I will lift up my God (Respond), I will lift up my God (Respond), I will lift up my God above every other God. 2x, You are Great yes You are, Holy God; You walked upon the sea; You raise the dead. Your Majesty; Holy One, everything written about You is great. You are great! You are great! You are great. 2x everything written about You is great.

Wonderful Redeemer, we Thank You, we honour You, we bless Your Holy Name. Thank You for being God unto us, Thank You for being Faithful to Your children who placed all their trust in You.

You are everything to u, everything written about You is great (Gen 1; Ps145:4-7; Ps 29:6; Ex 14:21-28).
You ride on the wind and Your chariots are fire (Isa 66:15). O my God, You are too much. You are Awesome. You are beyond description by men. Glorious God, Wonderful Redeemer, receive our worship today as we come before Your presence.

Receive our thanks for all You have done in the months gone, this month and all You will yet do. Glory be Your Holy Name, forever and ever. Blessed be Your Holy Name forever and ever and ever, Father You are Awesome. You are Great, You are a Good God.

Beloved, the month of August for year 2016 is finally rolling away today, can you praise the Name of the Lord!!! It was such a wonderful month, full of excitement, healings, deliverances, goodness, love, name it, full of impactful messages and Word from the Throne, O this God is too much!!!!!!! Our God is a Great God. He is a Good God indeed.

Beautiful day we have here. Methinks is a great privilege rounding off the month with prayer, going before God with thanksgiving as we have already done and looking forward for His Word and blessings in the new month. Praise God.

Beloved, even on this last day, the goodness of the Lord is still speaking. Do you have understanding on what yesterday’s message said? Those word rang though my thought all through the day even as I slept and woke up this morning to minister.

In case you have forgotten, the Lord said in the second part of the message in Isa 57:18 “I have seen his ways, and will heal him: I will lead him also, and restore comforts unto him and his mourners.” Read the nineteen verse, what did it say? Keep reading, what did verse twenty says? Praise the Lord.

The Lord declared that His healing, comfort and mercy is coming your way, His peace has also been release to you but for the wicked He said in verse twenty-one “there is no peace to the wicked.”

Beloved that is not case and will never be in Jesus Name. You will have peace all year round because the Lord has created it for your sake. We will be rounding-off will profound blessings from on high as we pray today. Are You surprised?

This month don’t forget is our month of harvest and today there will be a crowing that will last until another harvest is set. So be ready, be prepared as you pray to gather enough that will outlast you and be a generational blessings even to those yet unborn if Christ tarries. Praise the Lord.

Plentiful refreshment! Are you ready? If you are let’s get going:

“Their soul shall be as a watered garden.” Jer. 31:12

Oh, to have one’s soul under heavenly cultivation; no longer a wilderness, but a garden of the Lord! Enclosed from the waste, walled around by grace, planted by instruction, visited by love, weeded by heavenly discipline, and guarded by divine power, one’s favored soul is prepared to yield fruit unto the Lord.

But a garden may become parched for want of water, and then all its herbs decline, and are ready to die. O my soul, how soon would this be the case were the Lord to leave thee! In the East, a garden without water soon ceases to be a garden at all: nothing can come to perfection, grow, or even live.

When irrigation is kept up, the result is charming. Oh, to have one’s soul watered by the Holy Spirit uniformly — every part of the garden having its own stream; plentifully — a sufficient refreshment coming to every tree and herb, however thirsty by nature it may be; continually — each hour bringing not only its heat, but its refreshment; wisely — each plant receiving just what it needs

In a garden you can see by the verdure where the water flows, and you can soon perceive when the Spirit of God comes.

O Lord, water me this day, and cause me to yield thee a full reward, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

If this is your heart desire, come and see how to sustain it:

“And they fortified Jerusalem unto the broad wall.” Nehemiah 3:8

Cities well fortified have broad walls, and so had Jerusalem in her glory. The New Jerusalem must, in like manner, be surrounded and preserved by a broad wall of nonconformity to the world, and separation from its customs and spirit.

The tendency of these days break down the holy barrier, and make the distinction between the church and the world merely nominal. Professors are no longer strict and Puritanical, questionable literature is read on all hands, frivolous pastimes are currently indulged, and a general laxity threatens to deprive the Lord’s peculiar people of those sacred singularities which separate them from sinners.

It will be an ill day for the church and the world when the proposed amalgamation shall be complete, and the sons of God and the daughters of men shall be as one: then shall another deluge of wrath be ushered in.

Beloved reader, be it your aim in heart, in word, in dress, in action to maintain the broad wall, remembering that the friendship of this world is enmity against God.

The broad wall afforded a pleasant place of resort for the inhabitants of Jerusalem, from which they could command prospects of the surrounding country. This reminds us of the Lord’s exceeding broad commandments, in which we walk at liberty in communion with Jesus, overlooking the scenes of earth, and looking out towards the glories of heaven.

Separated from the world, and denying ourselves all ungodliness and fleshly lusts, we are nevertheless not in prison, nor restricted within narrow bounds; nay, we walk at liberty, because we keep His precepts.

Come, reader, this day walk with God in His statutes. As friend met friend upon the city wall, so meet thou thy God in the way of holy prayer and meditation. The bulwarks of salvation thou hast a right to traverse, for thou art a freeman of the royal burgh, a citizen of the metropolis of the universe.

Beloved, did you read the last statement? I am excited by that “I am a freeman of the royal burgh, a citizen of the metropolis of the universe (not of the earth). That’s who you are. Your citizenship is beyond this world. Praise Jesus.

With all these Word of life in your Spirit man traverse through the prayer city and see your answers coming in manifold. Jesus is Lord.

Father, You Word has been sent and it will return to you void, May we be refresh beyond words and you receive all the glory in the Name of Jesus.

Beautiful, (that is what God is calling you now) refreshed garden is a beauty to behold, isn’t it?
You are no more a parched land, neither are you a wilderness, because the One who scattered you has gathered you and will keep you.

At this junction of this ministration “I am standing in Awe of Who God is” I have never seen it this way before now, none that I could readily remember. This is the Word of the Lord for us at the beginning of this month Jer 31:12-14 and Rom 15:13-14.

The Lord has not only done what He had promised, He has also confirm His Word to us. He promised His goodness, for corn, for new wine and for oil… and our soul shall be like a watered garden and we shall languish no more. And Paul in the book of Romans told us about this joy and peace that will follow us.

And on this last day of the month the Word of God is confirming His promises to us.

Beloved, again I call you “beautiful” because your God says ‘that is who you are.’ His peace will abide with you for ever because it is a fruit from your garden (Isa 57:19). I can see someone dancing and rejoicing in my Spirit mind, I am more than excited if you ask me. And finally, it is good to know that those whose thoughts towards you are evil will have no peace because they have been classified “wicked” by God. Praise the Name of Jesus A-l-l-e-l-u-i-a.

Finally, the death of Christ is one goodness from God that brought salvation to us and this acts of God is secured by atonement and justification by His death on the cross. Do not make ease of this great and eternal work. Never abide in sin for grace to abound, do not grieve the Holy Spirit.

Have a wonderful time in God’s Presence and gather all the remaining blessings. See you tomorrow if Jesus tarries.

God loves You, I do too!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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