Awesome God, Mighty God, we give You praise, Awesome God, we give You praise Mighty God, You are highly lifted up, Awesome God, You are highly lifted up Mighty God. we thank You Lord You are Holy, and forever You are God, Alleluia, Alleluia, and forever You are God.

Father, we thank You for the gift of another day, blessed, be thy Holy Name now and forever. You are God, You are King of kings. You are God, You are Lord of Lords, at the mention of Name, every knee shall bow, at the mention of Your Name, every tongue confess.

Beloved, let us come hither and confess of the goodness of our God. Help us not be weary, fill us with the Holy Spirit dear Lord we prayed Thee in Jesus Name.

Holy Spirit of God Divine, help us not to pray amiss this day, help our infirmities as we pray Thee. Align our prayers with the will of God for our lives we pray in Jesus Name:

When the day of Pentecost had arrived, they were all together in one place.—Acts 2:1

Prayer does not give you spiritual power. Prayer aligns your life with God so that He chooses to demonstrate His power through you. The purpose of prayer is not to convince God to change your circumstances but to prepare you to be involved in God’s activity.

The fervent prayer of the people at Pentecost did not induce the Holy Spirit to come upon them. Prayer brought them to a place where they were ready to participate in the mighty work God had already planned.

Jesus told His followers to remain in Jerusalem until the Spirit came upon them (Acts 1:4–5). The disciples obeyed His command, waiting for God’s next directive. As they prayed, God adjusted their lives to what He intended to do next. As they prayed, a unity developed among them. For the first time the disciples used Scripture as their guide in decision making (Acts 1:15–26). The day of Pentecost arrived, and the city of Jerusalem filled with pilgrims from around the world. When God released His Holy Spirit upon the disciples, He had already filled the city with messengers who would carry the Gospel to every nation. Prayer had prepared the disciples for their obedient response.

Prayer is designed to adjust you to God’s will, not to adjust God to your will. If God has not responded to what you are praying, you may need to adjust your praying to align with God’s agenda. Rather than focusing on what you would like to see happen, realize that God may be more concerned with what He wants to see happen in you.

Again we ask Thee holy Spirit divine help us to adjust our lives desires to the plan of God in our life. Let no evil or self-condemnation hinder us from partaking in the plan of God for us in Jesus Name we pray Thee. Help us Lord we pray Thee to believe in You all our challenges notwithstanding. Help us to live worthy so as that we will partake of your divine plan for us we pray thee:

“If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest.” Acts 8:37

These words may answer your scruples, devout reader, concerning the ordinances. Perhaps you say, “I should be afraid to be baptized; it is such a solemn thing to avow myself to be dead with Christ, and buried with Him. should not feel at liberty to come to the Master’s table; I should be afraid of eating and drinking damnation unto myself, not discerning the Lord’s body.”

Ah! poor trembler, Jesus has given you liberty, be not afraid. If a stranger came to your house, he would stand at the door, or wait in the hall; he would not dream of intruding unbidden into your parlour—he is not at home: but your child makes himself very free about the house; and so is it with the child of God. A stranger may not intrude where a child may venture. When the Holy Ghost has given you to feel the spirit of adoption, you may come to Christian ordinances without fear.

The same rule holds good of the Christian’s inward privileges. You think, poor seeker, that you are not allowed to rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory; if you are permitted to get inside Christ’s door, or sit at the bottom of His table, you will be well content. Ah! but you shall not have less privileges than the very greatest. God makes no difference in His love to His children. A child is a child to Him; He will not make him a hired servant; but he shall feast upon the fatted calf, and shall have the music and the dancing as much as if he had never gone astray.

When Jesus comes into the heart, He issues a general licence to be glad in the Lord. No chains are worn in the court of King Jesus. Our admission into full privileges may be gradual, but it is sure. Perhaps our reader is saying, “I wish I could enjoy the promises, and walk at liberty in my Lord’s commands.” “If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest.” Loose the chains of thy neck, O captive daughter, for Jesus makes thee free.

Are you free child of God? Do you know that is God’s plan for us to be free and operate in the liberty that is in Christ Jesus? I don’t know where you are today in your walk with God but what I know is that you can be in bondage as longer as you don’t release whom you are in Christ, as longer as you can keep your mouth shut, other than like blind Bartimaeus shout out to Jesus Son of David, have mercy on me (Mk 10:46-52).

Notice you that this man tossed out his hand to beg but that day he got tried of begging, that day he decided to be a giver other a beggar, the more he was shouted down, the more he was shouting more and Jesus heard him, call him to Himself and restored his sight. What is that situation in your life that needs God’s touch? It is time to get heaven’s attention to it. Shout if it’s need shouting; jump if that what your situation demands. Whatever the situations demands do it and be free. Wow! Do you want be free?

You stay in bondage instead of the liberation that has been won on the cross if you refuse to pray and break every yoke place on your shoulder by the enemies of your souls (Gen 27:40b). Child of God, get up from where you are bow down. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you. There is nothing you can do by own strength expect the Spirit of God helps you, not even worship. You can easily get irritated, worked up, despair, vulnerable when the in filling of the Holy Spirit is on decrease in your life (Eph 5:18-20). Draw strength in the place of prayer and stay above reproach (Phil 4:6-7).

Finally, I pray for you that every reproach against your life be lifted by the Mighty Name of Jesus. Receive the in filling of the Holy Spirit afresh. Be blessed in the Name of Jesus. Let heaven gives its dew on you and the works of your hand in Jesus Name.

Be prepared in the place of prayer; arise and shine forth for your time has come.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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