I will sing unto the Lord, a joyful song, I will Praise His Name for my God is good. Sister, sing unto the Lord a joyful song, I will Praise His Name for my God is good. 2x// Today is the day, the day of the Lord Amen. Today is the day, the day of the Lord Amen.

Our Father who is like You, who can be compared with my God. You are more able to save and to deliver from the chains and bonds of the satan and his cohorts, faithful are You Lord, faithful are Lord Jesus, faithful are You Lord, Lord You are so faithful. Thank You for answers to prayers, thank You for Hope that never fail. Thank for every battles won on our behalf, Great are You Lord, You are greatly to be Praise, Father You reign.

How excellent is our God, from generation to generation He remaineth same, He is worthy to be Praise, alleluia to the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the beginning and the End, The Ancient One, the One Who is and is yet to come. Blessed be His Name forever and ever in Jesus Name.

Arise O Lord! and come in Your glory, come and dwell in our midst today as we fellowship, as we work, we want see Your glory all around us. Let all glory, all honour, all adoration belongs to You forever and ever in Jesus Name. Ancient of Days be Thou magnify forever in Jesus Name.

Beloved, did you pray yesterday believing that the answers will come? We are not the way saying it, but that what the Word of God said, “but without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.” Heb 11:6.

To receive from God “you must first believe” is that hard? Yes! it is hard for us to see answers to our prayer especially when you think it is a difficult thing for God to do, or when you are in a hurry to receive answer. You will rationalize it with your mind the possibility of the answer. That is where the work is, our relationship with God must not be in flesh. No. it must be by faith. The faith walk is easier when you have hope in the Word of God.

The experience I shared with you was possible because I feed on the Word morning; evening. I spent my time all through the day while working having my music on. Each song comes with either what God has done, or with promises of what He will do. So even when the battle is fierce I had a Word to hold on. Oftentimes, I spent time remaining God what He has done in the past; so mine will be no issue to You, Lord. I kept on affirming to God what He did in the past and He is still same in the present. (Heb 13:8).

My victory was won on faith in God. I kept on trusting in His Name/ Word that faileth not. I did not mentioned yesterday that the Lord tried me several without giving an in depth information about it. Yes at the beginning of that journey when the doctor told me is not a drug thing that he will recommend a physiologist for me, the implication is that I will be seeing him on consulting level that attracts a special fee. At that moment, I went to the Lord in prayer and pleaded with to heal me since one of His Name is the “Great Physician,” and  I drop some amount on the altar and said to Him “since I cannot afford what the hospital is asking from me , that He should accept this as my consultation fee to Him.

So the journey of faith began. I want to remain you that you can say anything before God; He is the One to prove you right or wrong. Waiting for two and half years to get answers you can agree with looks like a long wait but not with God, because we operate in times, so we think God is not answering, but God does not exists in time that is where many of us get it wrong. So we count five, ten, fifteen years of waiting and we may still be counting and answer is yet to come, we get frustrated and wants to give up.

Beloved, if you recalled I said that the beautiful part of my testimony is that “my heart did not fail neither was there any waterlog nor bigger than it should be, this is because God was in perfect control of the situation even when I don’t know what is happening.” So He put me through all the tests, through suggestions from the doctors, people I shared it with and even my inner thoughts. I kept remaining myself that I know God will do it; He did this one, this one and this one, so this one will not be difficult for Him to do also. He Who did the first, second, third will not fail to do the fourth, Praise the Lord somebody!!!!!!!!!!

It wasn’t easy but i stand and when I can’t any longer, I simple hand it over to Him and He is so faithful that He held me on.

I think you might be imagining what the inner battle was, hey! satan capitalize on the situation to suggest all manners of things to me, it is the hand work of the evil people around me, it is poison, oh it is my sin, my O my, I kept on shutting him up, and command him to get behind me. For I am so convinced that God will not permit any evil to happen to me. I kept on reminding myself of God’s faithfulness. I never allowed satan to tell me that God is not love as He has always said, I am so quick to remind him that I am have not gotten answers yet does reduce God by one inch, (you know am a tailor) (laugh).

All the battlefield of the mind dearly beloved was won on the Word of God that readily comes to my mind when I am struggling or what to be in doubt that I am not rather trying God (one of satan suggestions).

Like I said earlier, whenever I am overwhelmed, I simply humble myself before God and ask for strength, I will tell Him to help me. That is where the enemy of our soul capitalize on when He comes to tempt us but I pray for you that God will empower you and increase your faith in Him that no matter what you may be going through You will see the Hand of God in that situation bring answers to you in Jesus Name.

Always remember that God is too faithful to fail you. He is trustworthy, Praise the Lord. Any other thing might fail you including your parents, spouse, siblings, business partners, friends and colleagues but God will never fail you. To Him nothing is impossible, He is our help in Ages past, He is an Able God and He is ever Reliable, call Him Unchangeable Changer. Praise the Lord!

Come along with us for more:

2 Chronicles 5:1-6:42, Psalm 89:1-10, Proverbs 18:22, Acts 22:11-30

Our Trustworthy God

I will sing about the Lord’s faithful love forever; I will proclaim Your faithfulness to all generations with my mouth.—Psalm 89:1

God is utterly trustworthy in all He says and does, and this is the rock-bottom reality on which everything in the universe depends. In an age when so much unfaithfulness abounds, how good it is to realize that we have One who will never let us down, never have to apologize for failing us, and never go back on His Word.

Am I speaking to someone who has just discovered unfaithfulness in a marriage partner, or experienced the break-up of a relationship because a person you trusted did not keep their word? It’s a sad moment when we get a revelation of the inconsistency of the human heart. But we need to look into our own hearts also, for none of us can claim complete immunity to the sin of unfaithfulness. We may not have broken a contract or violated the marriage covenant, but we have been unfaithful to Christ in other ways—to the right and privileges that God has entrusted to us, perhaps.

How refreshing it is, then, to read today’s text and focus our gaze on the One who is faithful at all times and in all things. We may let Him down, but He will never let us down.

A chorus I learned as a young Christian comes back to me when I am tempted to doubt the faithfulness of God:

He cannot fail for He is God,

He cannot fail, He pledged His Word,

He cannot fail, He’ll see you through,

He cannot fail, He’ll answer you.


Gracious and loving God, what inspiration it brings to my soul to realize that of all the things You can do, the one thing You can’t do is fail. May the reality of this be the pavement on which I tread this day and every day. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Further Study

Dt 7:9; 1Kg 8:54-61; Ps 89:1-8

What did Solomon testify?

What did the psalmist promise to do?

Beloved, did you read that God cannot fail. Everything around you can fail you but always remember that God is ever Trustworthy.

He is always faithful, if you hold on; He will come soon and not delay. Keep trusting, your miracles/ answers will be delivered soonest. Praise the Lord.

Remain blessed in the Lord!

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