Jesus Jesus everyday, calling Your Name. Sweet Jesus Jesus everyday Your Name is so sweet. How I love calling Your Name, every day, Your Name is so sweet. His Name is Higher, far above other Names, His Name is Jesus, His Name is Lord 2x

O Blessed God, here we are before You to worship You for Who Are not because of what You have done. How Mighty is our God, when the sea saw Him it fled; even Jordan was driven back. The mountain skipped like a ram and the earth tremble at the presence of the Lord, the God of Jacob, who turn the rock into a standing water, the flint into a fountain of waters (Ps 114).

Beloved, we are serving a God whose works stands in awe of Him, He never fails, His Faithfulness is for ever. How terrible is our God (Deut 10:17) in our midst even in the camp of His enemies.

God our God is too great. Let us reverence Him forever. His Word endureth forever and faileth not. In today’s “Faith Clinic” we want make it a simply one. How? Someone wants to know.

Beloved, do you know that everything you possess including self cannot repay God’s gifts to you, countless of other benefits to your household and environments. I saw something recently that unnerve me. I have read or watched a demo of some people from the western world without both arms but this recent one send my thoughts wild and in the midst of it all, in all the challenges I thought were bothering my life melted away.

I came face to face with God’s benevolence upon my life. I saw a woman without both hands picking up her baby with her feet to breastfeed and nursing the baby, cooking and washing with same feet, beloved I was transfixed, to say the least, I was devastated and could not comment on the post till the next day. When I simply clicked “liked” but I know I will do more than that but for the moment I was in shock.

While watching this clip what was racing through my mind is “what do I have that was not given to me. Beloved, can you help me with the answer to this question “ what do you have that you were not given”. Sometimes we allow our problems to becloud our reasoning, instead of being appreciative of what God is doing, we murmur and complain from one end to another. In place of thanksgiving and worship, we catalog our needs as if we are in a law suit with God.

I ask again, “what is that you have that was not a gift?” Including the air you are breathing were all giving to you free of charge or go ask those who is paying daily to breath the same air you think is common and cheap.

The facts remains that I want to develop my faith level to a height where even if everything is collapsing but I have a God Who changes not, I will not be shaken. Beloved, do you know that no matter how manipulative the devil might be, he cannot upturn your destiny. He cannot change the nature of God concerning you that is my comfort. God knows what you are made from, Jesus will always move with pity whenever He has an encounter with you. Is that comforting enough for you?

 Now I want us to do something in-line with our topic for the day “to plead only His promises” nothing more than that.

Somebody did not get what am saying. I said, in that situation that is weighing you down, all you need do is to into the Word of God, search out every promises ever made by God on those issues and begin to confess them. Don’t say anything of your own but only that said by the Lord concerning that situation.

I tell you as you confess those Word, the first thing you will experience is that heaviness will vanish from your life. You will feel so light as if you’ve lost some weight (yes, those burden are unnecessary weight we assumed without knowing). The next thing you will also notice is that you will start wearing a smile face and laugh very usually, why? Because, you are discovering the truth in Word of God pertaining those issues of concerns in your life.

Thirdly beloved, you will sing a song. Yes! Songs of praise will swell up from within you and you will worship God in the beauty of His holiness and as you are being transform from one glory to glory through the Word of God, solutions will come. The light in Word will arrest those unwanted situation and you will be free from it forever.

Now you are no longer relating with God on the platform of give me, give me rather you are eulogizing God for Who He is, not for what He has done for you but for Who He is.

You will start encountering God on the merit of His Personality and not necessary because of what you received or hope to receive from Him. Praise God.

This praises of God’s nature will translate light and revelation to overcome those bulging situations in your life.

But you have to start now by pleading His own Promise back to Him and see God works out your salvation of the Lord.


“Thou, O Lord God, hast spoken it: and with thy blessing let the house of thy servant be blessed for ever.” 2Sam. 7:29

This is a promise pleaded, and so it yields double instruction to us. Anything which the Lord God has spoken we should receive as surely true, and then plead it at the throne.

Oh, how sweet to quote what our own God has spoken! How precious to use a “therefore” which the promise suggests, as David does in this verse!

We do not pray because we doubt, but because we believe. To pray unbelievingly is unbecoming in the Lord’s children. No, Lord, we cannot doubt thee: we are persuaded that every word of thine is a sure foundation for the boldest expectation.

We come to thee and say, “Do as thou hast said.” Bless thy servants house. Heal our sick; save our hesitating ones; restore those who wander; confirm those who live in thy fear. Lord, give us food and raiment according to thy word. Prosper our undertakings; especially succeed our endeavors to make known thy gospel in our neighborhood.

Make our servants thy servants, our children thy children. Let the blessing flow on to future generations, and as long as any of our race remains on earth may they remain true to thee. O Lord God “let the house of thy servant be blessed.”

Are doing just that right away? Because His Word endureth forever and will never fail. He is our help and our shield (Ps 33:20; 84:11). As the Lord encourage Abraham so He is doing same to you (Gen 15:1; 5-6). Will you believe Him and it will done unto you according His Word in your situation:


“But there the glorious Lord will be unto us a place of broad rivers and streams; wherein shall go no galley with oars, neither shall gallant ship pass thereby.” Isa. 33:21


The Lord will be to us the greatest good without any of the drawbacks which seem necessarily to attend the best earthly things. If a city is favored with broad rivers, it is liable to be attacked by galleys with oars, and other ships of war. But when the Lord represents the abundance of His bounty under this figure, He takes care expressly to shut out the fear which the metaphor might suggest. Blessed be His perfect love!

Lord, if thou send me wealth like broad rivers, do not let the galley with oars come up in the shape of worldliness or pride. If thou grant me abundant health and happy spirits, do not let “the gallant ship” of carnal ease come sailing up the flowing flood. If I have success in holy service, broad as the German Rhine, yet let me never find the galley of self-conceit and self-confidence floating on the waves of my usefulness.

Should I be so supremely happy as to enjoy the light of thy countenance year after year, yet let me never despise thy feeble saints, nor allow the vain notion of my own perfection to sail up the broad rivers of my full assurance. Lord, give me that blessing which maketh rich, and neither addeth sorrow, nor addeth sin.

As you plead back God’s promises back to Him in faith, see you triumphing over those issues of concerns in a grand style. It works; try it.

Finally I will say to you as He comforted me recently “Be careful for nothing…”  and we trust in the Living God… (Phil 4:16; 1Tim 4:10)

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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