Excellent Jehovah, Wonderful Jehovah there is no one greater than Jehovah love Divine. Who is greater than Jehovah love Divine, there is no one greater than Jehovah.// Come and see what the Lord has done for me, come and see what the Lord has done come and see the miracles He has done, come and see what the Lord had done.

Faithful Father we glorify Your Holy Name, we adore You be thou exalted in Jesus Name. Thank You for the gift of another day. We thank You for yet another opportunity to be everything You have made us be, glory be to your Name alone.

Beloved, another opportunity to go before the Throne and be blessed. Will you pray today? Will call upon Him? He is waiting to hear you speak and answers will be given from on high. Prayer is a mode of worship.

Today, we will be considering the essences of prayer. Why do we pray? Some people use the word “labour.” Why do we labour in the place of prayer? Sometimes people ask why must we pray when God says He knows everything concerning us?

God asked us to pray though He knows everything concerning us because if you receive what you are desiring it will invoke a shout of praise. You will sing and dance because a prayer has been answered.

Do you pray with the intention to hear from God or for God to hear you? Are you praying the will of God to be done or God to endorse your will?

How persevering are you in the place of prayer? Are you easily tried out or you persevere until answers are gotten? Are you ready to give yourself unto prayer until the dews of heaven wets you from above.

Come and read more of what prayer and perseverance can do for you:


Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, He got up, went out, and made His way to a deserted place. And He was praying there.—Mark 1:35


It was common knowledge among the disciples that they would find Jesus praying during the early morning hours. When they needed Him, they knew to go to the place of prayer. When Judas betrayed Jesus, he led his cohorts to Jesus’ place of prayer.

Every time the Lord Jesus faced an important decision, He prayed. When He was being tempted to do things by the world’s methods instead of the Father’s, He prayed (Matt. 4). When it was time to choose His disciples, He prayed the entire night (Luke 6:12). If the Son of God required a night of prayer in order to determine the Father’s mind, how long might it take us in prayer to clearly determine our Father’s will?

Because Jesus was so often surrounded by crowds, He knew He must find a quiet place so He could clearly hear His Father’s voice. Jesus had many people seeking to influence the direction of His life. His disciples wanted Him to go where the crowds were (Mark 1:37). The crowds wanted to crown Him king (John 6:15). Satan tempted Him to make compromises in order to draw a following (Matt. 4:3, 6, 9).

Jesus knew that His mission was not to attract a crowd, but to remain obedient to His Father. It was prayer that set the agenda for Jesus’ ministry (Luke 6:12). Prayer preceded the miracles (John 11:42–43); prayer brought Him encouragement at critical moments (Luke 9:28–31); prayer enabled Him to go to the cross (Luke 22:41–42); and prayer kept Him there despite excruciating pain (Luke 23:46).

Follow the Savior’s example, and let your time alone with God, in prayer, set the agenda for your life.

                “But I give myself unto prayer.” Psalm 109:4  


Lying tongues were busy against the reputation of David, but he did not defend himself; he moved the case into a higher court, and pleaded before the great King Himself. Prayer is the safest method of replying to words of hatred. The Psalmist prayed in no cold-hearted manner, he gave himself to the exercise—threw his whole soul and heart into it—straining every sinew and muscle, as Jacob did when wrestling with the angel. Thus, and thus only, shall any of us speed at the throne of grace.

As a shadow has no power because there is no substance in it, even so that supplication, in which a man’s proper self is not thoroughly present in agonizing earnestness and vehement desire, is utterly ineffectual, for it lacks that which would give it force. “Fervent prayer,” says an old divine, “like a cannon planted at the gates of heaven, makes them fly open.”

The common fault with the most of us is our readiness to yield to distractions. Our thoughts go roving hither and thither, and we make little progress towards our desired end. Like quicksilver our mind will not hold together, but rolls off this way and that. How great an evil this is! It injures us, and what is worse, it insults our God. What should we think of a petitioner, if, while having an audience with a prince, he should be playing with a feather or catching a fly?

Continuance and perseverance are intended in the expression of our text. David did not cry once, and then relapse into silence; his holy clamour was continued till it brought down the blessing. Prayer must not be our chance work, but our daily business, our habit and vocation.

As artists give themselves to their models, and poets to their classical pursuits, so must we addict ourselves to prayer. We must be immersed in prayer as in our element, and so pray without ceasing. Lord, teach us so to pray that we may be more and more prevalent in supplication.

May you receive answer as you pour out your heart before the Almighty today in Jesus Name. The Lord will send help to you don’t you ever give up.

Finally, be willing to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to discover the mind of God on the issue on ground. Pray for those who cannot pray for themselves now because of the situation they are in. Lift them up in prayer.


Remain blessed in the Lord.



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