O Worship the King, O glorious above! I will lift of my voice to praise the Only True God, The Everlasting King of Glory! From the foundation of the earth He was, He is today and forever He will be. Receive all glory, honour and praise in Jesus’s Name.

Let the living praise the Lord, Who is mindful of you to bless you with His riches in glory. What a Wonderful Father we have. Who does withhold His goodness from us but always give us His best, His Son, our Lord Jesus. Thank You Lord.

Another Friday is here, O! how fast the week went, someone is saying, am surprise is here again, all the same Thank God is Friday!!!!!!!!

Beloved, gradually we are taking over the year, the third week gone and we will soon be facing the final lap of the month, to God be all the glory.

Whatever you are believing God for this month, the Lord will deliver to you in Jesus Name. Beloved, whatever you are trusting and looking up to God before this month round up, it will be delivered to you in the Name that is above all Name, Jesus.

The winner of any event takes the price so also it is in the Kingdom of God. Sometimes the grace to finish is what we must constantly ask from the throne, many people have the grace to start a project but not too many have the grace to finish.

Beloved, for every abandoned project in your hands receive grace to finish in Jesus Name. And for those whose problem is to start off, there is grace available to kick start any project in the house this day, tap into it and be blessed. The remaining months of the year will be filled with testimonies in the Name of Jesus.

Because you belong to this ministry, you are an “Overcomer”. The grace to overcome every circumstances in life is available to us natural therefore, make sure you avail yourself of every teaching that is coming from this desk through the help of the Holy Spirit and you will not only overcome, you will also be in Command, Praise God!

Firstly, What are those things that you need to overcome? How do you overcome? And finally, Who is an overcomer? All of these you will discover in the message before you. Take time to read for full understanding. Why do I said that.

The message started by telling us “How” then followed by “Who” and the finally “What” need to be overcome.

Is important to know how to overcome circumstance in life so that we do fall by the way side but run faithfully to the end to brace the tape. Then will the promises made to an overcomer in the Word of God be real to us:

“To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.” Rev. 2:7

No man may turn his back in the day of battle, or refuse to go to the holy war. We must fight if we would reign, and we must carry on the warfare till we overcome every enemy, or else this promise is not for us, since it is only for “him that overcometh.” We are to overcome the false prophets who have come into the world, and all the evils which accompany their teaching. We are to overcome our own faintness of heart, and tendency to decline from our first love. Read the whole of the Spirit’s word to the church at Ephesus.

If by grace we win the day, as we shall if we truly follow our conquering Leader, then we shall be admitted to the very center of the paradise of God, and shall be permitted to pass by the cherub and his flaming sword, and come to that guarded tree, whereof if a man eat, he shall live for ever. We shall thus escape that endless death which is the doom of sin, and gain that everlasting life which is the seal of innocence, the outgrowth of immortal principles of God-like holiness.

Come, my heart, pluck up courage! To flee the conflict will be to lose the joys of the new and better Eden; to fight unto victory is to walk with God in Paradise.

That is the Overcomer’s spirit, bracing the tape; winning the trophies; and taking a giant stride.

Beloved, all things are possible to them that believeth. Is all possible in Him Who overcame all and is now enthrone to reign and rule forever (Heb 1:8; 6:20; 7:28; 8:1-2).

Ever heard the word “Entanglement”. What does entangled depict? Is it a virtue or a vice to a believer in Christ? All This you will answer when you go through the message before you:


“No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life.” (2 Timothy 2:4)

The picture here of ENTANGLEMENT is that of a soldier who goes to draw his sword but gets it caught in his robe.

QUESTION: “Are you a soldier of Christ who is available on His terms for spiritual battle?” Or are you

ENTANGLED? Christ expects us to be INVOLVED in life’s affairs. Not ENTANGLED.

Writing in a Roman setting, Paul knew that all soldiers were characterized in two ways:

1. They were immediately available at the call of their commander.

• If Christ called you today to move to Bolivia, would you be available to go?
– Are you debt free? Unentangled with contracts?
– Are you free enough emotionally to break the bonds and go?

• If Christ called you today to drop what you were doing for a few hours to touch someone… would you be available?

Picture in your mind the contrast between:

• Peter and the other fisherman who, upon Christ’s request immediately left their boats (business) and family members to follow Him. (See Matthew 4:19, 20)
• The men in Luke 9 whom Christ called. They responded with a “Yes” all right, yet with this qualifier:

“BUT FIRST LET US” check out our investments and take care of family needs. (See Luke 9:57-62)

2. They assumed they would suffer in the carrying out of their commander’s cause:

“Suffer hardship… as a true soldier of Jesus Christ.” (2 Timothy 2:3, ASV, TCNT)

Tertullian, a Christian scholar of another age put it this way: “No soldier comes to the war surrounded by luxuries, nor goes into action from a comfortable bedroom, but from the makeshift and narrow tent, where every kind of hardness and severity and unpleasantness is to be found.”

Are you involved, yet AVAILABLE… or are you unavailable because you are so ENTANGLED?

Woo! A good way to end the week, a food for thought, go on and unravel this great mysteries with the help of the Holy Spirit to discern which camp you belong truly, not just saying or thinking about it.

We will be here next week by the grace of God for fresher and deeper insight in the Word. Jesus is Lord!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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