March 31

Blessed Redeemer, thank You Father for Your wonderful guidance all the month of March. We are grateful unto you. It was a month with so much anxiety but Your will prevailed. We return all the glory, all the praises to You in the Name of Jesus. Father, we are so grateful to you for all that you help us to accomplished during the month and so much that were set in motion and will be achieve through your divine guidance in Jesus Name.

Beloved, am sure you have experienced fruitfulness in one area of your life or the other during the month. Please share with us to encourage one other. If you cannot say of any, bear in mind that when you are fruitless, the axe is at the root to cut. You cannot afford to be fruitless in God’s kingdom and vine yard. Beware!

To the glory of God, the month is ending today, peradventure there is still one thing bothering you or did not come to fruition, I encourage you to lift up your holy hands in worship and praise the Name of the Lord for that. Indeed He is worthy of our praise.

Beloved, do you know that when you pray, you invite God but when you praise, you involve God? Come on, wear your dancing shoe, let’s dig it for the Lord, for the Lord only. Praise will always precede victory!!!

 After singing psalms, they went out to the Mount of Olives.—Mark 14:26

Praise is greatly honoring to God! In the Old Testament account of King Jehoshaphat, God’s people faced a seemingly insurmountable enemy who was determined to destroy them. Yet God assured them that they would “stand still and see the salvation of the Lord” (2 Chron. 20:17). The people of Judah believed God. Their army was led by singers, offering praises to the Lord for their promised victory, and the victory came.

When King David led the procession bringing the ark of the covenant into Jerusalem, he praised God with all of his strength (2 Sam. 6:12–23). David’s praise was pleasing to God, and God’s powerful presence remained in David’s kingdom to give him victory against every enemy.

Jesus was about to go to Gethsemane and to the cross, where God’s greatest victory would be accomplished. He led His disciples to sing a hymn. The disciples were all about to fail Him, and Jesus was about to be cruelly executed, yet Jesus insisted that they praise God. Their praise looked beyond the cross to God’s ultimate victory. Praise is rooted not in circumstances of the moment but in the nature and trustworthiness of God.

You ought to rejoice when God asks you to proceed in the work of His kingdom because you know the victory is already secured. Don’t focus on the problems and failures of others. Focus on God’s assurance of victory. If you have trouble praising God with a song in your heart as you serve Him, it may be that your focus is not on God, but on your circumstances.

Where exactly are looking at? Heart to heart talk my dear friend, I had an experience just yesterday that showed me another side of God. I want you to know that there is always a miracle point for every miracle, and until you get there you may just be waiting. Maybe you are the one hindering yourself of God’s miracles, why not repent today and give Him all and you will surely see His mighty hand ready to rescue and establish you.

Someone wants to know more? Can you trust God like the woman that give God her best and last? Will you ask Satan to get behind you when he is stopping you to do God’s assignment or instruction? Don’t forget the young rich man in the bible, because he cannot sell everything he has to follow Christ, he opted to forfeit the kingdom. “Do you want to go away as well?” Jn 6:67 (ESV).  Always remember that He is Faithful and Trustworthy, only believe and He will establish and keep you: 

“But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.” 2Thess. 3:3

Men are often as devoid of reason as of faith. There are with us still “unreasonable and wicked men.” There is no use in arguing with them or trying to be at peace with them: they are false at heart, and deceitful in speech. Well, what of this? Shall we worry ourselves with them? No; let us turn to the Lord, for He is faithful. No promise from His Word will ever be broken. He is neither unreasonable in His demands upon us, nor unfaithful to our claims upon Him. We have a faithful God. Be this our joy.

He will stablish us so that wicked men shall not cause our downfall, and He will keep us so that none of the evils which now assail us shall really do us damage. What a blessing for us that we need not contend with men, but are allowed to shelter ourselves in the Lord Jesus, who is in truest sympathy with us. There is one true heart, one faithful mind, one never changing Love; there let us repose. The Lord will fulfill the purpose of His grace to us, His servants, and we need not allow a shadow of a fear to fall upon our spirits. Not all that men or devils can do can hinder us of the divine protection and provision. This day let us pray the Lord to stablish and keep us.

Beloved, do not let the wicked one deter you in your journey in life, just hold on to Jesus, be focus on Him and like King Jehoshaphat, your enemies will raise against themselves and destroy themselves. Even as the Lord did for them, so will He do for us. Praise God!!!

See you again in the month of April by His divine grace. It going to be an exciting one as promised by the Holy Spirit. Make sure you keep a date with us.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

Evang. Ifeoma Ohondu