Past Deliverance Begets Faith


Who is on the Lord side I want to know, am on the Lord side. Who is on the Lord side, I want to know, I am on the Lord side, do you me say it, I am on the Lord side, my savior is on the Lord, as long as live as long as stay, I am on the Lord side.// come and see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good, there is nothing He cannot do come and see the Lord is good. He me victory, He gave me peace of mind, come and see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good.

Yes Father, You are so good to me. There is nothing to compare You with. Faithful are you Lord. You are Worthy of my praise. You are realty to be praise, Father, You reign. Father, Immortal, Invisible, God only wise. Thank You for being there for us. Thank You for helping us especially when we cannot help ourselves, receive all glory, receive all honour Lord. Let Your Name along be praise forever and ever in Jesus Name.

Mighty Redeemer, receive all the glory, Father receive all honour. I don’t know how to say enough thank You for all You have done for us. When I look around me, I will see my Lord Jesus. Thank You Faithful Lord, You are too much to behold all about. Wonderful are You are works. If not for You Lord, if not for You, what can we do we do without You.

In beginning You are there, when temptations come my way You are there showing me a way out. When things are not going the way I planned, You are there, making way out for me. When I am discourage, thinking all is gone, I will hear a tiny voice whisperings in my ears that all will be well. When sickness and cares merges from the least end, You always console my soul by healing my body and taking away my sorrow. What a Mighty God I serve.

Beloved, do you believe in the today’s topic is true? Or better still have any testimony that agrees with the topic? Like David, I have many testimonies backing up the topic of the day. I believe that God loves me and He cares about me. He blesses from above when you call upon Him. Overtime I have learnt to pray this prayer “Father, I don’t know what to do but I know You know what to do, please help me. After a while, I see the Hand of God working in that situation and I will marvel at the way He worked it out. Most especially when I am not thinking in that direction all of a sudden something will move me to that direction or take a decision that will eventually lead me towards that end and before you know it, the deed is done, effortlessly it will be done, sometimes costing nothing or less than what it was original intended to cost. Praise God.

It is important that we remember the good deeds done to us in the past by God, so that we will know firstly, how to say thank You. And secondly for us to know that the present challenge will soon be over in twinkle of an eye.

A songwriter wrote “count your blessings and name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord as done.” So are counting you blessings now? It very important you do because that is only one you will triumph in the present challenge also.

Beloved, when the enemy comes in like a flood with loads of cares and doubts, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against by recounting all various and diverse miracles you and I have received in the past, I will simply summarize it by reminding God “if You are the One that did this and this for me in the time past, You will also do the presence irrespective what the satan is saying or presenting at the moment and I will leave it at that,” beloved before long that miracle will be delivery to me.

I tell you “He knows what to do,” yes He do. Praise God.  1Thess 5: 5 confers us as children of light and of day. It went further to say in verse eight “But let us, who are of day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation.

It therefore means that for you to stand in your present challenge, you must put on the breastplate of faith (to ward off every fiery darts of the wicked at you).

Today is our faith clinic day, are you ready to put on the breastplate of faith, so that you will be able to stand and stand till the end. Praise the Name of the Lord.

Hath the Lord said a thing to one of His child, He will yet do it for another if yea so desired it.

Therefore, beloved, let your past deliverances and experience begets faith in you:

“David said moreover, The Lord that delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear, he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine.” 1Sam. 17:37


This is not a promise if we consider only the words, but it is truly so as to its sense; for David spoke a word which the Lord endorsed by making it true. He argued from past deliverances that he should receive help in a new danger. In Jesus all the promises are Yea and Amen to the glory of God by us, and so the Lord’s former dealings with His believing people will be repeated.

Come, then, let us recall the Lord’s former lovingkindnesses. We could not have hoped to be delivered aforetime by our own strength; yet the Lord delivered us. Will He not again save us? We are sure He will. As David ran to meet his foe, so will we. The Lord has been with us, He is with us, and He has said, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”

 Why do we tremble? Was the past a dream? Think of the dead bear and lion. Who is this Philistine? True, he is not quite the same, and is neither bear nor lion; but then God is the same, and His honor is as much concerned in the one case as in the other. He did not save us from the beasts of the forest to let a giant kill us.

Let us be of good courage. Has the Lord said it; He will surely do it. just be patient with Him:

“He hath said.” Hebrews 13:5


If we can only grasp these words by faith, we have an all-conquering weapon in our hand. What doubt will not be slain by this two-edged sword? What fear is there which shall not fall smitten with a deadly wound before this arrow from the bow of God’s covenant? Will not the distresses of life and the pangs of death; will not the corruptions within, and the snares without; will not the trials from above, and the temptations from beneath, all seem but light afflictions, when we can hide ourselves beneath the bulwark of “He hath said”?

Yes; whether for delight in our quietude, or for strength in our conflict, “He hath said” must be our daily resort. And this may teach us the extreme value of searching the Scriptures. There may be a promise in the Word which would exactly fit your case, but you may not know of it, and therefore you miss its comfort.

You are like prisoners in a dungeon, and there may be one key in the bunch which would unlock the door, and you might be free; but if you will not look for it, you may remain a prisoner still, though liberty is so near at hand. There may be a potent medicine in the great pharmacopoeia of Scripture, and you may yet continue sick unless you will examine and search the Scriptures to discover what “He hath said.” Should you not, besides reading the Bible, store your memories richly with the promises of God?

You can recollect the sayings of great men; you treasure up the verses of renowned poets; ought you not to be profound in your knowledge of the words of God, so that you may be able to quote them readily when you would solve a difficulty, or overthrow a doubt? Since “He hath said” is the source of all wisdom, and the fountain of all comfort, let it dwell in you richly, as “A well of water, springing up unto everlasting life.”

So shall you grow healthy, strong, and happy in the divine life.

This is summary of all I have been saying about knowing the “Word.” You will be off the hook of the enemies if you know what the Word is saying concerning your situation. If you store up the Word of God in your heart you will be able to say like Jesus “it is written.”

Beloved, “it is written” is a leveler anytime, make sure you know what is “written” and the devil will be far from you. So let us go ahead to enrich our knowledge of the Word and be free indeed. Not forgetting that the Truth you know is what set you free.

For instance, you know that Paul and Silas was set free by praising God even in the worst situation of the life, why don’t you engage in praise instead of bemoaning the situation and see what God will do in your own situation.

Thank You Jesus for Word to us never fail. Thank You because with You we can do all things. Thank Lord Jesus because You are our light and salvation. Glory be to your Name for ever and ever.

He hath said and so shall it be now and forever more.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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