and righteousness on the earth.—Jeremiah 9:24

In today’s church, we seem more interested in knowing about ourselves than in knowing God. The result of this is increased anxiety, depression, and a hundred other ills. However, God has revealed Himself through the Scripture in many different ways: as powerful, personal, plural, having holy love, a God of wrath, trustworthy, gracious, all-knowing, and all-wise.

It’s interesting, isn’t it, as our passage for today shows, that when the Lord talks about Himself in the Scriptures, it is usually in terms of His attributes or character traits: kindness, justice, righteousness, and so on. And there is a clear and definite purpose in this: the more we know of God, the more established our lives will be here on the earth.

I myself am convinced that there is nothing more important than knowing God through contemplation of Him. I am not talking about mere intellectual knowledge. I speak of the knowledge of God that comes through contemplation of Him, the ability to see life from His perspective, through His eyes. It means to look out at life’s circumstances through the lens of faith, bearing in mind God’s plan, to accept that whatever is happening is allowed by God and that everything comes under His personal surveillance. This kind of God-understanding and God-awareness is our only hope for coping with the problems of our day.


Father, I am convinced. I see that if I am to operate in a context of confidence, I can only do so as I look out at life through Your eyes. Help me to do more than glance at You occasionally. Help me to gaze on You continually. Amen.

Further Study

Php 3:1-11; Col 1:9-10

What was Paul’s desire?

What did Paul pray for the Colossians?

Beloved, as you can see when I write to you concerning God, it was not “head knowledge” of Him that I discuss with you, but from what I read I relate it with God and prove it that indeed God is truly God. I relate with you base on the experiences I had with Him not on what someone is saying though important but from my personal encounters and experiences of Him. Praise the Lord!

I want you to start having a deep and personal relationship with God and it shall be well with you because the God I talk about is the One that breaks every barrier to help you, in my case, the doctors could not help me but God used everything to grant my healing and give me peace by all means. This is not for me alone but for all who will believe and trust Him regardless of what is going on around them (Heb 12:2).

I sincerely appreciate you for reading thus far this long pieces and I believe God will honour your faith as you key into this testimony and stand firm in your resolved to put your hope in Him always.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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